Latest Past Events

Friday Immigration Check-in: Harvard Undocu-Staff


In celebration of DACA still being alive, join us on Friday June 26th at 2pm EST/ 11am PST for our "Friday Immigration Check-in's" where we will spotlight DACAmented or formerly undocumented Harvard staff professionals who will share advice and personal... Read More ›

UndocuGrad Ceremony


If you're graduating from High School or College please continue reading. Graduating is an important milestone for everyone, but for us, undocumented students, it is more than just a milestone, it is a win. Regardless of all the challenges we... Read More ›

2nd Annual Immigrant and Refugee Chicago Student Summit


All students are invited to attend the 2nd Annual Immigrant and Refugee Chicago Student Summit. The event will feature sessions on financial aid/scholarship, careers, mental health, immigration legislation, and saving money at City Colleges of Chicago during high school and... Read More ›