Scholarship Resources for Undocumented Undergraduate Students


Educators for Fair Consideration (E4FC) offers an array of programs and services to address the needs of undocumented young people. The following is a list of key resources that E4FC has put together to help undocumented students across the United States find, and apply to, scholarships to pay for college.

(Note: this post is for undergraduate students.  If you’re a graduate student, check out this other post instead that has similar resources)

153_UndergradMiniGuide_1.jpgWondering where to look for scholarships? In this guide, you will find key websites and lists where you can search for scholarship opportunities that are open to undocumented students.


To prepare a strong scholarship application, 159_UndergradMiniGuide_2.jpgcheck out these tips. For example, E4FC recommends that you do community service or special programs such as internships, youth boards, and community college classes during the summer.

153_UndergradMiniGuide_3As you search for scholarships, you may also want to consider contacting programs to ask if their scholarship is open to undocumented students. In this guide, you will find advice on how to approach programs to ask for more information about their requirements. This mini-guide also offers specific advice for scholarship applicants who have DACA, as well as offers some advice on disclosing your immigration status.

153_UndergradMiniGuide_4This guide offers advice on how to prepare a strong scholarship application, including tips on how to write a personal statement, request letters of recommendation, and more. For example, E4FC advises that in your personal statement, you tell a story. Show or demonstrate an experience through concrete examples. If your statement is fresh, lively and different, the selection committee will remember you and put you on the top of the pile.

159_UndergradMiniGuide_5This guide features key pieces of advice to keep in mind as you search for, and apply to, scholarships, including the importance of applying early and to as many scholarships as you can.


They also have created the following scholarship databases, which are updated on a monthly basis!

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