UC Berkeley Big Give! Dream together w/ the Undocumented Student Program

563617_1375634189340978_926677209_nUC Berkeley is having a one-day online Big Give fundraising extravaganza on Wednesday, November 18th at 9 pm and ends on Thursday, November 19th at 9 pm. As you know, many undocumented students face a unique set of academic, legal, financial, and emotional barriers. Berkeley’s Undocumented Student Program provides the vital services these students need to thrive and succeed through a leading-edge model that is now being replicated across the country.

Your support of Berkeley’s Undocumented Student Program will provide the stability and continuity of service that undocumented students need.  Join us in supporting undocumented students: Big Give fundraiser- UC Berkeley’s Undocumented Student Program

You can show your support by:

  • Elevating the story through social media and using the hashtag #DreamBigger #DreamTogether #CalBigGIve
  • Spreading this message with your networks and encouraging others to donate to program. Consider donating yourself (min. $10) or just sharing your optimist energy
  • Sharing your positive story on social media using the above hashtags about how the Undocumented Student Program has impacted you through whether it was an inspiring meeting w/ a counselor, emergency grants in a time of need, etc.
    • Social media examples include:
      • “For once in my life I am in a safe space where I can speak freely about what it means to be undocumented. Now I know I have resources. Now I know I have allies and a community who will support me. Now I know I belong.” #DreamTogether #CalBigGive – Terrence Park ’13
      • “It’s really reassuring to know that someone believes in us, understands our struggles, and is willing to help.” #DreamTogether #CalBigGive – Angelina Cornejo ’16

Change lives and give hope with your gift today.

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