Scholarship Resources for Undocumented Graduate Students


Educators for Fair Consideration (E4FC) offers an array of programs and services to address the needs of undocumented young people. The following is a list of key resources that E4FC has put together to help undocumented students across the United States find, and apply to, scholarships to pay for graduate school.

(Note: this post is for graduate students.  If you’re an undergraduate student, check out this other post instead that has similar resources.)

153_GradMiniGuide_1This is a quick guide to know what funding opportunities are available for undocumented students pursuing graduate school, including fellowships, private loans, and grants.


159_GradMiniGuide_2As you come across different funding opportunities, you may be wondering if they are open to undocumented students. This guide offers advice on how to contact programs to request more information about their requirements. This guide also offers specific advice for undocumented graduate students who have DACA.

153_GradMiniGuide_3Many graduate programs offer application fee waivers for low-­income individuals. Even if a program does not list publicly on its website that they offer fee waivers, it would be a good idea to call or email someone in the office to inquire about potentially being considered for a fee waiver. In this guide, you will receive additional information and tips on how to contact programs to request fee waivers.

153_GradMiniGuide_4This guide includes a list of programs that help students prepare to apply to graduate or professional schools and/or provide financial support for application fees.

159_GradMiniGuide_5As you search for, and prepare to apply to, funding opportunities for grad school, make sure to also check out this guide. This guide offers key pieces of advice to keep in mind as you navigate the grad school process. For example, E4FC recommends that you to utilize your undergrad campus career center and to search for allies on campus to assist you with graduate school and funding applications. Career centers often have resources for graduate school applicants such as workshops on applying to graduate programs and funding opportunities, counselors that provide assistance in editing essays for applications, a letter service program to store letters of recommendation, and more.

Lastly, check out these databases featuring grad school fellowships that are open to undocumented students:

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