Brown University will Begin Admitting Undocumented Students as Domestic Students!



Brown University, an Ivy League university in Providence, Rhode Island, announced yesterday that they would begin admitting first-year undocumented undergraduate students (including students without DACA) as if they were U.S. citizens and not international students. Brown will meet 100% of the demonstrated financial need of all admitted undocumented students. This policy will be effective for students applying to Brown this fall.

The university’s Provost Richard M. Locke said, “We seek to ensure that undocumented and DACA-status students who have been raised and educated in this country and apply for admission to Brown are treated fairly and equitably… this approach is consistent with our core values and with Brown’s commitment to advancing knowledge and discovery by attracting and supporting the most talented and promising students and scholars to campus.”

Many elite private universities are “need-blind” for domestic students and “need-aware” for international students, which means that they do not take financial need into consideration in the admissions process for domestic students, but they do take financial need into consideration for international students. The admissions process is therefore especially competitive for low-income international applicants. But since Brown changed their admissions policy for undocumented applicants, undocumented students will no longer compete with other applicants with their financial need taken into consideration.

Stay tuned for more information from current students and faculty at Brown about how this change was made and advice on applying to Brown as an undocumented student!

Please see their press release for more information. Please also note that this policy does not apply to transfer students. This webpage has more information about admissions and financial aid policies for transfer students.

Early decision application deadline: November 1st, 2016

Regular decision applicant deadline: January 1st, 2017

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