Join two community calls on Monday January 23rd at 8pm and 9pm EST



Both United We Dream and Cosecha are organizing a community call on Monday, January 23rd to discuss “what is next and how to fight back.” Please see below for more information.

United We Dream’s Call: Monday, January 23rd at 8pm EST

Sign up for the call here.

“If you know an undocumented immigrant, this is your time to rise up with us in action. If you are someone feeling anxiety today over losing DACA – we’re with you. Join us. Sign up to receive details on how to join our community call and find out how we together as a community can protect/defend all undocumented ppl and DACA. Our communities are #HereToStay!”

Cosecha’s Call: Monday, January 23rd at 9pm EST

 Sign up for the call here and refer to this Facebook page for more information.

“Many of you have heard rumors about Trump repealing DACA this week. We have no way of knowing for sure what is going to happen now that he is president, but we do know that on the campaign trail, he promised to get rid of DACA and deport 2-3 million in his first few months in office. We’re getting ready for whatever happens!… We have to be ready to fight no matter what and for something permanent. We have to fight for dignity and respect for all 11 million of us. We’re getting ready to take escalated action. I really do believe that we can win. Because this country depends on us and no one, not Trump, not ICE, not Trump’s most racist supporters will be able to stop us if we decide to show this country que sin manos no hay obra.”

Make sure to bookmark and share our more general Post-Election Information page which contains other relevant information and resources.

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  1. Daca holder and mother three beautiful kids I’m here to stay and fight for my right and children

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