When should I renew my DACA?


Dacarenewalnetwork_popupUSCIS has released DACA renewal forms and more details about the process, read more in my previous post “Renew Your DACA!“.

Because it will take time for our DACA renewals to process and there is an expiration date on our current work permits, USCIS advices that we submit our renewal request about 120 days (4 months) before your current period of deferred action will expire. NOTE- Requests received earlier than 150 days in advance will be accepted; however, this could result in an overlap between your current DACA and your renewal. This means your renewal period may extend for less than a full two years from the date that your current DACA period expires.

To know your exact one-month window period to renew your DACA, I highly recommend using the National Immigration Law Center’s DACA renewal calculator. All you need to do is enter your work permit’s expiration date and it provides you with the exact one-month period that you should renew your DACA.

NOTE- If you miss your one-month window, you can still apply for your DACA renewal. The best time for you to submit your DACA renewal application to USCIS is 120 to 150 days before the date your current DACA and EAD expire. If you apply within this window of time and USCIS delays processing your application, USCIS may provide you deferred action and work authorization for a short period of time until a decision is made on your case.

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  1. Hey, so I’m nervous ! My DACA expires 12/2/2017 I thought it was Jan not Dec!!! I want to renew but afraid that it will be rejected because I did not renew on time. It’s supposed to be 4-5 months ahead of time and I already have 3 months left. Anyone that has had the same issue?

  2. can you renew daca more than one time. if you had it for the four years already. or what is the process after.

  3. Hi.
    I recently got my biometrics taken on November 4th. I made a huge mistake of waiting to renew because of financial challenges. My work permit expires early December. I do work full time. Does that mean I will have to stop working if I don’t get a response before then??

  4. What do you mean by one month window? I made a careless mistake and my license now expires in about 3 months. I am going to gather my stuff asap to send them in. Do you mean that one month window is one month after 120days? meaning leaving about 90days? I would really appreciate your clarification. Thank you.

    • Hi Grace,
      By one month window I mean if you do not apply between USCIS’s recommendation: between 150-120 days. USCIS recommends that we submit our DACA renewal applications no earlier than 150 days (5 months), and no later than 120 days (4 months) so it leaves us with one month of recommended time to apply. However, if you do not apply within this month (in other words– if you apply when you have 3 months or less before your DACA expires), you should still go ahead and submit your application as soon as you can.


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