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facebook-logo-undocumented-lifeAt My (Un)Documented Life blog, we share up-to-date information and resources for undocumented immigrants. We are also an online community- a place where we can share our experiences, build support, and connect with undocumented folks and allies across the country and beyond. We are currently seeking contributors who can share their experience, knowledge, and advice.

By supporting My (Un)Documented Life blog with your time and unique perspective, you are directly helping us make our community that much stronger. If the blog has helped you along the way, please consider helping others by sharing your own perspective.  

The prompt is kept open-ended intentionally as we want to capture your unique perspective. It may be useful to look at similar posts by past contributors for the given prompts below. For each prompt below, we have included the links to previous posts that can be used as a general model for your own post. Guidelines for submission are listed at the end.

We are currently seeking new posts on the following subject matters.

If you are an undocumented student:

– What has been your experience in high school, college, or graduate school?

– What pieces of advice do you have for undocumented youth looking to pursue a higher education?

– What are the biggest challenges you have encountered as an undocumented student?

If you are an educator or counselor working with undocumented students:

– What pieces of advice do you have for undocumented students?

– How can educators and counselors best support undocumented students?

If you qualify for DACA:

– What has been your experience applying for DACA?

– How has DACA benefited you?

– Even with DACA, what challenges do you continue to face?

If you do not qualify for DACA:

– What has your experience been pursuing different opportunities without DACA?

– What are your recommendations for policy moving forward?

If you have applied for Advance Parole:

– What was your experience applying for advance parole?

– What was your timeline?

– What advice do you have for others who are considering applying for advance parole?

If you have already traveled under Advance Parole:

– Where did you travel to and what was your experience there?

– Did you encounter any difficulties in trying to return to the United States?

– What advice do you have for others who are traveling with advance parole?

Guidelines for submission:

  • Posts are typically anywhere from 500 to 2000 words
  • Blog posts can be in English or Spanish
  • Include a picture that fits with the content of your post

To submit your post as a word file, e-mail us at  Please include your name as you would like it to appear online (pseudonyms are ok).  If comfortable with real name being used in your online post, please include a short bio (3-5 sentences) and a picture of yourself to be published on our website.  See our About Us page to see examples of other contributors’ short bios.

Thank you for helping us build this important online community and continuing the dialogue on what it means to be undocumented.  We look forward to featuring your story!

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