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At My Undocumented Life blog we seek to provide you with the latest post-election news and what it may mean to our undocumented community and the steps we can take to protect ourselves. You’ll also find more general information about upcoming events, films, webinars, immigration policies, research reports, and more. We update this page frequently so be sure to bookmark it and share it with your networks!


Recommendations for School Administrators, Educators, Counselors, and Undocumented Students (My Undocumented Life blog)– “At My Undocumented Life blog, we have identified steps that schools and universities can take to support undocumented students.”

Expanding Sanctuary Policy Solutions” (Mijente)– “A compilation of current bills and analysis pointing toward what’s needed but not yet drafted to serve as a starting place for crowdsourcing policy solutions to expand sanctuary at the city level.”

Fact Sheets and Resources on Trump Executive Actions on Immigration” (Undocumented Student Program at UC Berkeley)- “Donald Trump has signed three executive orders on immigration this past week, and as predicted, the sum of which makes immigration enforcement much harsher than previous Administrations. Full text of the orders can be accessed online. A summary of the executive orders are [on this link].”

Immigration Post-Election Q & A: DACA Students, ‘Sanctuary Campuses,’ and Institutional or Community Assistance(ACE)- “This Issue Brief is offered as a ‘current moment’ aid in framing discussion and assessment by campus leaders, in the hope that it provides information that may assist in situational response, campus policy review, and engagement on the issues addressed here.”

New Questions and Answers about DACA Now That Trump is President” (National Immigration Law Center)- “Many of us are concerned about what could happen to the DACA program—and to DACA recipients—under President Trump’s administration. During his campaign, Trump said that he intends to end the DACA program. But since the election, he has not said exactly if, when, or how he might do this. Nor do we know what his administration’s officials might do with the information that DACA applicants have submitted on their applications. But we do know this: U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) confirmed on January 23 that USCIS is still accepting and processing DACA applications, despite the possibility that that the DACA program might be terminated.This FAQ provides information and recommendations that may help you decide what to do with respect to DACA now that Trump is the president. However, the information in this FAQ is not legal advice. Every person’s situation is different. To get legal advice about whether you should either apply for DACA for the first time or apply to renew your DACA, you should talk to a qualified immigration lawyer or a Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA)–accredited representative.”

Sanctuary Campus Map” (Map created by Xavier)- “Yellow indicates campuses that have petitioned for protecting vulnerable populations, purple indicates where university administration has provided some commitment, yellow / purple house means that the term sanctuary has been used in the petition, red house means the President of the university has declared it a sanctuary campus.”

Sanctuary Campus Petitions” (Google doc created by Xavier)- This google document contains a growing list of petitions that have been initiated by students and educators to urge their colleges and universities to become a sanctuary campus. There are over 60 schools featured on it already.


March 15, 2017

Federal Judge Blocks Trump’s Latest Travel Ban Nationwide” (NYT)- “A federal judge in Hawaii issued a nationwide order Wednesday evening blocking President Trump’s ban on travel from parts of the Muslim world, dealing a stinging blow to the White House and signaling in pointed language that Mr. Trump will have to account in court for his heated rhetoric about Islam.”

ICE agents make arrests at courthouses, sparking backlash from prosecutors and attorneys” (LAT)- “Octavio Chaidez was walking out of a Pasadena courtroom with a client last month when four men jumped up from a hallway bench and rushed toward them.”

March 13, 2017

An Indefensible Silence on Domestic Abuse In The Undocumented Community” (Huffington Post)- “Recently in an El Paso, Texas courthouse, Irvin Gonzalez was waiting for a hearing on her request for a protective order. A 31-year-old transgender woman, Gonzalez was nervous about seeing her abusive ex-boyfriend.”

March 4, 2017

Single father from Mexico in US for 20 years deported after ICE ‘check-in’” (Guardian)- “Juan Carlos Fomperosa García planned to celebrate his son’s 17th birthday on Thursday. But first, he had to go in for a meeting around 9am with immigration officials in Phoenix for what he believed was to discuss his request for asylum.”

March 2, 2017

Dreamer Arrested After Speaking To Media Will Be Deported Without Hearing, Attorney Says” (Huffington Post)– “A 22-year-old undocumented immigrant arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Jackson, Mississippi, on Wednesday after speaking to the media about her family’s detention is set to be deported without a court hearing, her attorney said on Thursday.”

March 1, 2017

Organized resistance is forming to Trump’s immigration crackdown” (SDUT)- “Organized resistance to President Donald Trump’s immigration crackdown is coming to San Diego, as advocacy groups are beginning to organize a rapid response network that could include hotlines, ‘solidarity teams’ and even safe houses.”

February 27, 2017

I can’t take that place.’ An Arizona family struggles with a mother’s deportation” (Washington Post)- “The house was nearly silent as the father stood in the empty kitchen, pulling apart pieces of store-bought rotisserie chicken. He would have to learn to cook at some point, but not tonight. It was hard enough mustering the energy to get through the meetings with activists, the phone calls with lawyers, the restless nights. For his first time making dinner for his kids since his wife, Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos, was deported, this would have to do.”

What It’s Like to Have Your Parents Deported” (NYT)- “In December 2015, I was heading to the library here at Berea College to study for finals when I got a call from my mother’s lawyer. He said Ma was fighting deportation to Ghana, and I would need to write an affidavit explaining why she should be allowed to stay in the United States.”

February 24, 2017

In Los Angeles, Underground Network is Readying Homes to Hide Undocumented Immigrants” (KTLA)- “The purchase of this home is part of a network formed by Los Angeles religious leaders across faiths in the wake of Donald Trump’s election. The intent is to shelter hundreds, possibly thousands of undocumented people in safe houses across Southern California.”

February 23, 2017

More than 50 detained in immigration raids at Asian restaurants in Mississippi” (LAT)- “Te first call came Wednesday morning: Federal agents were raiding a Chinese buffet in the city of Pearl. Before long, word spread across Mississippi immigrant communities that agents were targeting a Hibachi grill in nearby Flowood and a sushi restaurant nearly 100 miles away in Meridian.”

February 21, 2017

New Trump Deportation Rules Allow Far More Expulsions” (NYT)– “Documents released on Tuesday by the Department of Homeland Security revealed the broad scope of the president’s ambitions: to publicize crimes by undocumented immigrants; strip such immigrants of privacy protections; enlist local police officers as enforcers; erect new detention facilities; discourage asylum seekers; and, ultimately, speed up deportations.”

February 17, 2017 

Deportation splits up Escondido family” (SDUT)- “An Escondido family has been split in two after a mother was deported to Mexico, leaving her twin 18-year-old daughters without a parent.”

January 29, 2017

Customs and Border Officers Defied Court Order on Lawful Residents For Hours” (Huffington Post)– “The U.S. government must ‘permit lawyers access to all legal permanent residents being detained at Dulles International Airport,’ a federal judge in Virginia ordered late Saturday. But U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents at this airport outside Washington, D.C., defied the judge’s order, blocking attorneys from talking to the lawful permanent residents CBP was detaining here.”

People are deleting Uber in support of migrants following Trump’s Muslim ban” (Metro)- “The ride-hailing app is being accused of profiting from a strike by New York’s taxi drivers that took place yesterday evening. Drivers from the New York Taxi Workers Alliance refused to pick up airport passengers between 6pm and 7pm in protest as protesters joined together against Trump’s ban inside John F. Kennedy International Airport.”

Thousands Protest At Airports Nationwide Against Trump’s Immigration gettyimages-632958486_wide-31a214452f439dd3ac9efab0fdcb670b306a4617-s800-c85Order” (NPR)- “Thousands of protesters gathered at airports across the country Saturday to denounce President Trump’s recent executive order that barred citizens of seven mostly Muslim countries: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen, from entering the U.S. for 90 days. The order also temporarily suspended entry to all refugees for 120 days.”

White House Official, in Reversal, Says Green Card Holders Won’t Be Barred” (NYT)- “A top White House official appeared to reverse a key part of President Trump’s immigration order on Sunday, saying that people from the affected countries who hold green cards will not be prevented from returning to the United States.”

January 28, 2017

Federal judge’s order staying deportations for refugees and others with valid visas” (Los Angeles Times)- “A fed­er­al judge in Brook­lyn on Sat­urday night stayed de­port­a­tions un­der Pres­id­ent Trump’s ex­ec­ut­ive or­der bar­ring cit­izens of some Muslim coun­tries from en­ter­ing the United States.”

29doorclosed-1-master768Trump’s Order Blocks Immigrants at Airports, Stoking Fear Around the Globe” (NYT) –“President Trump’s executive order on immigration quickly reverberated through the United States and across the globe on Saturday, slamming the border shut for an Iranian scientist headed to a lab in Boston, an Iraqi who had worked as an interpreter for the United States Army, and a Syrian refugee family headed to a new life in Ohio, among countless others.

January 27, 2017

Helping undocumented immigrants now a crime under Trump” (Univision)- “The executive order on Sanctuary Cities signed by the president makes it illegal to ‘facilitate’ the presence of ‘aliens.’ The rule is similar to Arizona’s controversial 2010 state law, SB1070, that was challenged in the courts.”

January 25, 2017

Read Trump’s Executive Order on Immigration” (Mijente)

Trump orders construction of border wall, moves to increase deportations” (CNN)– “President Donald Trump on Wednesday started to reshape US immigration enforcement policies via executive action, taking his first steps toward fulfilling some of the most contentious pledges that defined his campaign — building a border wall and punishing sanctuary cities.”

Trump Speaks After Taking Action to Build U.S.-Mexico Wall” (NPR)- “President Trump has signed two executive actions related to immigration and border security, moving ahead with his plans to build a wall along the U.S. border with Mexico and to deport people who are in the country without documentation.”

January 24, 2017

Practical Steps to Take if DACA is Repealed” (Medium)- “Here are some practical steps one can take to prepare if #DACA is repealed.”

January 5, 2017

Immigrant groups plan ‘Day of Action’ protests across the country” (Washington Post)- “Organizers said the Jan. 14 action is meant to build momentum in their fight to stop Trump from fulfilling campaign promises to pursue mass deportations and other initiatives.”

In challenge to Trump, California lawmaker seeks expansion of in-state tuition for immigrants in the U.S. illegally” (Los Angeles Times)– “In another challenge to the immigration crackdown proposed by President-elect Donald Trump, a California lawmaker proposed Thursday to greatly expand the number of students in the country illegally who can get discounted, in-state resident tuition at state universities.”

January 3, 2017

Judge: Georgians shielded from deportation may pay in-state tuition” (AJC)- “Georgia residents who have received a special reprieve from deportation from the Obama administration may begin paying in-state tuition here under a state court ruling released Tuesday.”

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