San Diego Dream Team in solidarity with the DREAM9


The San Diego Dream Team has launched an online campaign standing in solidarity with the DREAM9 and asking that they are released now. On July 23, 2013, the team released the first of several photos to come where SDDT members demonstrate their support for the DREAM9.

Marco Saavedra #DREAM9

Marco Saavedra #DREAM9

The DREAM9 (Lizbeth Mateo, Marco Saavedra, Lulu Martinez, Caferino Santiago, Maria Peniche, Luis Leon, Adriana Gil Diaz, Claudia Amaro, and one more DREAMer whose story has not yet been released) are currently detained at the Eloy Detention Center in Arizona after organizing their return to the U.S. Three of the organizers, Lizbeth, Mateo, and Lulu left to Mexico 2 weeks ago to meet with other undocumented youth who had left the U.S. before DACA due to the desperation and uncertainty that comes with being undocumented. Despite the risk of not knowing if they would be allowed to return to the U.S., the DREAM9 took on the courageous act of going to the border and attempting to cross. On Monday, July 22, 2013, the day of the action, the DREAM9 were arrested and detained. (More about Monday’s action:

The DREAM9 have done what many of us undocumented folks have thought about- returning to our home country. As an undocumented immigrant and San Diego Dream Team member, I stand in solidarity with the DREAM9.

The courageous act of the DREAM9 will not be in vain and because we want to see them released now and we want justice for our community, it is our responsibility as undocumented immigrants and allies to join in the fight.

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How can you help?

1) You can join the San Diego Dream Team’s online action by also sharing your picture on social media and tagging #BringThemHome and #SDDT

2) Sign the petition to ask that the DREAM9 are released now

3) Call Senator Durbin: (309) 786-5173 or (618) 351-1122 or (217) 492-4062 or (312) 353-4952 or (202) 224-2152

“Hi, I am calling to ask why Senator Durbin is not supporting the Dream 9 who are currently detained at the Eloy detention center. All 9 are just trying to come home; the place they’ve lived since they were children. I thought Senator Durbin would stand up for Dreamers!”

4) Organize an action in your community. For information on what events are being organized around the nation, check out this interactive map

5) Stay updated

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    The San Diego Dream Team has launched an online campaign standing in solidarity with the DREAM9 and asking that they are release now.

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