Webinar: Back to School – Resources for Undocumented Students and Educators


logoUnited We Dream is hosting a free webinar for undocumented students and educators! In this webinar, you will learn about the resources that the DREAM Educational Empowerment Program (DEEP) has created to help undocumented students and educators. DEEP seeks to lay the groundwork that advances the educational justice movement in the U.S. by focusing resources and research on the needs and realities of immigrant students in order to increase educational attainment rates.

Don’t miss out and make sure to register:

Webinar: Back to School – Resources for Undocumented Students and Educators
Tue, Sep 223pm ET / 2pm CT / 12pm PT

Register Now

Also, make sure to check out their website, for helpful resources such as a map indicating the states in the U.S. that provide in-state tuition benefits and/or state financial aid to undocumented students. They also put together an extremely helpful list of opportunities available to undocumented students: “United We Dream DEEP Resources

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  1. Thank you. I will pass this on to my students.

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