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At My Undocumented Life blog, we share information and resources for undocumented immigrants.  We are also an online community- a place where we can share our experiences, build support, and connect with undocumented folks and allies all across the world.

We are thankful and amazed by the support and reach that My Undocumented Life blog has received over the years.  We often receive messages from parents of undocumented high school students, educators, organizers, undocumented students, and more- thanking us for our work.  We also receive a lot of questions on what it is like applying to college, finding support, obtaining financial aid, traveling, and navigating everyday life as an undocumented immigrant.

We are always looking for guest contributors who can share their experience, advice, concerns, dreams, and more.

We want to hear from YOU.


Please consider submitting works of poetry, non-fiction stories, memories, interviews, etc.  We welcome submissions from both undocumented people and allies.  Topics can include: growing up undocumented, immigrant rights organizing, higher education advice for undocumented students, DACA, advance parole (experience, advice), and much more. 

You can submit your post via e-mail to (Works can be in English or Spanish. Word limit is 5000 words)

In your e-mail, please include your name as you would like it to appear online (e.g. a pseudonym or real name). If comfortable with real name being used in your online post, please include a short bio (3-5 sentences) and a picture.

You can also submit your story by filling out one or more of the following forms:

Applying to advance parole

Renewing your DACA

Attending graduate school

Thank you for helping us build this important online community and continuing the dialogue on what it means to be undocumented.  We look forward to featuring your story!

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