Returning to Mexicali


This past weekend I had the opportunity to return to Mexicali after over a decade of growing up undocumented in the United States.  I had an amazing time with my husband, relatives, and friends.  We got a chance to catch up and visit the neighborhoods I grew up in, as well as learn more about Mexicali and Tijuana.  In Mexicali, we visited La Cachanilla, El Centro, and El Grupo de Ayuda para el Migrante.  In Tijuana, we got a chance to walk around La Revolución, Friendship Park, El Centro Cultural, and la Universidad Autonoma de Baja California.  It was definitely an experience filled with excitement, anxiety, happiness, and much needed reflection and healing.  Here are a few pictures from my trip:


En route to Mexicali


In front of one of the homes I grew up in Mexicali


Taking it all in… What became of the last house I lived in before moving to the United States


Rumbo a la Rumorosa


En Tijuana, Baja California


The U.S.-Mexican border



“En la Wendy’s de Mexico venden tacos”


Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 2.43.49 PM

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  1. te falto mucho que recorrer y mucho que contar, pero en dos días no se pueden recorrer 14 años . . . . la oportunidad ya esta dad, cuando quieras tienes ls puertas abiertas de esta tu tierra cachanilla . . .

  2. Really touching. Congratulations on your newfound ability to travel and live. “All your life, you were only waiting for this moment to arise” – Blackbird, The Beatles


  1. Returning to Mexicali – My (Un)Documented Life – Mixed American Life

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