Help Stop Deportations


Under the President Barack Obama administration, more than 2 million undocumented immigrants have been deported (Pew Research Center 2014). As a response to the increasing number of unjust deportations, organizations have put together guides and online campaigns. To help stop deportations, check out these key resources:

1. Know Your Rights when coming into contact with immigration officers


The Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC) created several packets with information about recent raids and an overview of the rights an immigrant (whether here legally or not) may exercise if confronted by an immigration official. To give you a glimpse, the ILRC notes that if immigration officers come to your home, you should ask to see a Search Warrant. If the official does not show you one, you do not have to open the door. Also, make sure to not sign anything, especially an Order of Voluntary Departure, without first talking to a lawyer. Do not answer questions. Do not tell them anything about where you were born or how you came to the United States. Do not show any documents if the officials do not show you a Search Warrant. And do not allow the official to enter your home. If you allow them in, you lose some of your rights. Definitely check out these important packets to know what to do if you come into contact with immigration officers at home, work, school, or on the street.

2. If immigration officers come to your door, Know Your Rights!


United We Dream created several graphics about your rights should you ever come into contact with an immigration officer. For example, United We Dream notes that if ICE comes to your door, you should remain silent. ICE can use anything you say against you in your immigration case so claim your right to remain silent.

3. Preparese para las redadas

Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 10.35.07 PM

En caso de una redada, es muy importante estar preparad@. La campaña #NiUnoMas ha creado esta lista de diez cosas importantes que hacer si se encuentra en una redada. Por ejemplo, tiene que saber que ICE no puede entrar a su casa sin una orden (orden de cateo) firmada por un juez. Tambien no de información ni firme ningún papel sin primero consular con un abogad@.

4. A Guide for Undocumented Youth in Deportation Proceedings

247_E4FC_DeportationGuide_CoverThis guide was developed by the Asian Law Caucus, Educators for Fair Consideration,, and the National Immigrant Youth Alliance. It outlines several steps you can take if you or someone you know is in deportation proceedings. For example, you should gather letters of support, get your friends to make phone calls, and if you decide to go public with your case, you can also create an online petition.

5. End Our Pain Mobile Network


United We Dream (UWD) has created a Deportation Defense Program to connect, train, and empower communities to defend their rights and stop unjust deportations. If you sign up for their mobile network you will receive helpful information and resources about stopping deportations. You will also receive updates about current deportations and how you can help stop them.

6.  Call-to-action


Make sure to also visit United We Dream’s website to learn about the stories of undocumented immigrants currently facing deportation, and learn how you can help. Through their website, you will be able to sign online petitions.

7. #NotOneMore


The National Day Laborers Organizing Network (NDLON) has also created online petitions for deportation cases that are currently open and need your support.

(Last updated January 2016)

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