Receiving DACA: Personal stories of SDDT members



Wondering what receiving DACA has meant for those who have been approved? San Diego Dream Team members are excited to share their stories in the hopes that in doing so they can help raise awareness, build community, and provide ongoing support.

Read more here: Receiving DACA: Personal stories of SDDT members.

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  1. Hi Carla, I wish you get your daca approved soon.Do not panic, I’m in the same situation and I have faith that everything comes out good, I just got my biometrics done yesterday and I’m very excited to get approved during the next few weeks! ! Good luck!!

    • Thank you! I wish you the same! & I trust in god that things will work out for the best! I would like to stay in touch with anyone that is interested in becoming friends, after all we are all fighting for the same cause. Send me an e-mail and maybe we can find each other on facebook or something!

    • Did you get approved? Any updates in your application?

  2. Hi, everyone! I have some questions and hope you guys can help keep me at ease with some answers, if possible! I applied and had biometrics a month ago, I had a conviction vacated and would like to know if that’s going to make my case take longer? Has anyone been through this and been approved? Also, I’ve heard by some people that if USCIS sends a letter requesting more information they are thinking of denying you, is that true? That was the first time I heard that, and would like to think it’s just someone giving out the wrong type of information to other people in search of answers and hope!

    • Hi! Thank you for your questions. While I can’t give you an answer that is 100% correct/legal advise, I will share that from experience with and reading about DACA- a request for more information is not an indication that they will reject you. It just simply means that before they can approve/deny someone, they need to see more evidence that you meet the detailed requirement(s). Remain positive that your application will be approved soon. I know it is tough, but I truly hope it is a fast and smooth process, and that you hear back with positive news 🙂

  3. hello! I have a question for you all. I just applied for daca march 2014, I would like to know if anyone has applied this year and has been approved? I’ve heard it’s taking over 6 months to get a response, is this true?

    • Hi Carla!

      Yes and no… We know of applications that are taking longer (around 6 months), but we just had a couple folks who we have helped at the San Diego Dream Team clinics get approved as soon as 3 weeks after their biometrics appointment. I think everyone is still unsure why USCIS is taking longer than when DACA first was announced and why it doesn’t take that long with some cases.

      • Well it’s only been 2 weeks since my biometrics were taken, but it just makes me get nervous. I have a friend that applied March 2013 and still hasn’t received an answer. It also makes me nervous because I had a felony vacated. I have been trying to find people that were in the same situation and were approved, it would be nice to know if there’s some hope to get approved.

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