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Meet Our Team

MEET OUR TEAM Carolina is the Founder and Executive Director of My Undocumented Life. Since 2011, the blog has served as a platform for undocumented communities to obtain up-to-date information and resources on pursuing higher education, immigration policies, and much… Read More ›

[Guest Covid19 series post] Conducting Research with Undocumented and Mixed-Status Families During COVID: Ethics, Practices, and Methods

By DANIELA A growing body of research on undocumented migration explores the production of U.S. immigration policy and enforcement, including its effects on undocumented and mixed-status families (where at least one member is undocumented). Research on the lived experiences of undocumented… Read More ›

November 2018 Newsletter

Here are some announcements, resources, scholarships, and immigration-related news featured this month at My Undocumented Life blog! Announcements – We launched the My Undocumented Life blog fundraiser! Our blog is completely volunteer-run, your donations will help us start new series,… Read More ›