“My Un(DACA)mented Life: Experiences of Undocumented Immigrant Young Adults Growing Up and Resisting Through Activism”


On December 2013, I had the pleasure to present at the 4th Binational Conference on Border Issues in San Diego, CA along with my sister Diana Valdivia. Today, I am happy to share with all that the journal article we presented then is now part of the Journal of Transborder Studies- Research and Practice Summer 2014 and is available online as of today.

Selected excerpt: “Our personal stories shed light on the benefits of DACA, but also demonstrate the necessity for a solution beyond the constraints of DACA for those who do not qualify. The implementation of DACA does not bring back those who have been unjustly deported, detained, and who have lived in fear for years. DACA also does not give us back missed opportunities. It does not recognize us as human beings with the right to live a dignified life. Perhaps no piece of legislation will give us back the years we have lived, and continue to live, in fear, stress, anxiety, and under constant threat that another friend, relative, or community member will be uprooted from their world and separated from their family. However, we are hopeful that in being part of the activism and resistance within our communities, we will continue to create positive change and overturn oppressive immigration policies and sentiments.”

The full article is available online at:

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  1. Hello guys so I do t know what else to do I did everything and I get the same answer they are delayed in cases in Nebraska center …
    Receive case: January 20th
    Biometrics :Feb 20th
    Expiration : april 23
    :today’s date : MAy 26 th
    Its being more than. A month with out a job and my case still shows …as my case was receive I mean really I dont know what to do ..they told me they still back on cases received on December 16 th …

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