Help Jose raise money to cover his mother’s surgery


920118_1389309320.3555Jose, creator of Dream Beanies and future doctoral student at Texas A&M University, needs to raise $7,879 to cover the total $17,879 required for his mother’s urgent surgery.

Please consider helping by spreading the word and/or donating any amount that you can to Jose’s fund:

On January 2013, Jose’s mother was hospitalized for a week due to a whole body cramp and heart problems. The doctors have urged his mother to have Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery, which will help her lose weight to alleviate her suffering and pain. Surgery cost is $15,879 and a Heart Test that costs close to $2,000. Since Jose’s mother lacks health insurance, all costs have to be paid in full before the day of the surgery.

Jose and his mother need our moral and financial support today.

“Everything that I am, I owe to my Mother’s inspiration and sacrifices” -Jose. Read more/donate here:

My support and thoughts go to Jose and his mother during these tough times ❤

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