Help Angy fundraise for college


Personally, I completed my undergraduate and graduate education thanks to the continuous emotional and financial support from my community. Being unable to legally work and receive financial aid presented various obstacles as I pursued my dream of becoming a professor and researcher. Yet, with a private scholarship that covered the last year of my undergraduate and fundraisers onto the end of graduate school, I was able to complete my Master’s in Sociology and will soon pursue a doctoral degree.

My beautiful handmade bracelet I received recently from Angy <3

My beautiful handmade bracelet I recently  received from Angy ❤

Now, Angy needs our support. Angy, an undocumented college student, is selling bracelets to fundraise for the increasing cost of tuition. As an undocumented student, she is unable to receive federal or state financial aid.

How can you help? Check out her fundraising page and contribute by making a donation and/or by spreading the word via social media and e-mail:

I got the opportunity to speak with Angy last year, 2013. Through the friendship I have made with fellow undocumented young adults like Angy, I am reminded of the power of our community to organize, heal, and support one another in the pursuit of our dreams.

388855_1382971819.0045Even while overcoming multiple challenges, Angy has continued to pursue her education and help others along the way as an organizer. In 2010, Angy and the New York State Youth Leadership Council created “Ask Angy“- the first undocumented youth advice column; a space where undocumented youth can feel safe to voice their questions, concerns, and stories with fellow undocumented youth. Angy has also been publicly sharing her story and continuing to inspire many of us. You won’t want to miss the upcoming documentary featuring Angy- No le digas a nadie

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