Yosimar’s college fund: Please donate and/or spread the word!


A fellow undocumented immigrant activist and powerful spoken word artist needs your help to raise enough funds to cover tuition costs. I have been a fan of his work since I first came across one of his videos,  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8eSpVOw3nBo, which is to this day still my favorite <3.

Clip from Yosimar's spoken word video,

Clip from Yosimar’s spoken word video, “The Legalities of Being”

(For more information, to spread the word, and/or donate, click here: http://www.gofundme.com/3jrlg4 PS- Don’t miss out on Yosimar’s amazing piece featured on the site’s video towards the end).

Yosimar Reyes recently got accepted to San Francisco State University and to attend he needs to raise $3,000. I know the struggle of not having enough money to cover tuition all too well. With the continuous support of my community, I have raised funds to cover my 2012 graduate applications and my 2012 tuition costs. Each step of the way, my community has told me that my work and goals matter; that I need to keep going. I am also extremely thankful to the family and dear friends that stepped in back in 2010 to help me finish my undergraduate when I thought about quitting. From selling tamales to setting up an online page for donation, my community has supported me and fellow undocumented youth to pursue our higher education goals. Our community believes in the importance of an education. We believe that through an education, we will continue fighting. We will arm ourselves with the tools to do so.

It’s not easy navigating a system that does not welcome us, and at times directly tells us we are not welcomed. If you can, please donate however much possible. I made a donation today because I’m a strong believer of giving back when possible. I want to see Yosimar and other undocumented folks at higher educational institutions because our voices cannot be silenced. Our voices matter..  

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