More news about DACA renewals


Check out today’s article from Colorlines about the DACA renewal process:

DACA Renewal Will Be Expensive And Confusing

Here is an excerpt from the article: 


Mariana Molina, 21, is one of 610,694 young people who have been approved for DACA.

“Adam Luna, who directs Own The Dream, a national deferred action implementation project, is fairly certain that USCIS is well equipped to handle upcoming renewals. “From what we’ve heard USCIS is going to have pretty hard deadlines for processing these applications,” says Luna. “I have a gigantic concern about DACA renewals, but [deadlines are] not at the top of my list.”

Luna’s concern revolves around the confusing nature of renewal windows proposed by USCIS. From a recipient’s DACA expiration date, they will be asked to submit their renewal application no sooner than four months before their expiration date but no later than three months prior to it. That’s a narrow 30-day window. While that might work for some recipients, it’s going to get complicated for families with more than one eligible child.”

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