On June 15 of 2012, President Barack Obama announced Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).  As of August 2012, eligible undocumented youth can submit their DACA applications to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).  Those approved, receive temporary relief from deportation and work authorization.  We have a number of resources to help you learn more about DACA and the application processes related to DACA. Also, don’t miss out on the latest immigration-related news, including what may happen to DACA under a Trump presidency, check out our News page.

NOTE: Please use the comment section on this page as a general discussion forum to share your experience, questions, and/or concerns related to DACA (including initial and renewal applications), as well as Advance Parole.

1. Applying for DACA?  Check out these posts with information on the DACA application process and timelines.

2. If you have already applied for and received DACA, check out our Life After DACA posts to learn about the experiences of fellow DACAmented young adults and opportunities available, such as building your credit history with DACA.

3. Is your DACA about to expire?  Make sure to browse through our Renewing DACA posts for information and resources on the renewal process, what to expect, timelines, and more.  Also, if you scroll to the bottom of this post, you will find close to 1,000 comments from undocumented young adults across the country sharing their experiences, timelines, and concerns about renewing their DACA.

4. If you have benefitted from DACA, you may be eligible to travel abroad.  Check out our Advance Parole (AP) posts to learn about the AP application process and opportunities to travel abroad for undocumented youth with DACA.  Here you will also find the stories, timelines, and pieces of advice of DACAmented youth who have traveled under advance parole.

Have you applied for DACA and Advance Parole?  Share your story with us!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I apply for DACA even though I’m still in high school/haven’t graduated yet?

A: Yes. One of the requirements for DACA is to be currently in school, have graduated or obtained a certificate of completion from high school, have obtained a general education development (GED) certificate, or are an honorably discharged veteran of the Coast Guard or Armed Forces of the United States.  If you meet all the other 6 requirements and are still completing high school, you can apply for DACA.  You can find more information about this requirement from the USCIS official site.

Q: I graduated from high school or have a GED, but I’m no longer in school, can I apply for DACA? 

A: Yes. Even if you’re not currently in school, you would still be meeting the education requirement by having obtained a GED or high school diploma.  If you meet all the other 6 requirements, you can apply for DACA.  Check the USCIS link for more info on the remaining requirements to qualify for DACA.

Q: I can’t afford my DACA application, how can I get help? 

A: Make sure to subscribe to our blog, we feature scholarship opportunities open to undocumented students, including those that are specifically for DACA applications.  You can also contact local pro-immigrant organizations in your area to find out if there are any private scholarships available.  You should also consider starting a fundraiser. You can sell some type of food (e.g. tamales, posole, cupcakes), crafts you know how to make or can learn how to make (e.g. pins, bracelets, beanies, scarves), or set-up a donation link via sites such as You Caring and spread the word to friends, family, and the community.  The extent to which you fundraise and spread the word may be limited of course by resources, time, money, and contacts… BUT if you can- it never hurts to fundraise.  Feel free to contact us if you need help spreading the word about your fundraiser.

Last, but not least, there are limited circumstances under which one may qualify and receive a DACA fee exemption.  Here is the official USCIS link with more info about requirements and applying for a fee exemption:“Consideration of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Fee Exemption”.

Q: Should I get a lawyer to fill out/submit/renew my DACA? 

A: First we should point out that we cannot give any legal advice regarding this issue. Below is one perspective regarding this matter.

The short answer is that it depends. The long answer: it’s an impossible question to answer here given that every case is different, thus every decision of getting a lawyer (or not) will vary.  You may want to explore your options and familiarize yourself with the DACA application forms.  Read through the instructions and try to fill out the application by yourself and/or with help from organizers, friends, and family members.  If your application has any red flags or spaces left blank that you’re unsure about, ask for help. Search engines and friends who are involved are a good resource.  There might also be some inexpensive options if you ask/search around.

Also keep in mind that your case may be more complex than you may think.  Because the law is complex, even if you feel confident about your application, there may be specific facts about your own case that can ultimately affect the outcome.  Only a qualified and competent immigration attorney would be able to assist you.  Personally, the first time I applied for DACA I did not want to take any chances so I hired an attorney. However, I did not feel it was necessary to do so when I renewed my DACA. But of course your situation may be different.

There are lawyers charging low-cost fees to review your application.  That is, you fill out the application and before you send it, you have the lawyer review it.  They will then make suggestions or tell you it’s all good to send.  Prices for this service range and not all lawyers do this, but I have heard of some lawyers charging $25, $50, $75 to review DACA applications.  Again, it depends on the lawyer.

Q. Do I have to transfer my credit history to my new SSN if I previously used an ITIN? 

A: Yes. After getting approved for DACA, you have to apply to get a SSN: “Social Security Number and Card- Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals”. Once you have applied and received your SSN, you can now transfer any credit history to your new SSN.  For example, it might have been the case that in the past you had an ITIN to file taxes.  Now, because you have a SSN, you can’t use both an ITIN and a SSN, everything will now be under your SSN.  It is important to transfer your credit history from your ITIN to your SSN though AND to rescind your ITIN.  More details on how to complete this step, including letters to send, addresses, copies, and more, can be found here: “Life After DACA: Obtaining a Social Security Number, Transferring your Credit History, and Rescinding your ITIN

Q: Given that I am currently married and/or have children whom I could petition under for legal permanent residency, can I still apply for DACA? 

A: Yes, you can still apply for DACA if you meet all seven requirements.  Having children and/or being married will not affect your DACA application.  The benefits of applying to DACA include being able to receive a work authorization and relief from deportation for 2 years, after which point you can renew your DACA.  If you have a path to legal permanent residency and/or citizenship right now, it’d be best to apply for that.  However, for multiple reasons, you may not be able to do so quite yet.  In that case, it may not hurt to apply for DACA in the meantime.

Q: Is Deferred Action (DACA) the Federal DREAM Act? 

A: No. DACA and the Federal DREAM Act are different.  DACA was announced on June 15, 2012 by the Obama Administration.  Through DACA, individuals who qualify and are approved, can receive temporary work authorization and relief from deportation.  USCIS began accepting applications on August 15, 2012.  The Federal DREAM Act is legislation first introduced in 2001.  If passed, the Federal DREAM Act would offer a path to citizenship to individuals who meet several requirements.  The requirements with each version of the Federal DREAM Act vary, but are similar to the requirements of DACA. However, the Federal DREAM Act has not passed.

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  1. Guys I Worried so much this time around but honestly this time around was way faster than initial .
    May 21-Submitted renewal
    June 6- Bio-metric appt
    June 7- received update via text that I got approved and card was being made
    June 13- EAD arrived along with approval letters

    Mind you my current EAD expires 10/14/17 I was trying to apply early because I was terrified but honestly this was so fast I’m surprised …. renewal sent to Nebraska office … I’m in Texas

  2. I had a question, i heard from a friend that after renewing your DACA for 2 or 3 times, you can file for residency, is this true ?

  3. Hello everyone! USCIS received my renewal application since last year July 14, 2016. I got my biometrics appointment around the first week of August and got the deferred action approved on August 29, 2016. Up until know I still haven’t received my I-765 employment authorization approved and it’s about to be April 2017. Its honestly been really frusturating since 7 months have passed and I already sent 4 inquiries and I always receive the same response to just keep on waiting. They sent my application to the Nebraska center and I read they have been delayed but they have taken a long time now. I’ve been without a liscense for so long and can’t even get a job. I don’t know if others are in the same boat but any suggestions? Thank you, Marisol.

    • Hello there Marisol, sorry to hear about your situation 😦 I am in the same boat. It has been 8 months already, and I am still waiting. 😦 Did you get yours by now? I really hope you did!!!!! *Fingers Crossed*

      • Yes, thank god I did. I received it on April but I believe what helped was calling the uscis call center. You should try calling & see if they can help you submit an inquiry. Good luck!

  4. Hello everyone. My Employment Authorization Card expires 09/10/17. It says on uscis website to file 5 months or 150 days before the expiration date. What would happen if i send my application before that time frame? This will be my 3rd time appliying. The 2nd time was terrible and i lost my job, because they didn’t approve me on time. I can’t afford for this to happen again.
    Thanks in advance god bless all!

    • Hi Edson, I am worried too because mine expires January 2018, the time is ticking and everything is up in the air by the new president. This would be my 3rd renewal as well. Somehow my driver license and working permit end at the same date and year. Please any info…. Thank you much.

    • HEy Edson ,
      You can apply early ! But you’re new expiration date will change depending on when you receive your card. Mine expired in Nov of this year and I send it in Feb and received my card in April . So my card will expire in 2019 /Feb . So go for it!(:

  5. Hi everyone, check out this page where we will be featuring daily immigration-related news. For today, you will find a couple of articles that talk about what may happen to DACA under a Trump administration: News

    • So is it true daca is being taken away by the trump administration ? Mine has been expired for 2 months now applied in April 25th and still not even approved to renew .

    • I am a little worried here, its being almost 4 months since my biometrics and well over 8 months since my initial request and no reply, should I get an attorney?

    • Hello guys, so yesterday I received a notification from USCIS about my work permit being produced but I never received a letter that my DACA got approved? When I check the status of the form 1821D it just says that they accepted the case. Has anything like this happened to anyone!?

  6. Hi guys! Like a lot of you, my card has been expired and still have not received my new one. I just checked online it says my “green card” has been mailed. I’m wondering if someone has seen this message on theirs? I know we don’t receive a Green card, is this just a comment error or should I be calling to see what is going on?

    • The green card thing is just a system glitch. Don’t worry about it, it happened to almost everyone including myself. If it does say that then that means they’ve mailed your card or are about to mail and u should get it soon, probably next week.

      • Okay thanks!
        I just recently got accepted into nursing program and we have to get a background check & I’m freaking out because as far as I know, you need 2 forms of valid ID. Since my card and license expired, I will not have anything to present for the background check and I’m at risk of losing my spot in the program. So hopefully you’re right and it’s on it’s way!

        • Hi Alma,
          I totally feel your pain. I was offered a job at a private pharmacy but I had to decline because I didn’t have my work permit yet. Also, I had to go on temporary leave from my current job for 2 weeks while I was waiting for them to send me my work permit after it got approved. They were going to start looking for a replacement soon but I finally got it and now I’m back at work again and got my license renewed as well. Don’t worry you will get yours soon.

        • That was very unfortunate, it is really upsetting that all these delays are causing so many of us issues with jobs, but I am glad that you were able to stay at your job. I’ll be hoping to get something within the next weeks!

    • Hello,
      I’m also a DACA recepient and my timeline is as follows:
      Late August sent DACA
      September 1st sent biometrics
      September 21st Biometrics Apt
      My status still hasn’t changed online and my card has been expired since October 19th.
      A recent friend of mine applied for his renewalate September, her card expired in November and she already got an approval and her card is being produced. I don’t understand why it takes so long for others and so fast for other people.

  7. Hello fellow DACA precipitants, this saddens me to know that so many of us are on the same page by not receiving our renewals on time even and putting us at risk of losing our jobs that we worked hard for. Here is my experience and a few suggestions i have.

    -Filled for renewal June 15, 2016
    -Scheduled bio-metrics August 22, 2016 (only revived after contacting USCIS)
    -Currently working on my case with case worker for my congresswomen
    – DACA expires October 23, 2016

    If your DACA has been pending for more than 105 days fill out case inquiry online at https://egov.uscis.gov/e-Request/Intro.do

    Call USCIS costumer service to submit a case inquiry as well

    Contact local congressman/women they are able to help speed up your process

    Fill out this application as well follow instructions on link https://mydocumentedlife.org/2016/10/03/daca-renewal-delays/

    I hope this help, best of luck to everyone. Stay strong in these tough times.

    • Hello everyone. Just thought I’d share this in case you didn’t know. Many people (including myself) have gotten their DACA renewals approved but have been waiting for a long time to receive their work permits. I don’t know about other states, but if you live in Texas and have been DACA approved but are still waiting for your work permit, you can still renew your drivers license. On the TX DPS website, it says that a letter from USCIS that has your A-number and gives relief from deportation also counts as a lawful presence document to get a license. The DACA approval letter fits these requirements so if you have that you can renew your license even if you don’t have your work permit yet. Hope this information helped.

      • Hi , I recently moved to Texas and im still waiting for my ead card to arrive! Do you know how can i apply for a DL ? What requirements do i need? Thanks .. i dont know where dmv is to issue my DL.

        • Sofia, in Texas you will need your work permit (not the approval letter, you need the actual card) and a utility bill in your name to prove residency. If you do not have a utility bill, then I think you will need to notarize a statement. Check their website to make sure.

        • Thanks , im checking right now and i see that i need the ead card.. thank you , imma just need to wait for my card to arrive.. still waiting.

        • Hey guys, please correct me if I’m wrong. On the DPS website there is a chart that shows requirements for lawful presence. One of the requirements says “person granted withholding of deportation or removal”. It says that an acceptable document is a letter from USCIS that has your A number and grants withholding of removal or deportation. That’s exactly what the DACA approval letter is so it should work.

          Here’s the link:

        • I’m from Texas and I recently renewed my DL using my work permit. I have not tried renewing my DL using my DACA approval letter, so I’m not sure if that will work. Your best shot is to go to a DPS office and try.

        • Okay this is what i found

          The Texas Department of Public Safety released the following information Tuesday:

          Applicants who present federal immigration documentation indicating approved “deferred action” (I-797) meet the Department’s current lawful presence policy. If they are otherwise eligible (i.e. have met identity, residency, Social Security Number (SSN), and other requirements), they can be issued a driver license with an expiration date based on the length of lawful presence indicated in the federal immigration documents.
          Someone who has been granted “deferred action” and presents an Employment Authorization Document (EAD or I-766) meets the Department’s current lawful presence and identification policy. If they are otherwise eligible (i.e. have met residency, SSN, and other requirements), they can be issued a driver license set to expire when the EAD expires.
          Applicants must either provide their Social Security number or fill out an affidavit saying they don’t have one prior to the issuance of a driver license.

    • I really like you comment.
      Thank you.

      I am having a concern right now.
      My Daca expires tomorrow, and tomorrow is the same day they will be receiving it on their desk. Would they process it? Or declined?

      • Good morning gabby they wouldn’t deny it but it can be delayed now usually it takes about 6 to 8 months for the renewal process I was in the same boat of it expiring

  8. Tomorrow will be my last day employed. We were given an allotted time frame in which to apply and it sucks that although all of us did everything right we are suffering the consequences of those who can’t meet their deadlines. We PAID for this service, we are not getting it for free yet we’re still losing our jobs. Thank you USCIS for taking me back to the person I was a few years ago without identification and without a job. I just hope that this ends soon and we all receive our approval letters and/or ead cards. I tried everything that I possibly could to get this permit to me on time but nothing was enough.

    • Could not agree more! It is hard, but we will get through it. I hope we do not have to go through this again in the future. I’m with you in your struggle, stay strong and positive!

      • Have you heard anything or received your card yet?

        • Nothing and no card. I’m so sick of this.

        • Hello!! I finally got my card today!!! No update on my account as to the card being mailed, only when it was delivered. Stay strong and hope that this shit does not happen again.

        • Thats how long after u got approved for ead? I got a card production on act 13!

        • Oh my goodness I am so happy for you! I know how much you have been affected and how much you have been waiting!

        • Thank you Ivy, you’ll get yours next week! ; )

        • Thank you I sure hope so!!!

        • So I just got a new notification: “USCIS has produced your Permanent Resident Card (Green Card) and mailed it to the address you provided.” funny things I applied for DACA I now have a feeling this is going to take even longer…..

        • Someone else on this blog had the same notification. I think the case status then changed back to the right production of the document after a while.. I would call USCIS and tell them.

      • Hello A. Torres, congrats on your approval, I’m so happy for you! Here’s my situation: My renewal application was received on June 21st. My biometrics was done July 13th. My DACA and EAD were gonna expire on October 13th but my renewal was approved on October 10th, only 3 days before expiring, thank God!! I got the approval letter in the mail a few days later. However, my EAD has been stuck on the “card is being produced” status since October 9. When I renewed back in 2014, I got the card in the mail only 3 days after DACA approval, but this time it’s been over 2 weeks since I got approved and the online status does not even show that they have mailed me the card yet. I was really worried that my DACA would expire and I was beyond grateful when I got renewed just in time. The problem is, I have a job and I cannot officially go back to work until I show them the card because the approval letter is not sufficient. I mean, the hard part is done, I’ve already been approved for DACA, so it’s frustrating that even after approval it is still taking them so long to just produce the card and mail it to me. How long after your DACA approval did you get your work permit in the mail?

        • I got my permit 2 weeks and 6 days after DACA approval. Unfortunately, I am still unemployed. My old job has me going through all the application and interviewing process all over again (which is b.s.). I started applying elsewhere since I can no longer be without a job. The damage has been done to all of us. Hope that things workout for you guys.

        • I’m so sorry you lost your job. Dont worry you’ll find a better one, when one door closes another one opens. I really hope I get mine this week otherwise they will start looking for a replacement. It sucks that we did everything we were supposed to on time and paid the money and yet the process was still delayed because of the incompetency of people handling our cases. Unfortunately to them we are just case numbers, they have no idea the hell we are going through. I hope in the coming years they come up with a permanent fix so we don’t have to keep worrying about this every 2 years.

        • You are right. Best of luck!

        • Does “card is being produced” mean that my EAD is approved? Also, when they mailed your card, did your case status change to “card has been mailed”? And are the dates of validity on your work permit the same as the ones on the DACA approval letter? Sorry for all the questions

        • “Card produced” means it was approved, my case status did not change once it was mailed but the case history showed when it was it actually produced, then I got it 4 days later. The dates on the card are the dates my DACA was approved.

        • For the past 2 weeks, the online case status for my EAD said “card is being produced”. I checked online today and now it says “case is approved”. I called them and they said the card hasn’t even gone into production yet. How did it go from being in production back to the initial approval? That doesn’t make sense. I’m assuming it’s a system glitch. Did you have a similar experience?

        • Yes AMK, I had the same issue happen when my card was actually produced. Log into your account and you will see in the case history that your card has already been produced (and likely mailed to you!). Yous should be getting it soon!

        • On case status it says case approved but in my account it says “uscis has produced your green cards and mailed it to the address you provided us” this is also a glitch because it’s an EAD, not a green card. But I really do hope they have sent it regardless.

        • Lol, yes it is a glitch, another fellow here noted that this showed on his status. Hope you get it soon!

      • Now that Trump has been elected, anyone know what will happen to DACA?? I’m literally scared for my life..

        • Fellow dreamers, unfortunately any president has the power to take DACA away since it is an executive order and it is not protected by any of the other two branches of government. We will only find out once he takes power in January of 2017. The only thing we can do is fight to keep it!!! Please guys we have to come together and stop him from taking DACA away! Please join the United We Dream organization (they have a Facebook page) and/or any other local organization that can inform you on DACA. I am going to get involved with a local organization named FIEL (it has a Facebook page as well) from Houston, TX. The only way we can stop him is by ACTING AND GETTING INVOLVED! I INCLUDE MYSELF WHEN SAYING THIS. I have taken the back seat on a lot of the issues that affect me and my family, and I cannot do this anymore. We need to start contributing to the fight for OUR RIGHTS! NOW!! My name is Arleth Torres Santacruz and I was born in Mexico, Mexico. I was brought here at the age of 9. My mom, my brother and I fled my alcoholic father and the lack of opportunity in Mexico. I grew up in this country and I am not willingly leaving it!!!!

  9. Has anyone tried filing for an extension?
    My EAD expires on 10/23/2016
    I have called and they put service requests in for me

    I have an infopass meeting for tomorrow

    I’m going to lose my job if I don’t get it renewed on time

    Filed 05/22/2016
    Biometrics 07/17/2016

    Any suggestions?

  10. Has anyone tried filing for an extension?
    My EAD expires on 10/23/2016
    I have called and they put service requests in for me

    I have an infopass meeting for tomorrow

    I’m going to lose my job if I don’t get it renewed on time

    Filed 05/22/2016
    Biometrics 07/17/2016

    Any suggestions?

    • According to a representative at Nebraska Service Center, they’re supposedly not doing extensions this time around. I know people have gotten extensions before. I don’t know how accurate that representative was. Since your biometrics, you haven’t gotten any updates? Are you checking your status on myaccount on their website? Many people have listed the breakdown list of steps they took when their approval is delayed on this forum. Have you tried all of those things?

  11. The status of my renewal case is stuck at “Biometrics Appointment Was Scheduled.” It was scheduled for August 10, 2016. I of course went and had my fingerprints and picture taken on that date. It is now October 11th and still nothing! How is it possible that USCIS is unable to update the status to at least say, “Ok, we received your biometrics and now you must wait for our final decision”? Is that too much to ask for? I’m over here thinking they somehow never actually got my biometrics… I called them today only to be told there is nothing they can do until another 22 days from now when the case reaches 105 days. WTF!

    • I reached 105 days and every time I call the national security costumer service they tell me “we have techinical difficulties” we can’t submit an online inquiry about your case even though it’s pending for over 111 days now! I submitted general question through My case account and no response, my permit expires on October 29!

  12. I wanted to share my experience with DACA and share some information that can potentially help some of you. My current DACA/EAD/driver license were set to expire on 09-15-16. On the USCIS- DACA page, it recommends to apply between 120-150 days before expiration. I submitted my application between this time frame as recommended.

    My timeline is as follows:
    – I-821D & I-765 applications receipt date from USCIS: 05-05-16
    – Biometrics appointment notice: 06-11-16
    – Biometrics completed: 06-30-16
    – DACA Approval notice date (viewed on USCIS myaccount): 09-13-16
    – DACA Approval official letter arrived: 09-19-16
    – Employment authorization approval (viewed on USCIS myaccount): 09-15-16
    – Employment authorization card into production (printing card): 09-16-16
    – Will most likely receive my physical card in mail sometime this week: 09-26-16 — 09-30-16

    I started getting very anxious and stressed out about my upcoming expiration date (09-15-16). I decided to do the following:
    – Made 1st phone call (1-800-375-5283) on 09-06-16: spoke with representative and briefly explained my situation and that expiration is about a week away; she told me she’s able to make a service request since it’s been over 105 days since my applications’ receipt date; she also told me it can take up to 30 days for anyone to respond back to me about the pending cases. I was feeling doomed at this point.
    – I found this great resource from Berkeley’s student program blog and followed what they recommended me to do. (Thank you Berkeley!)
    – With Berkeley’s resource, I emailed the following people explaining my urgent request:
    USCIS Headquarters Office of Service Center Operations by email at: SCOPSSCATA@dhs.gov.
    USCIS Ombudsman by filing DHS-7001 and emailed one of the Ombudsman as well
    USCIS Customer service representative- emailed
    Met with local USCIS officer in person and explained my situation: he submitted another service request
    called USCIS again and asked to speak to tier 2 representative: he submitted 3rd service request
    Called my Congressional Representative and was referred to speak to Constituent Services Manager- I explained my situation to her and she was very quick to respond to my request to help expedite my pending cases before expiration date. She emailed me a privacy form to fill out and sign. I emailed back privacy form and all receipts I received from USCIS. She told me she will let me of any updates.

    My thoughts on contacting people listed above:
    – All the responses I received from everyone but my Congressman was in the realm of, “…DACA cases cannot be expedited and will be processed in the order it was received”
    – Congressman’s office finally sent me an update notice saying, “.. case review will be routed to the supervisor for further update. please contact again if no response within 14 days..”
    – Do I think that Congressman’s office reaching out to the USCIS helped my case at all? – ABSOLUTELY YES. I received my approval notice on 09-13-16 (~ 1 week from speaking with Congressman’s Constituent Services Manger). I honestly think that if I did not seek out my Congressman for help, I would not have gotten my approval letter before expiration date. Congressman’s office reached out to me at least 3 times letting me know new updates. I felt very thankful I had such support from them.
    – On 09-15-16 (my expiration date), my manager told me HR reached out to her to get my updated status on my work visa. I informed my manager that it has been approved and will arrive in mail soon. She said no problem.

    What you need to know:
    – local USCIS officer informed me that as long as my DACA/EAD are under review without any denials or problems, I can continue to work LEGALLY in the U.S., but that is ultimately determined by your work’s HR or manager. Officer told me if HR asks for pending documents, you can show them your receipt documents. I waited until my manager was contacted by HR.
    – every state will be different, but in Kentucky, you can get your license renewed with the OFFICIAL DACA approval notice (in mail), NOT COPY. They will extend your license for 1 year from the application RECEIPT DATE. When actual card comes in mail, you can go back and they will switch out the card for the full 2 years of course. I needed my driver license renewed immediately, so I went right away with my notice.

    – For 1st time and renewing applicants: don’t waste your money on hiring lawyers to complete your application. It will not expedite your cases at all. Have a friend proof read your documents before submitting to assure all information is correct
    – Even though USCIS website recommends reapplying within 120-150 days- THIS IS NOT ENOUGH TIME. Give yourself 6 months before current card expires.
    – It looks like some of you have walked-in to have biometrics taken care PRIOR to appointment time- this is a great idea. walk in and get it done early if you can

    – **Reach out to your city district Congressman** if your expiration is getting close! Not every Congressman will respond the same the way mine did, but it’s worth reaching out to them.

    Where I am now:
    – DACA approved 2 days before expiration; EAD approved the day of the expiration date
    – Driving with renewed license
    – waiting on my card to arrive in the upcoming week
    – working full time at my current job

    I apologize for such long post, but I did not want to leave any information out. I thought some of this information could help some of you. I deeply feel all your sadness, stress, anxiety, desperation to the bones, and it breaks my heart to read your sad posts. With President Obama’s help, I was able to reach for my dream of becoming a pharmacist. I went to one of nation’s top 5 ranked pharmacy schools in the country. I was able to apply for private student loan and went to school proudly. I graduated and got a full time job at one of the biggest hospitals in the state. I’m able to support myself and my parents. I never thought that I could do any of these things before DACA. I wanted you to know there’s light at the end of the tunnel so keep dreaming. Take actions and seek out for help if your expiration date is coming close. I could not have done any of these things if it wasn’t for God’s mercy. And of course, President Obama. I’ll be praying for all of you in my daily prayers.

    • Thank you for taking the time to share this with us. I have done some of the things you mentioned and will continue to act with more of your suggestions. This posting is so helpful

    • Very informative! Did you ever receive your renewal approval notice (i-797) of your I-765 (work employment) through house mail or did it just show online on your tracking update?

    • Hello
      I did my application with a lawyer the first time and reapplayed with the same lawyer. I have to re-apply next month and this time was going to have just the lawyer’s secretary do it for me do you guys have any input on that?

      • My thoughts on hiring lawyers to complete DACA applications have not changed. I dont think we should waste your money. I think that you and a close family member can easily fill out the application yourselves. Directions are posted in PDF under USCIS website. Reapplying especially is simpler since they don’t need as much info as the initial application. Like I said, lawyers cannot expedite the application process. As long as you can read and write, you’re more than sufficient to do it yourself. Give yourself 6 months to reapply by the way. Best wishes

    • Did you receive your EAD yet? Mine went into production on 9/27/16 but I have not received it nor a new update as of today. I was wondering the about the timeline from production to actual receipt. Also, what processing center was your DACA renewal processed at?

      • I received my card on 9-28-16 🙂 best wishes to you

      • Processing center was at Nebraska service center. You should be able to get most current updates on myaccount

      • Have you received your card?

        • Nothing yet. My permit is still “being produced.” I have been unemployed for almost 3 weeks now, I do not know what else to do.

        • **Update** a few minutes ago, I hit refresh for the 100th billion time on myaccount (to check for my EAD) and it now shows that the case was approved on 9-24-16, in the case history it states: 10/11/16 : “We produced your new card for your Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization.” For a minute I was freaking out thinking that it had regressed to approval and not in production anymore, but that is not the case (thank God). Now, do I wait for the case to show that my EAD has been mailed? Has anyone seen this update on the case tracker or myaccount? I do not want to get too excited…

        • How are you accessing myaccount? I have been trying for the past couple of days and I’m being redirected to myuscis.

        • The same way, BUT last week I had to use the “forgot password” option because it would not allow me to log in. I just updated my password and it has been working fine since then.

        • Same here… everytime i tried to login it takes me to my uscis

      • Mine went into production 9/29/16 and here I am still waiting for it to be delivered. My permit expired already but my manager gave me until 10/14/16 to give her my new card if not I will have to go on leave. I can’t believe all of us are paying so much money for this yet they’re not able to get us our stuff on time. Beyond disappointed in USCIS.

        • Tell me about it… I still cannot believe we are in this situation. How could this have happened? Which processing center is handling your application?

        • I applied on april 15 and got approved for daca on September 1st. But still waiting on EAD approval…. ive been waiting for too long and i also called uscis and spoke to an immigration officer and he said to send a letter to where i applied and explain my situation… I applied at Vermont… my card expired on August 27 its been so long since i work..

        • Nebraska Service Center. Let me know when you receive your card, I hope we all receive it soon. It just sucks that we’re in this situation

    • i recently moved to ct. should I contact the congressman that is based on my illinois address or my ct address. I have an illinois drivers license

      • Well first, you should make sure your most updated address is on the application now. In my opinion, if you’re living in Connecticut now, you should contact the Congressman in Connecticut. Best wishes to you

        • I don’t know about yall but it’s starting to get to me . application received on April 23rd, permit expired on 9/10/16 ive done biometrics in June. Sumbmited field request got a response on Sept 20th saying they were doing additional reviews . told me to wait 30 days before I called again . got my Congress man to help and still no approval . its been a month now . rant over

    • Did you case status change from when your card was being produced to when it was actually sent out?

    • I also found this article thru FB (Dream Action Coalitio) page, its almost like the one SYC shared.

      Tip of the month:
      Steps to take if your #DACA renewal is delayed:

      USCIS has announced that some requests for renewal of Deferred Action for Childhood Considerations (DACA) filed between February 14, 2016 and May 16, 2016 are delayed because of technical difficulties and may be outside of processing time. These delays may lead to both timely (filed 120 days or more before expiration) and untimely filed requests (filed 120 days or less before expiration) to not be adjudicated before the expiration of the previous grant of deferred action and employment authorization. These delays are also contributing to the delay of Application Support Center (ASC) biometrics notices and appointments for these cases.

      This guide provides steps that you can take to elevate these cases directly to USCIS.

      Practitioners may use the following link to contact USCIS’s online customer service division to elevate these types of cases and request resolution (including expedited review):

      NOTE: Please note that there are technical issues with USCIS’s online e-request tool for requests outside of processing times and that portal (https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/landing.do) often does not allow DACA recipients who are outside processing time to elevate their cases.

      Practitioners may also contact the National Customer Service Center via phone at 1(800) 375-5283. The instructions for the correct prompt to reach the relevant customer service agents for this issue are as follows:

      § Push 1 for English or 2 for Spanish;

      § Then 2 for latest information on pending case;

      § Then 1 if you have your receipt number;

      § Then after getting the status of your case you can choose 3 to talk to a Customer Service Representative.

      Practitioners who attempt both of the above solutions and are not able to resolve their cases, or for cases where expiration of a DACA renewal is imminent or where there are other emergent circumstances, may contact Bertha Anderson, USCIS Customer Service Liaison, at bertha.i.anderson@uscis.dhs.gov with a request to elevate their cases.

      Please provide the following information when contacting Bertha:

      Subject Line: [elevation] (Name of Client) (A#)
      Body of Email:
      1. Name of client
      2. A#;
      3. I-821D and I-765 Receipt Numbers;
      4. Date of Receipt by USCIS;
      5. Brief (1-2 sentences) explanation of issue.


      Please note that elevation to the USCIS Ombudsman and in-person InfoPass appointments are of limited to no helpfulness in addressing these delays. Practitioners should take the steps in this email when possible to resolve these cases in a prompt manner.

      I have not reapplied yet since its not time yet but I hope this problem gets resolved soon!! I hope this can help!

  13. Tomorrow will be my last day at work. I will be terminated (voluntarily) all because of U.S.A.’s broken immigration system. I feel just like the day I found out I was an illegal: I was 16 years’ old and wanted to apply for a summer job through a liaison at my high school. I was heart broken to know that I was different from peers and that I was going to have a very tough life ahead of me. I would not be able to have a normal life (having a summer job, going to college, having a driver’s license, having credit, having medical insurance, etc.). After DACA, I was so happy and excited for my life, my brother’s life and my husband’s life! We were finally going to have the things we had always dreamed of! Even though it was not a “permanent or perfect fix” it was something! Now I realize it is not perfect and I am finding out in the worst way possible. I keep thinking over and over, “How can this have happened? Thousands of people’s lives are at steak here, I just cannot understand how this can happen.” The reality is that not only dreamers are losing their jobs, their also losing their stability, medical insurance and most importantly: their piece of mind. I have never felt so depressed and hopeless in my life, I feel embarrassed at work because I had to explain my situation to my co-workers and superiors, I may be re-hired but it is not a guarantee. I have worked at this company for 3 years (Sept 16, 2016) and for the most part, I love working there, I have great benefits; more than I ever had my life.

    I hope USCIS can see beyond the case numbers and see the people behind them. We are not just case numbers, we are real people who have faced adversity before (in the U.S.A. or in our countries of origin) and now we are facing it again; but this time it is unnecessary, senseless and completely avoidable.

    Sorry about the speech but I had to finally get it out!! 🙂

    Here is my timeline:

    Renewal received by USCIS: 5/8/16
    Bio appt.: 6/2/16
    EAD expires: 9/25/16

    Called 9/9/16
    Case inquiry made 9/12/16
    Ombudsman’s submission made 9/15/16
    I have not heard from neither office.

    Best wishes to all us, all we can do is to stay strong and think positive!

    • I feel what ur saying. Im feeling the same way. My card expired 8/19/2016 on my birthday. My employer found out late august. I was let go on september 2, i was told i could i could go back as soon i get my work permit. Im at a process of getting a house but cant close the deal because of my situation. Im sort of happy because i got approve for my deffered action on september 9 and for the work permit on the 9. The status for receipt tracker online didnt change till the 19 of september but said i got approve for the work permit on the 8. The immigration system is really broken, how can i get approve first for the work permit, instead of the DACA. My status hasnt change online when u track ur receipt number to card production or card has been sent. The only said about my card production is the online account they set up for u where u can see all ur notices when u log in. It said for the work permit that they had produce a pernament resident card for me and they had sent on mail. I was like really and when i call uscis they dont know nuthing about ur online account. All they have is when u track ur receipt number. Anyways i told my job i got approve for my work permit and that was coming on the mail and that if i was gonna be able to go back and they said i got till tuesday to take the work permit or else i have start all over again with the agency. I cant finish the closing deal on the house if i dont get my job back as hire on at the company. This has been the most stressful 3 weeks out the job, not knowing what would happen and that i have my days counted to turn sumthing or start from the bottom again, all that hard work for nuthing. So all i could say that im going to try stay patient and ask all u stay the same way. I hope everything will change in an instant. All we can do is wait.

      • I was not aware of all that crazy stuff that has been going on with the online tracking… Wtf? But I’m not surprised, they had “technical difficulties” with our cases before.

        We will be okay, we just have to be patient. That’s all we can do. Hope everything turns out well for you!

        • I have to put an update. Im happy right now. My card has arrive after a long wait. I lost my job but was given a last chance to go turn in my new card till tuesday or else i would loose my job and have to reapply with the agency. I apply on march 28 and aaplication received march and till today september 23rd receive my card. I been out the job for 3 weeks. I was calling every other day to see what was going on and to push them and did inquiries . Keep faith people ur permits are coming. Ur gonna stress out but when u get that permit ur gonna be really happy. Be patient, but dont give up keep on calling and 47285755reporting ur case . That would push ur process. Heres my timeline.
          March 28 2016 sent application
          March 30 2016 received application
          April 19 2016 when an took biometrics
          September 09 DACA was approved
          Septerber 08 work permit was approved
          EAD received on september 23 2016
          On case tracker never updated to card production only on the on online account saying card produce and mail
          to ur address and my case was IOE

        • I’m so happy for you!! I really hope it works out for all of us, my last day at work was today, but I hope to go back soon and If I don’t, that’s okay too… Bien dice el dicho: “El que es perico, donde quiera es Verde.” Jajaja!

          So happy for you!

        • Hi does talking to a immigration officer helps ? I got approved fro DACA but still waiting on work permit! Thanks

        • Hi, I called USCIS yesterday about a my EAD, at that time (early morning) my EAD had not been approved. I was told that they could not do anything to expedite the EAD since it was linked to DACA (these types of applications cannot be expedited according to USCIS) around 4:30 p.m. my EAD was being produced and mailed (on Sept 27). I contacted the Ombudsman (by filling out a form online at: https://cisomb.dhs.gov/oca/form7001.aspx.) and SCOPPCATTA (by sending them an email at: SCOPSSCATA@dhs.gov) regarding my situation (around 2 weeks ago). Today the Ombudsman responded and told me that since my DACA application had been approved, they would not be helping me (which makes sense). I think contacting the above agencies, totally helped move my case along. Below is the information I found online from NILC.org (Nation Immigration Law Center) and I followed to escalate my renewal application. Hope it helps!

          Steps to Take if Your DACA Renewal is Delayed

          June 2015

          The suggestions in this document are specifically about applying to renew DACA.

          For answers to questions mainly about applying for DACA for the first time,

          see http://www.nilc.org/FAQdeferredactionyouth.html.

          Have your initial Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and employ –

          ment authorization expired, or will they expire soon? Have you already

          submitted your DACA renewal application?

          If you have submitted your renewal application but are concerned because your DACA and work

          authorization have expired or will expire before your DACA is renewed, consider following the steps

          described here to get information about the status of your renewal application and, if appropriate, to

          ask U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to process your renewal more quickly.

          USCIS suggests that you submit your completed renewal application about 150 days (5 months), but no

          later than 120 days (4 months), before your current DACA and employment authorization document

          (EAD) expire. Because of delays in USCIS’s processing of renewal applications, we recommend that you

          apply as near as possible to 150 days before your DACA’s expiration date. An online calculator on the

          National Immigration Law Center’s website — http://www.nilc.org/dacarenewalcalculator.html — can help you

          figure out the best time to submit your DACA renewal application to USCIS. For more information on the

          DACA renewal process, see the NILC’s FAQ at http://www.nilc.org/dacarenewalprocess.html.

          There are certain factors that will likely lead to a longer processing time for your renewal application,

          including travel under advance parole and new arrests or criminal convictions. If you traveled using

          advance parole or have been arrested or convicted since you first got DACA, you should apply for

          renewal about 150 days before your DACA expires. For more information about what “criminal

          background” issues might trigger a delay, see this table that lists and describes the crime-related bars to

          DACA: http://www.ilrc.org/resources/crimes-related-bars-to-dapa-daca. (The table was created by the

          Immigrant Legal Resource Center and the National Immigration Project of the National Lawyers Guild.)

          Many people who have applied to renew their DACA have not received their renewal before their DACA

          and work authorization expired. The suggestions or tips described below were developed based on our

          experience helping people who are in this situation. Even if you did not submit your DACA renewal

          application within the time period that USCIS recommends, you may still be able to take some of the

          steps described below to speed up the processing of your renewal application. Some of the options

          described may be more effective than others, depending on your particular case. Therefore, we

          recommend following up on as many of them as you can.

          When you take any of these steps, be prepared to provide:

           your full name

           your alien registration/USCIS number (A#)

           your application receipt numbers

           the expiration date of your DACA and employment authorization document (EAD)

           information you provided in the renewal application forms (I-821D and I-765)

          (If you made copies of the forms before you submitted them, have them on hand so you can

          refer to them.)

          Below are the steps we suggest you take to follow up on your DACA renewal application.

          Check your case status online

          You can monitor your case’s status by using USCIS’s online “My Case Status” tool, at

          https://egov.uscis.gov/cris/Dashboard/CaseStatus.do. You will need to enter the receipt number for

          either your DACA application or your employment authorization application. (You should have received

          a receipt for each application after you submitted your renewal application.) USCIS’s online case status

          tool may show that your renewal application has been approved before you receive your new EAD in the

          mail, so we recommend you check your case status online regularly.

          Contact the National Customer Service Center (NCSC)

          Their number is 1-800-375-5283. Be prepared to wait on hold for a long time. You will be able to speak

          to someone who may be able to answer your questions. You will be given a case confirmation number.

          Write it down and keep it where you can find it, since it’s the number that USCIS uses to track your case


          Contact your local USCIS field office

          Make an appointment to speak directly with a USCIS Immigration Services Officer at your local office

          through USCIS’s InfoPass system. Appointments may be made online at infopass.uscis.gov. We have

          received varying accounts about how much information or help USCIS officers provide during these

          meetings. You may be told to just wait, and you will be given a case confirmation number.

          Contact the USCIS Ombudsman’s office

          NOTE: Contact the Ombudsman’s office only after your DACA renewal application has been pending for

          105 days. The Ombudsman’s office recommends that you do not contact them until after you’ve

          completed steps 1-3, above.

          The Ombudsman’s office reviews cases and may be able to provide you with information about yours.

          You can file a Case Assistance Form DHS-7001 online with the USCIS Ombudsman at


          To ask for expedited handling of your renewal application (to ask that USCIS process your renewal

          faster), follow these instructions that the Ombudsman’s office has provided: When you file the DHS-

          7001 form online, state in the form (a) the reason(s) you are asking for expedited handling (such as that

          you may lose your current job), (b) the steps you have already taken to find out the status of your case,

          and (c) what the local USCIS field office has told you about your case.

          Once you have completed and submitted the online form, you should be issued an Ombudsman-specific

          case number. Then you can contact, by email, one of these Ombudsman staff people:




          Submit an “Outside Normal Processing Time” inquiry

          You can also use the electronic form at the following link to make an online inquiry about a delayed



          We were told by USCIS that DACA renewal applicants may use this online inquiry form after their

          application has been pending for 105 days (3.5 months), and that they should ignore the language on

          the webpage that says that it should be used only after an application has been pending for 6 months,

          since that doesn’t make sense for DACA renewals.

          When to submit an inquiry: Complete and submit this online form if your case is “outside [the] normal

          processing time.” To see what is considered the normal processing time, go to

          https://egov.uscis.gov/cris/processTimesDisplayInit.do. Under “Service Center,” use the drop-down

          menu to find the service center listed on your receipt notice as the one that is handling your case, then

          look for “Form I-821D renewal” and “Form I-765” processing times.

          For example, the table row below shows that the Nebraska Service Center has a 3.5-month processing

          time for DACA Form I-821D renewal applications. If your receipt notice says that your case is being

          processed by the Nebraska Service Center, and it has been pending for more than 3.5 months (105

          days), then you may submit an online inquiry.

          Contact the appropriate USCIS Service Center by email

          The receipt notices you received after you filed your Form I-821D and Form I-765 will state which service

          center is handling your case. You can email an inquiry about your case to the appropriate service center.

          The service center email addresses are:

           California Service Center: csc-ncsc-followup@dhs.gov

           Vermont Service Center: vsc.ncscfollowup@dhs.gov

           Nebraska Service Center: NSCFollowup.NCSC@uscis.dhs.gov

           Texas Service Center: tsc.ncscfollowup@dhs.gov

          If you do not receive a response within 21 days of emailing the service center, you may email the USCIS

          Headquarters Office of Service Center Operations at SCOPSSCATA@dhs.gov.

          When to contact your service center: Email the appropriate USCIS service center 30 days after you

          contact the National Customer Service Center (step 2, above), if you have not received a response from

          the NCSC.

          Contact your congressional representative

          Call your congressperson’s office and ask to speak with the immigration caseworker. You can find out

          who your congressperson is and get his or her contact information by entering your zip code at

          http://www.house.gov/representatives/find/. Explain your problem to the caseworker, who may be able to ask

          USCIS for information about your case.

          Contact the National Immigration Law Center (NILC) or

          the Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC)

          If you submitted your renewal application at least 120 days before your expiration date, you can contact

          NILC for help at reply@nilc.org. (Please write “DACA renewal delay” in the subject line of your email


          In addition, if you have received a Request for Evidence (RFE), a Notice of Intent to Deny (NOID), or a

          denial, you may provide your contact information to the ILRC by filling out and submitting this online

          form: https://ilrc.formstack.com/forms/case_example_database. ILRC may decide to contact USCIS

          about your case.

    • *update* I received my DACA approval notice today. It was approved Sept 25, 2016. Just waiting on work permit approval and the card. Will keep you posted! Stay strong dreamers!!

    • Hey how does the ombudsman thing work

      • Nilc.org has a great resource about elevating your DACA renewal. I can’t upload the PDF but if you give me your email, I email it to you.

      • Hey, I got the link to the PDF: https://www.nilc.org/…/steps-to-take-if-your-daca-renewal-is-delayed-2015-08-31.pdf
        Follow the steps on the on this document. I think it can help to at least draw some attention to your case. Also send an email describing your situation to: SCOPSSCATA , they also help with delayed applications (they are with the Department of Homeland Security).

        • I sent you the PDF via email as well. Best of luck to you!! The email address I had pasted on the above reply got erased, I will email you the email address as well.

    • **UPDATE** My EAD is being produced as of 9/27/16 (I just saw the update on USCIS.gov- today). Hopefully I will get it by the end of this week! Keep strong.

    • Where did you applied? Vermont

  14. I got a response on my inquiry today and this is what they said …..

    The Nebraska Service Center (NSC) is closely monitoring the expiration dates of initial Form I-821D, Consideration for Deferred action for Childhood Arrivals, and Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization Document. We are processing renewal cases in the order of previous card expiration. However, we have had to perform additional reviews on your case, and this has caused a longer processing time. Regulations do not allow for the expedited processing of Form I-821D cases. We regret the inconvenience.

    Has anybody had the same response???

    • I just got the same response and mine expired on 9/10/2016

      • I feel like they are just saying that so that they have an excuse for taking so long..

        • Honestly when I saw that response from them and when they told me to wait 30 days before contacting them again my heart sank . im kind of worried about how long it will take though .

        • Hey Mont have you heard anything else

        • No not really. I been calling every now and then and it always comes up to the same answer that every case is different and I should keep waiting and I have till wed oct 5 to return to my job with the card… I just emailed NILC to see if they can flag my case for the second time. I got a response really quick and they say they will be doing it tomorrow. Hopefully it helps. Did you get approved?

        • No nothing here either I keep getting told there is nothing I can do but wait

        • Same here.. I don’t even want to do anything else anymore. It seems like I’ll get the same answer. WAIT.

        • I got approved today!

          My timeline is
          Received 05/11 even though elis shows 5/12
          Bios: 06/01
          Expired 09/04
          Approved 09/28

          What helped me is that i made An infopass which I wasn’t gona go because I thought that they were going to tellme the same thing “wait” but I had a feeling that I should go. I just had thata appointment this morning. Lucky me the officer who helped me was someone who used to work at the Nebraska center. He checked who had contact with my application and he emailed the supervisor of the supervisor of the person who last worked on my application to check with they were taking so long on my application since I applied with in the time frame. So he told me to email my congressman and also ask for help on that side. He asked me for my contact information so he could contact me when ever he received an answer. Honestly i left the place with hope but at the same time it seem kind of un real. Anyways I got home and emailed my congressman and blah blah. Like 4 hours later he called me , the officer, and told me that he had a response saying that whenever the guy who he emailed was going to finish with the applications he was processing he was going to work on mine and that i should got approved today and that I should get my card with in like 10 days. I didnt really believe that I could get approved that fast but I did. So I encourage everyone to do an infopass.

        • Hey Mont email me and tell me more about that infopass please .. Sal_060@yahoo.com … And congrats on getting approved .

    • I’m on the same boat as many of you on here. My work authorization will expire in 3 days and my case remains pending. I think the above message is nothing but uscis’ way of putting the blame on you for their inability to perform even the simplest of tasks in a timely manner. I too submitted an inquiry a week ago so I expect to get the same message. Unfortunately all we can do is wait at this point. Hang in there.

    • How long did it take them to reply? I emailed them last week… My EAD expires September 30th… Even though my employer hasn’t requested anything yet… I am terrified of losing my job!

    • Today I’m excited!!!!! Praising God for the good he is to me. Anyways I’m at work and my sister sends me a txt asking if I was waiting for this letter she send me a picture of my approval letter. Now I’m just waiting for my working permit card. But that means I’m one step there. I’m approve and as I was frustrated and of course stresses thinking I will never see the day I would receive that letter it’s finally here. The waiting game still keeps going until I literally get my card. But the hope that I still have 2 wks until my current work permit card expires I have faith I will get it before then. And I know a lot of ppl are not religious. But it helps to keep you sane.

      • This is so great! I’m happy for you all! Reading approvals give me hope! I’ve done everything I can. Emailed all the people I could and called as well. Starting Monday I will be put on unpaid leave… I have 30days to come back… I am afraid that that won’t be enough time!

        Received 5/10/2016
        Biometrics 6/01/2016
        EAD Expiration 9/30/2016

  15. Hey everyone . Dose anyone know how long it take to received your renewal letter. I only have 171 days into my permit expires .

    • Its taking a long time recommend to apply exactly at 150 days before expire.
      My permit expire august 19, and is september 13 barely got approve for daca on september 9, still waiting on work permit to get approved
      Application sent= march 28 2016
      Application received= march 30 2016
      Took biometrics= april 19 2016
      DACA Application approved= September 9 2016
      EAD Application= Still waiting
      How long does it take to get approve for work permit. I need it, i got a family and need to go back to work

    • Hey everyone, has anyone received any approval notification from NSC? My EAD expires next week (9/21) and like most of you I’m afraid of losing my job!!! Called USCIS and they said that my case was more than the 105 days (it’s at 135), first they said get an appointment through info pass because I files with in the 150-120, and I would automatically get an extension of my work permit, called again and they said no that’s not possible. I am like really desperate, I have 3 little kids, and I can’t afford to lose my job, and my husband’s income is not enough.
      Applications sent : 05/02/2016
      USCIS received : 05/04/2016
      Biometrics : 6/24/16
      EAD expires : 9/21/2016

      • Hii Ana have you try to do a E -request , you should also try to call USCIS and ask them to transfer you to a imigracion officer explaing you situaccion to them about loosing your job and been a mom thats what i did and it really help.

        Their is also a group in Facebook call
        Daca approvals- time line, they have other people
        With the same issues

        • Thanks Linda, I did that E request, but it said that I am with in the alloted time frame, and won’t allow me to send it. I sent an email to my senator and I also emailed the ombudsman to see if it helps. I will try calling again and ask for an immigration officer and see if it work.

      • This really sucks, im going on my third week without working and still waiting on the card approval. I wish i could be patient but the bills are not wait on me and also my job.

        • What would happen if your job would work you with your Permit expired?

        • They could do it but if they get audit and they find out they have people with expired work permits they could penalize the employer with a high fee, thats up to the employer if they want to take that chance.I heard it could also hurt u when ever u apply for pernament resident

        • Ugh that makes me nervous my boss told me she would work me like that but now knowing this why would I even risk it. I have a couple weeks until my work permits expires and man I haven’t gotten anything on the mail saying I have been approve. It really sucks a lot especially with bills. You think that just like they take 465 dollars quick they would work on our paper work as quick as they cash the money

        • It sounds like your job is somewhat understanding of your situation. If they’re willing to work with you have you tried asking them if working without pay is a possibility? Last year my DACA renewal was delayed and when I talked to my employer I was allowed to keep working without pay. I kept track of the hours I worked and once my work permit came in the mail they back-payed me. I know that it still sucks because we have bills and other expenses but at least you won’t lose your job and you will eventually get that money.

        • If i would of had the chance to stay maybe i would of stay cuzz i dont feel good right now. Im all stress out thinking and thinking about the day that my card is going to arrive. I feel like i have lost a lot already in these two weeks. I dont even feel good when i take out my kids because i know that i have to spend money but cant. And yeah all that money they are receiving from each applicant for nothing. I hope is not like that every renewal or else it would be worthless having a job and then losing it, knowing that u have to start from the bottom again. We need a pathway to citizenship, this aint working for us

        • Definitely, they need to get there act together. The first time I applied and got it didn’t know how long it would take. But now that I’m in the verge of losing everything makes me nervous. I understand you on paying bills and stuff but I don’t know how it would be having kids and bills. As it is I’m thinking of looking for a job somewhere. This is just depressing. I think it’s taking longer because of the elections. I would think this whole process wouldn’t take long. We are regular citizens who work and bring in to the country pay our taxes and now we have to go back to the waiting game. That’s why we need Hilary to be elected because she promise to give a reform as soon as she goes in to the presidency.

        • Its really hard. Thats why i advise everyone that knows somebody that can vote to go and vote and make it count for us that can vote, but only to those ones that are in the same team as us. Were here for Hillary and we want to stay here pernamently cuzz of Hillary. We need her to win cuzz si gana el pelos de elote were out of here. I have fate that Hillary is gonna win and make a difference in this country. All i could say stay patient everything is going to change soon

      • Hello Ana,

        There are many of us in the same situation. I just received a message on my DACA approval and one 2 days later that my EAD is in production. Here is my timeline:

        Application sent: 4/13/2016
        Application received 4/15/2016
        Biometrics appointment 5/12/2016
        EAD EXPIRED: 09/04/2016
        message received of DACA Approval: 9/15/2016
        message received of EAD in production: 9/18/2016
        Nebraska Service Center!

        I did everything recommended on various websites and blogs. I called customer service
        1 month before my EAD expired, I made and attended an infopass appointment at my local USCIS office, submitted an inquiry on my case on the basis of being over delayed, submitted. an inquiry to the ombudsmen office and continued calling customer service until this past Thursday that my case status finally changed. Have Faith that everything will fall into the right place soon enough! I like everyone else I was super stressed out every single day since last month. When I found out everything was delayed. I am praying that we all receive our renewal or initial DACA case approved!

    • Hi! everybody I’m on the same situation as you guys I’m freaking out. I sent my DACA renewal on early May 2016. However, for some reason my certified package got lost I sent my renewal again on June 20th basically I month after and I received my notice receipt on July 25th , it’s been more than a month and I haven’t received my notification for my Biometrics app. My EAC expires on Sep 25th and I’m about to lose my job I feel so depressed I tried to called Uscis the guy told me that he only can put a note on my case to see if they can Sen me my biometrics appointment. I’m very worried

      • Most likely ur not gonna get in on time if u havent taken ur biometrics. They said the delay was from people that sent their renewal from february 14 to may12. Hopefully u get urs sooner then all us that been waiting almost 6 months

    • Hi, I am so Beyond frustrated and wondering what to do. My Daca expired 7 months ago… In which time I have been waiting.. And waiting… And waiting for an approval or denial on my renewal. I lost my job and I’ve done just about every single thing the customer service line has provided me with. Every single month they tell me “wait 30days” and every single month I call wanting a response. I honestly don’t know what to do anymore as my savings have been completely wiped out. Only a month ago (6months after USCIS received my application) I had my biometrics. Today I called again as its been a full month and the “out of normal serivce request” only said that they are “closely monitoring the expiration dates and cannot give me a time frame on the decision.” As most could understand, I have not worked so that I could stay out of trouble if I worked with expired paperwork… But 7 months is such a long Time not to work and I can no longer try to do things the “legal” way. Contacting lawyers is an expense I can not afford. Would extremely appreciate any resources and help.

      • I feel your pain my permit expires in 3 weeks and I’m so nervous. Every time I come home from work I look in my mail to see if I got a letter and nothing. I’m getting frustrated because this people should understand that we pay almost 500 dollars the least they can do is work efficiently. The last time I called costumer service they told me my case was still open since my permit hasn’t expire. What the hell I can’t afford to lose my job. I have bills and school to pay. Plus it shouldn’t take long for them to send you a card how hard is their job that it takes months to do.

        • I am with you on that one. My permit expires around the same time as yours and I am still waiting on a response.

        • I’m going to call tomorrow and see if I can do that request form. Time is running and the feeling of knowing I won’t have a job kills me. Especially, with the bills I have and of course holidays coming up makes me feel impotent. I hate the feeling.

    • I only need three weeks for my permit to expire. I am getting stressed as I was just recently offered a promotion. However, I have not accepted this promotion because of my situation. I can’t believe I am going through this and once again I will be stuck without any identification. Does anyone have any tips for me to get this going faster? I have called customer service, reached out to ombudsman and I do not know what else to do.

      May 25th, USCIS received request
      August 3rd, Biometrics

      and since then I have not heard anything back.

  16. I called today and made an inquiry. Does anybody knows if it helps? My working permit already expired and my case was received may 11. Bio apt was done june 1.

    • We have the same time line.

    • I scheduled an appointment with my local field office to ask about my application. My status expired on the 15th and I went about 2 weeks before it expired. They told me there was nothing they could do except call the Nebraska office and ask. They did so, and when the officer came back he told me that he had asked to put my application to the top since I was about to loose my Job. On top of that, I also sent in a letter to the Office documenting my timeline and asking if there was anything to be done about it, complete with a printout of the email from my employer. I got no Reply, but my case was approved on the 7th. So id like to say that inquiring and asking probably does help somewhat.

      The only problem now is that i’ve got to wait for them to sent my Employment card before i can start working again.

  17. Hi everyone I applied on april and I haven’t heard anything from Uscis my daca already expired on August 27-2016… Ive been callinf uscis and there’s nothing i can do. Also I contacted the ambusdman and received an email on how they will contact uscis! Still nothing!

    Application send : april 8th 2016

    Application received: april 13 2016

    Biometrics : May 5th 2016

    Still no answer! Its been more then 4 months waiting…

    • Hi sophia. We have the same exact time line and i havent recieve any thing yet, my work authorization will expire 9/15/16 and im really desperate, i call today and spoked to a imigration officer and i was told that they were going to put a note saying tha my card will expired soon but they couldnt do anything else..

      Good luck to you and please keep me updated i will do the same.

    • Reading this got me nervous. My work permit expires Oct 6. I send my Application on June 16 and received application confirmation on June 17. My status online finally changed meaning my biometric appt was mailed. I tried calling USCIS to get the date but I was told they couldn’t provide me the date. That I would have to wait for the appt to come in the mail. My work is aware that my work permit would be expire soon. We are all hoping I get approve right away. This will would be my 3rd time applying and first time I had issues with the time frame. Has anybody else got approve right away?

    • Hey guys i got an approved letter yesterday and im only waiting for my work permit card..

    • Hi thakns God my case was finally approve today, i called USCIS everyday and yesterday i sumitted a request to Ombudsman to look at my case, also on teusday i call USCIS a asked them to transfer me to an immgration officer she send an e-Request explaning my situaccion. Here is my time line

      Application send 4/11/16
      Biometric 5/6/16
      Case approved 9/8/16
      Card will expired 9/15/16
      Nebraska service center

      • Congrats Sophia and Linda!

        • Thanks ! Sasha .. But we still need to wait for work card and they are way behind on them! I read online and on news that they are taking longer to send them out or get them approved!

      • Hi Linda I am so glad your case was approved before your card expired. I only have 3 weeks with a valid permit unless my case is approved. So when you called USCIS you just asked to speak to an immigration officer? Do you think getting that e-Request helped you out? What would you advise me to do? I will lose my job if I do not get approved before October 10th. I called customer service and contacted Ombudsman already.

        • Hi mflorivette, yes my case was approved 9/7/16 but in still waiting for my card, you should call them again and explaing you situacion about loosing your job and what consequence that may bring to you, but make sure that you let them know when you card will expired if they say that they cant do nothing request to speak to an imigracion officer..
          Good Luck

      • Did u get ur work card?? Im still waiting on approval… i made an inquiry and they responded that they’re processing a lot of them right now!

    • Hey everyone im so happy right now ,after 7 months since i applied i finally will be getting my ead card tomorrow as it says on the usps tracking page… 🙂

      • So happy for you Sophia!!

        • Hey so I finally got my EAD in the mail today!!! I’m so happy. Everyone who is still waiting, stay positive and don’t lose hope. You will get it soon 🙂

          This is my timeline for those wondering:
          06/16/2016- Application sent to Dallas lockbox via USPS certified mail
          06/21/2016- Application received by USCIS and sent to Nebraska Service Center (alerted via text/email)
          06/26/2016- USCIS scheduled a biometrics appointment for 07/13 and mailed out notice
          07/13/2016- Attended biometrics appointment
          10/05/2016- Called customer service and placed service request because the case was pending over 105 days
          10/10/2016- DACA was approved and EAD went into production
          10/13/2016- Current EAD expired and went on temporary leave from work
          10/14/2016- Received DACA Approval letter in mail
          10/26/2016- EAD picked up by USPS
          10/28/2016- EAD received in mail. License renewed on same day and scheduled to go back to work the next day

  18. Hey guys! I feel like I know everyone of you as we all find ourselves in the middle of this struggle. Some of you file within the time window, some of us (me – I filed 90 days before EA expiring) did not. Yet, we are all facing the same challenge.

    USCIS received my DACA and EA application on June 15th, and I received a notice on the 20th of June.
    USCIS sent me the Biometrics letter on the 18th of June, and although I was scheduled for the 8th of July, I walked in on June 24 because I had to do a study abroad during July.
    Approval? Nothing yet. My permit expired on September 23rd, 2016
    Thursday, Sept. 1st, I had an INFOPASS appointment in the ATL office, and although the officer was taken by my story, he wasn’t able to do much. However, he read through all of my supporting documentation from my place of employment and son’s medical bills, so he informed me that he speculates all of this delay is a result of all of the large number of refugee visas/permits that have been coming in since 2015 and USCIS hasn’t increased their numbers. He spend an hour talking to me about this process and how the service centers work. He suggested that I write a letter explaining how this will negatively affect my life although EXPEDITING a form is not a possiblity for DACA applications, so I did. USCIS should be receiving my letter, Tuesday, Sept. 6th, 2016. I am praying and my family is in prayer. I will let you know what happens.

    I am still waiting on approval, patiently but very stressed out sometimes as I tend to forget how God has always come through for me. I am a teacher and a single parent. My ex husband is a legal resident but he never pays child support so my son depends entirely on me. Yes, it will be so uncomfortable if we lose our jobs due to these delays, but let’s remember that this isn’t anything we haven’t faced before. At least, we know we can survive out of status, but it is something I am sure none of us want to go through again. I will keep you guys posted.

  19. I renew my daca on 03/25/2016 and expired on july 29/2016 and im still waiting its been more rhen 6 months and im still waiting im really frustated i lost my job and im trying to get one and its really hard cause eveywhere ask u for your work ermit thi is suck i dont know what todo.

    • I applied on March 23 and still nothing yet however I made an appointment for my local office maybe they can help. I’ve been reading stories of ppl getting approved 24 hrs after their biometrics

  20. I applied for my 2016 DACA renewal on May 24th. It’s now August 26th, and I still have not heard anything. I haven’t even had a biometrics appointment. THIS IS ATROCIOUS. I have called the 800 number to inquire about the lack of a biometrics appointment since July but to no avail. I have even gone into the Los Angeles USCIS office to speak in person to an immigration officer, but nothing came of it. Nebraska is insanely behind. I am going to get fired in two weeks. I am devastated by this. I cannot believe that they are not hiring temporary workers or coming up with a solution to facilitate the backlog. I cannot believe we pay all this money for this service, and it sucks.

    • Same here. I expire September 18, 2016. My case was received on May 4, 2016…. And still no word on being approved. I’m going to loose my job in September 😦 this is literally making me soooo depressed.. And it’s not like we can do anything… Just “wait”

    • I have filled my DACA renewal 4/10/16 got my biometric done 5/10/16 my work authorization will expired 9/15/16 my case was send to nebraska and i still havent get any answer from them. Is there any way to get an extension please help me

  21. I just realized that my permit expires Oct 2016. I should have started renewing my permit 150-120 days before the expiration date. I will soon be renewing my permit sometime this month. Do you think this will affect me? Do you think I’ll receive my permit late?

    • Would like everyone to know it takes just about 6 months for daca and work permit renewals
      March 8,2016 submitted
      March 14,2016 papers were recieved
      March 30,2016 bios
      They accepted everything within the 3rd month remember it takes 105 days just for daca once that is accepted The work permit they start working on it also remember if it exceeds 105 for daca you can expedite your case it takes up to 30 days to expedite again stay strong friends just got news I’m on my fifth month going on my 6 and just got news that daca and work permit has been accepted and now I’m just waiting for them to sign off this should take 2 to 3 weeks any questions just reply will keep everyone updated ☺️

      • Ps I lost my job and everything I owned don’t lose faith be patient everyone time will come to shine God Bless

        • has anyone been approve yet from Nebraska office and ihad a question when i look on my case on uscis.gov shows case received and date they received it and to wait for next steps. i already did biometrics and its not showing biometrics schedule or anything.. is anyone still waiting more then the normal processing times?

        • What I’m reading online says Nebraska is still on feb 4 on daca and work permits are on March 3 been calling and I still have 38 days found out from immigration officer

        • Hey, just wondering where you got that information. The part where you say that the Nebraska Service Center was still on Feb 4 DACA?

        • Hey everyone giving a update just got my daca and work permit woohoo over a week ago ☺️☺️☺️

        • Anyone gotten their permit yet? I submitted March 24

        • I got. Mines over a week ago I submitted mines March 11th

        • Thank you hopefully mines gets approved soon. My permit expires next weekend and my boss is going to suspended me

        • Thank you for the information. Mines expires next week and my employer will suspended me if I don’t have an answer soon

      • Hello,
        Congratulations on your renewal!
        I applied for my boyfriend on Apr 12, biometrics on may 5. Case still says biometrics appointment notice mailed..

        So it took how many days approximately for you to receive an answer?

        Also, our case has been pending near 105 days. Do you think expediting makes a difference?

        Thanks and I’m so glad you should receive your documents soon.

        • Expediting helps a lot it will tell you the reason why it’s taking long at 105 expedite it and after the 30 days of expediting do it again also remember it takes 6 months prior of you filed them together

      • Thanks! I had already planned to contact them on the 31st which is 105 days. Just wanted you opinion since you’ve already completed your renewal. 🙂

        When did your permit and all expire?

        It seems you’re on your 4th month, near 5th.

        4 months and a week-ish. 2-3 weeks to receive your notice and card = 4.75-5 months. No?

        At any rate. I’m so thankful you now have it and goodluck to you in your future status.

        • Well my permit expired March 6 I was a bit late on doing mines it’s not completed yet I still got 2 weeks for it to come in the mail all it is just staying on top of uscis and keep calling well I did I only had to expedite once and explain to them cause the latest for daca they will push is 105 but take till 125 to hear something

        • Better late than never.

          It’s almost here! Celebrate when you receive it in the mail. 🙂

      • Simple call the uscis number get to a phone rep and give them your case number of its pasted 105 days you can expedite

      • Mine expires on Oct 10 2016.

        June 28th, 2016 they receipt my renewal applications.
        July 5th, 2016 i received receipts in the mail.
        August 13th, 2016 still waiting on biometrics letter.

        i’m very concern, every day i check my mailbox to see if i got the letter but nothing yet. what should i do, i can’t afford to not be able to work.

        • Hi Luis,

          I am in the same situation. My expires on Oct 6, 2016. On June 20th I receive my receipt. I’m now waiting for my biometrics appt and but nothing yet. I’m starting to get really nervous. I talked to my employer and explain my status. They were understanding. I hope everything works out. I know you posted on the 13th have you heard anything back yet?

        • Hi, did you get biometric mail yet?

          Mine expires on Oct. 24 2016,

          I sent my application on June 12th,
          I got my receipts in the mail on June 21st, 2016

          and today August 31st, I am still waiting for biometircs letter.

        • I apply for renewal may 12th got my bio appointment June 14th. My work permit expires oct 8th. We are already in September and I’m getting frustrated. I haven’t told my manager yet I don’t want to lose my job. I called USCIS and they told me it’s only been 103 days. I have to wait for 105 day so I can call and check the status of it. But everyday I come home I check the mail and it just gets frustrating to play this waiting game. But you can’t lose the faith and stay optimistic. Patience is a virtue we all need to learn how to dominate.

        • Hi Sul,

          Yes I finally got my biometric appt on 9/2/16. I haven’t received the actual notice but I been checking online and my status finally changed.

        • Hi Jess_0304, stay positive. That’s what I’m trying to do. Please let us know if you heard anything from USCIS. Good luck!

      • Hello! Ram Roque, you said that you were a bit late doing yours, so was I. I am a school teacher and it looks like they are taking forever, I am praying that USCIS speeds up this process and works a miracle for everyone but at the same time praying for strength in the case I lose my job. However, from what I am reading in this forum and regarding your situation which is similar to mine. You applied a bit late, you were left without a status as a result of your delay and USCIS’ and lost your job. However, you are still receiving your DACA and work permit at a later time even if you did not apply within the 120-150 day window meaning that they are still processing your application, so in the end, it should all work out. Is this still correct? I greatly appreciate clarification. THank you!

        • I filed mines on 3/11 mines expired 3/6/16
          Even tho I filed late just resulted in me not working but yes they already sent my daca and already approved my work permit which a week of receiving my daca so no matter what your gunna be approved I’ll put my timeline I waited

          Expired 3/6
          Sent 3/11
          Biometrics 3/30
          Daca was approved on 08/08 – received in mail on 8/12
          Work permit was show as completed on 08/16 –
          I should be receiving it in the mail here soon. All it takes is staying on top calling uscis always remember at a 105 days anyone can put in a service order and consently call every day transfer to tier 2. If not push it and ask to be put to a immagration officer they will give you a straight forward answer and always call at 8am to 8:15 for no wait times I’m always here to help anyone.

    • Hello everyone! I did my DACA renewal here’s my timeline.

      April 10, 2016 case received
      July 8, 2016 biometrics appointment

      My previous DACA expired june 17, 2016 I haven’t been able to work since. How much longer will I wait until it gets approved?

    • Hey guys I just renewed my work permit (Daca) but I was late on it !
      Expired day is 10/5/16 for some weird reason I thought it expired 11/5/16
      I’m sending the paper 1st thing tomorrow! Would this affect me In any way ?? I remember two years ago back in 2014 I got all my stuff within a month ! I’m just nervous !

      • Honestly I was really calm about the whole thing because my renewal was approved within about two weeks last time. It’s been over a month after my biometrics and when I check my case online it says “your appointment was scheduled!” My cousin has been waiting about 8 months for his remewal now. So good luck just remember to do things sooner than later next time!

        • Honestly everyone I filed for mines 3/11 I finally got a approval for my daca two days ago so it takes about 7 months to hear from daca

        • Hello ram roque which office was handling ur case did u ever make a info pass appt to inquire about status of ur case this is my 7th month and I’m waiting still feeling stress with this renewal process..

        • My current case is in Nebraska did a inquiry at 6 months it still takes about 7 to 8 months if you put in both daca also work permit but what helps out is at 7 months start calling uscis every other week and consently stay on top of it stay ever vigilant

        • When you call uscis what do I ask tier 2 rep or just status info because they just read back what someone can see on uscis. I did a case inquire got a respond that a officer if reviewing my case and should receive correspondens notice in 60 days. Nebraska office is also handling my case.

        • Probably your best bet ask for tier 2 rep and if they can’t NOT. Give you the answers you are looking for ask to speak to a “immigration officer” they will give you what you need to know I’m always on and can provide any questions needed I’ll answer as soon as I see it. 🙂

        • Thanks for the advice. Every time I ask to speak with tier 2 rep I get informed call back early in morning and every time I call in the morning I get told call later on in evening and never get passed through to a officer. So it took u 7th month for ur approval

        • Start calling at 8 am trust me they will respond to you quicker then a fly goes to crap they will be able to respond to you with no wait time trust me. I had to wait 96 mins twice and it SUCKS I’m here to help no matter what cause I hate this feeling what everyone feels

        • And yes it took about 7 months sense I filed for both daca work permit at The same time and I was late also mines expired on 3/6 and I sent mines at 3/11 lmfao shame on me but it took that long

        • And yes it took about 7 months sense I filed for both daca work permit at The same time and I was late also mines expired on 3/6 and I sent mines at 3/11 lmfao shame on me but it took that long so far been 7 months

        • Hey will try calling early in the am like how u said. I sent both my forms at the same time as well. And again congrats on ur approval hopefully soon everyone on this gets approve..

        • Always remember the ones who need it the most is is not them so stay on top of it call them consently and everything will come out quickly the more we annoy them and no worries to feel like your annoying them it’s their job to make sure our paper work comes quickly like they say it supposed to 😉

        • True I just feel like if I call too much that they would get annoy and put the file to the back and don’t want that happening but feel stress with the delays

        • Always remember this is their job it is against the law to put documents to the side cause we call to much or deny it cause we call it is on our right to call as much as we want cause they GET PAID FOR IT. Also remember there is a tool to check what date they are processing and you can look at it it’s updated on the 15th day of every month it will show you what date they are processing and also how long of a wait is to be expected to have a answer etc


        • Just received my daca in the mail today wooo!!! I talked to a immagration officer today just got word my work permit just got approved also just waiting on the. Card to be mad

        • Just got my daca in the mail today woo!! And talked to a immagration officer today and my work permit is current beening made now and was approved

  22. Hi. I applied for my first time in April 24 2016. I got my notice and receipt in the mail saying to wait for my biometrics appointment. Its 7/12/16 still no nothing. I filed an inquiry on July 1 2016. They email me on July 7 2016 saying

    (“Thank you for your inquiry. Currently, we are experiencing longer processing period for biometrics scheduling. Please know that your name has been electronically added to the appointment scheduler and an Application Support Center (ASC) Appointment Notice will be mailed to the address of record once an appointment date has been established for you. 

    We hope this information is helpful to you.”)

    I still haven’t herd anything from them. I check my email every day and I check my case stause online every day. This is so stressfull.

    • Hi guys… make an appointment to your local immigration office. I don’t know if I’m explaining myself right.
      I had the same problem. I don’t know if the guy I met did something about my process but after I met with him. I got my documents like 20 days later. Good luck guys…

      • If ur permit expired reach out to ur states senator or to ur city’s representative they would contact immigration on ur behalf I did it n it helped u reach our to my city’s congress woman

  23. Good Morning, I was writing to inquire most recent renewal timeline since going over the form I see post from 2015 and my question is are any Daca participant still waiting for approval in 2016? My name is Johnny i live in CA I applied for renewal on both form i-821d and i-765 on jan 11, 2016 my EAD expires on April 10, 2016. I received notice of biometrics on on 1/16/16 which was schedule for 2/4/16 case is being handle by Nebraska service center, I went to my schedule apt for biometrics at the schedule time and date i enjoy working at the company I worked for unfortunately on April 8, 2016 was my last day since I couldn’t provide updated EAD to keep my position. It is now June 23, 2016 and I have made 3 attempts to do a service request with uscis first one i received said “your case is currently pending adjudication. However we have had to perform additional reviews on your case and this caused longer processing time first attempt was June 13, 2016. 2 attempt I contacted congressman in my district since I’ve been reading post and blogs to contact congressman and her assistant informed me that they contacted uscis and were informed that they are working on my case and to give it 30 days that was second attempt and that was June 16, 2016. My 3rd request was on June 20 and received a service request inquire that case is under review by an officer and to wait 60 days. It has been a total of 5 month and 22 days and Im starting to get depress since losing my job and having to worry about credit calls bills and car payment expense. Thank you i guess this is just somewhere i can vent wishing I get good news soon thanks.

    • Have you heard anything yet man? I have a case processing too from Nebraska

      • im still waiting its now july 8 2016 Hopefully we all get our approval already from the nebraska office. when did u submit ur renewal whats ur timeline?

    • I have a case pending from Nebraska too, it’s been a month since my biometrics and I have too lost my job. This really sucks. Good luck!

      • I think Nebraska is taking long right now cause I have submitted my forms from March 11,2016 And I already hit my 115 days and lost my job etc I already expedited my case from 105 days think a lot of cases are piling up hoping they start getting on our cases

      • I was checking the processing time and it says 3.5 months…. They received my application May 11th. It’s been 2 months for me now. This is depressing!

        • They say it’s 3 months just for daca. And at the most 3 months for work permit I’m hoping every sees or hears something

        • Oh well yeah hope they start working on everyone’s fast. If anyone gets any updates please let us know 😦
          Also do they really update the “my case status” and the other website?

        • Yeah they update it online remember after 105 days of daca you can expedite the case to figure out what’s taking long

        • What about an extension?!

        • Have u received an approval yet.i submitted my papaerwork may 19 and did my bios july 8 just got approved for daca august 23

      • Sent second renewal may 19
        Bio letter june 24
        Bio appointment july 8
        Daca approval august 23
        Waiting on 1_765 to be approved

  24. So I have a question mine expires 10/08/16 on google its says that 120 days lands exactly on june the 10th if i send it tommrow will i be okay ?

    • Mine expires that same day. I called today to the uscis and they told me it’s has only been 103 days so I have to wait until the 105 day to see my case status. I’m so nervous and frustrated over this.

  25. Hi guys, I hit 120 day mark tomorrow May 25th from my receipt date with of Feb. 1st. My card expired April 29th and having been able to go back to work yet since then. I’m stressed out and depressed over this. Any chance I might get my card and renewal soon?


  26. Hello, I applied for my Daca renewel a while back and went in to biometric appointment around February. My card expired last month in April. It’s the end of May now, and I still haven’t heard or got anything in the mail. I’m honestly very frustrated and stressed, though luckily they’ve been letting me work at my job despite the fact. I could reallly use some guidance on what steps, if any, I could take now. Or at the very least, some small reassurance that this is normal.

  27. It’s cant be as bad as mine I couldn’t afford for a lawyer waited to long and now I’m panicking cause I don’t know where to send the paper work or how to do it mines expire in 3 days and I waited to long cause I don’t know what to do if anyone can help me out or point me in the direction that can save me a bit please cause I finally got a really good job and I don’t know what to do my job told me as long as I show some type of document they would work with me please need some type of help

  28. Card expired on April 21 2015,They got my renewal application on December 29 2014, got my bios taken end of January 2015, we are on February 2016 and still haven’t got a damn thing this is just ridiculous

    • Have you tried emailing them? I had the same problem last year. My EAD expired March 2015 and I did not receive a new one until September. I was told by the an officer to email them, wait 21 days if no response email them again. It wasn’t until I emailed them for a second time that I got a response within 3 days.

      • I submitted my application received notice March 11 of 2016 Had my bio on March 31 I’m close to my 90 day mark I called uscis a few times today and they are having trouble locating my file. But they find it what should I do and should I keep calling

        • I would recommend to keep calling sometimes it takes a few tries before you can speak to someone who is actually helpful. Everytime you call make sure to write down the details like the officers number, date and time of the call, and what their response was to your questons. When you email them include all these details so that they know you have been trying to get an answer.

        • They gave me a ref# I had a few people tell me different things. But aren’t very helpful should I worry that they will deny my application. If it hits 90 days or should I keep calling and bothering them…. Cause I haven’t worked in 2 and a half months close to three and I checked online and all I’m getting is processing under “review”

        • I dug through my email and found the emails I sent them. Since you have already tried contacting them by phone numerous times you can try emailing them at this address tsc.ncscfollowup@dhs.gov tell them how many days your case has been pending for, how long you have been out of work because of it and mention the whole issue with them having a hard time locating your file. I attached a copy of my receipt notices and expired EAD card. I also included a timeline of when I called them and the reference numbers I was given. If you do not get a response within 21 days email them at this address scopsscata@uscis.dhs.gov. Make sure you wait the 21 days, I was told if I emailed them any less than 21 days from the time I sent them the first email to that other address they would completely ignore my email (not sure how true this is but I wanted to play it safe). I got a reply within 3 days after the second email I sent. Hope this helps!!!

        • Goes to find out from last week of talking to 4. Reps that’s the 120 days I waited was just for daca witch sucks cause I’m already at 90 day mark so once they accept “daca” I have to wait at the most 90 days extra for my work permit I hate waiting😢

  29. Thank you soo much for creating this site! It helps calm down my anxiety and keep hope in this DACA renewal. I never thought I that money was a challenge until it was and for many reasons I wasn’t able to apply on time. Thank you for coming up with this brilliant site!!!!!

    Most importantly thank you president Obama and all dreamers!

  30. im having an issue, its been 3 weeks after my bio-metrics, but im panicking because my daca is already expired, they also misspelled my name, my lawyer secretary said she sent out a notice to them. i dont know what to do…. can someone give me a number where can i call, or am i over reacting? i started the process in the beginning of October.

  31. Hello everyone. So my daca expired in March 2015. I just sent in my renewal paperwork (December 2015) because I know you could still renew as long it isn’t a year after your expiration date. I hope to hear something soon! I’ll keep you updated! Wish me luck!

  32. Hi there! Quick question, when you renew your DACA do you receive a new social security card or do you keep the initial one you were given? Thanks!

  33. Quick question is how long does it take to get all paperwork back as in application and copies i sent to them for ny renewal? I know the first time I got everything back in the mail, but this time its been about a month since i got my renewal in the mail and no paperwork back. Anyone know what i can do?

  34. Hi, I don’t know if you’ll answer but in July I did my biometrics for my renewal and I haven’t received an email saying that they received them and I’m worried. My DACA expires on December

    • Hi idont think they usually send emails when you get your biometrics done but hang in there you still have 2 months good luck

      • After ur fingerprints u won’t get an email but don’t u worry u still have enough time to get ur permit on time before the other one expires for example with me I apply late May 25 to be exact my permit was set to expired July 15 I didn’t sent my paperwork in thee time they recommend I went to my fingerprints mid June I was terminated from my employer the same day my permit expired because I didn’t get it on time I received my new card August 26 so don’t u worry it took me 105 days or so so good luck with yours 😀

      • Also u can request an appointment to speak to an officer that’s what I did I don’t know if it help but I didn’t have to wait that long … Check ur updates online daily even more than once a day u never know when u will get approve

  35. I need some help I hope you can reply to my question. Where can I check the status of my work authorization card, I was approved on July 30 3015 but I haven’t received my card as per today 10/01/15 I called them on September 15 and I let them know my work permit was going to expire on Sep 19 2015 and they sent me a letter saying if I don’t get the card within 30 days to give them a call back But it has been almost 2 weeks and I haven’t received my work permit card, it is sad because I applied on time and I was approved on time since I haven’t gotten my card my employer told me I couldn’t work anymore. 😦

  36. has anyone applied for the travel document?

  37. I applied to renew on February 2015. Received notice for my biometric appointment in mid March 2015. I went to the scheduled appointment but have yet to hear anything back for USICS. I am currently stressing/worried because my current permit expired on June 2015. My employer has not mentioned anything to this regards but I feel like time is running out and there isn’t any options. I was wondering what were my options in this situation and was is it unusual for it to take this long in renew?

  38. hi my daca expired august 2015 and i havent been able to renew it because im a little short on money do you think i would loose it if i dont do it soon

  39. Hello everyone!
    Applied beginning of June
    Received 6/11
    Name update 7/27
    Approval 8/27

    Waiting on the approval notice to get in the mail. I am a little be worried since my EA expires on 9/10. will have a suspension from work also my licenses will get suspended.
    Nebraska Center.

    • Hi, Leo.

      Does your boss absolutely need to see the approval letter? I took a screenshot of my email from USCIS saying that I had been approved and that was good enough for him. I ended up getting my approval letter six days after I was approved and my work permit eight days afterward. My boss just wants a copy of my new work permit. I went back to work the day after I was approved.

      Hope I helped,


      • Hi Eva,
        I work at a big financial corporation and they use the e-verify system. I believe they won’t accept just the email. I guess I will wait and if the date comes by and I don’t have it Im not gonna have other option but to try that. I still have 7 days left.

    • I received my EAD on 9/05 five days prior to
      Expiration date. I feel so relieved now I was
      So stressed it was eating me alive.
      Thank God I did not have to get any suspension at work.
      I wish you all luck on your cases.

  40. Hello everyone I have a question
    Hope one of u would reply
    After ur new card is been produced how long does it take to recieve it …
    On both of my cases says the same thing that my card is been produced I though the one for the renewal would say different.. Idk I’m confused

    • Hi ana. I have not gotten approved. But i have heard people it takes them 15 to 30 days. Hope it helps you.

      • Hello again everyone!

        I just wanted to update everyone on my final dates.
        Applied: 2/13/15
        Received: 2/20/15
        Service center: Nebraska
        Biometrics notice: 3/04/15
        Biometrics: 3/20/15
        Contacted ombudsman: 07/16/15
        Case inquiry: 08/18/15
        USCIS responded: 08/19/15
        Approval: 08/25/15
        Approval letter arrived: 08/31/15
        Work permit arrived: 09/02/15

      • Hi Edson,

        Anything new on your case?

        Hope you are doing well,


      • Good’ol eva. Im so happy i just got approved friday. I met a person on facebook and she wrote a leter for me to send it to my service center. And i got approved the next day after sending it.

  41. Hello everyone!

    I just wanted to update everyone on my case status.
    Applied: 2/13/15
    Received: 2/20/15
    Service center: Nebraska
    Biometrics notice: 3/04/15
    Biometrics: 3/20/15
    Contacted ombudsman: 07/16/15
    Case inquiry: 08/18/15
    USCIS responded: 08/19/15
    Approval: 08/25/15

    It took a little over six months for me to be approved. I’m not really sure if it’s because I contacted the ombudsman a couple of times or because USCIS realized that my work permit has been expired for over three months. When USCIS responded to my case inquiry, they told me that they were only responding to peoples’ cases according to expiration dates. Maybe they reevaluated my case and realized that my case needed to be reviewed, or maybe it was the ombudsman. I’ll never really know. Either way I’m really glad that God answered my prayers. My husband and I were recently approved for an apartment and now I can finally help pay for it. Just keep your chins up and make sure to contact the ombudsman or your congressman. I can’t wait to get back to work. Luckily for me my boss waited and I’m even getting promoted once I go back tomorrow.

    I wish you all the best of luck,


    • Congrats eva. Im happy to hear that idk if you remember me but we had similar timelines. Hopefully im next. Thanks for your post made me feel a bit better

      • Thanks, Edson!

        Yes, I definitely remember you. I hope that you get approved soon as well. Just keep your hopes up and God will do the rest.

        Good luck,


        • Eva, when did your work permit expire? Mine expired in may 16. How do you know whoor how do you contact an ombudsman?

      • Edson,

        My work permit expired on May 12th, so just four days before yours. I just googled USCIS ombudsman and it came up in the search engine. You just have to fill out the application and you apply online.
        When did you apply for your renewal? Because right now Nebraska is working on cases from March 4th, I believe. I was able to make a case inquiry last Tuesday over the phone. If I was you I would do both, contact the ombudsman and make a case inquiry.
        When I called last week to make my inquiry, I was transferred to a level two agent. He told me that after the inquiry there’s pretty much nothing else you can do. I told him that I had contacted the ombudsman and he told me that that’s about as high as it gets. Since you’ve been waiting for quite some time it’s very likely that the ombudsman would take your case.

        Good luck!


        • Eva, i send my app febuary 7th they received it febuary 12. I did my bios on scheduled date which was march 9. I also made an inquiry over the phone. I called last Friday and was told that they still had 7 days to get back to me. So hopefully i get some sort of news in the next 2 days. Thanks for your help.

      • Edson,

        It sounds like you are definitely on the right track. If they don’t answer within that timeframe I would definitely get in touch with the ombudsman. I’m sure that you will be getting some good news soon.


  42. If my current work permit expires in November 19 2015 and still haven’t applied for my renewal I’m planing on to tomorrow will my case be rejected ?

    • Chris. Do it asap. They wont reject it. But its going to be tough to get approved before your current work permit expires. I applied for my renewal in febuary 7th my permit expired may 16th. And i am still waiting to get approved. Its recommend to apply for renewal 150 days before your current permit expires. Hope i helped and good luck👍

  43. my work permit was approved July 1
    but Im still waiting for new card and its going to expire this week this sucks

  44. I missed my appointment for my biometrics….so i request a new one and they gave me one on june 1…..i went and got them done….but my permit expired at the end of june….its now the beginning of August and haven’t heard from them….should i be worried???

  45. I wasn’t able to reapply for daca because I didnt have the money to do so. Will I be able to reapply now that I have the money for it even after a year has passed ?

    Please I need help with this .

    • Jamie, I believe you can still apply for DACA (provided you meet all other DACA renewal requirements). I’ve heard of cases where people applied weeks-months after their DACA expired and that didn’t affect their renewal- they got it approved. Definitely apply as soon as you can.

  46. Congrats. my card is set to arrive today as well.

  47. My employment card has expire how long does it take for the social to expire

  48. Hi,
    Please someone help me!
    I am so worried because my Daca expired on May 19 2015
    I renewed it by myself- started the process on February 2015
    Went for biometeics on March 27 then a long time passed by and so i called UsCIS ro ask about my case. Was told that it was being reviwed… then on july 17 got two letters one was saying deffered action had been granted to me. The other one said that my card would be recieved on a different envelope… I thought the card would be in the mail in the next few days but now its been almost a month and my card who knows where it is.
    As of now I dont know if call USCIS again or just keep waiting! But I need that card to work.. please comment if someone has been through the same process. Thanks

  49. Hi I Saw Someone Posted Before That they Took Their Receips That Got And Were Able To Get Ah 90 Day Extencion On Their License But I Am Not Sure You Need To Look For Their Comment Or If I Find It I Will Let You Know
    But Personally For Me I Got Aproved On July 15 But I Have Not Receive My Actually Card So I Went To The DMV and Was Able to Renew My License I Am In Northern Ca
    Hope This Help And Good Luck

  50. This is so frustrating 😦 USCIS received my application on nov.17, I went to my biometrics appointment on Dec.5th and now almost 9 months later I am still waiting for my work authorization application to get approved. My EAD expired since March 13, so I have gotten zero income since then. The fall semester starts in two weeks. How am I supposed to pay my tuition bill?! I can’t believe its taking them so long. I went to my local USCIS field office and was told the don’t deal with DACA.

  51. Hey Everybody,

    I have a question for anyone who can reply, I got a notice after 5 months of waiting that my processing was suspended due to not enough information. Did this happen to anyone else. My card already expired, have no job , and now they keep on making my life horrible by keeping me waiting. HELP!

  52. I was also told to give it up to the 8/16. I just cant believe it could take up to 90 days just to receive the EAD.

    • Congrats to everybody that got aproved lately, i called my lawyer and they told me that pretty much is nothing they can do even tho they call USCIS they will still wont do anything about it and all we have to do is just wait that there are a lot od delays. I have been waiting since April 9th when i took my bios, my DL License is about to expire do anybody know if i can renew it with any of the receipts from USCIS.

      Case Received – March 16th
      Bios – April 9th
      Ead Expired – 6/22
      DL License Expires – 9/21
      Apro – Pending

  53. I’ve been waiting since 7/16 for my ead…

    • Hi I was Aproved since 7/15 too and I have not receive my card neither but I called USCIS yesterday and spoke with a second level agent and he told me that if my employer is okay with just taking my approval notice i am able to go back to work whenever.
      I also went to the DMV and I was Told That I can Take My approval Notice As Well to Renew My Licence
      I Am in Northern California

      • Hi I also called USCIS and they told me that the waiting time in receiving my card was 30days after my approval. And it’s been 3 weeks now so I’m hoping to get it this week or the next. Approval notice was on July 15, 2015.

    • I’ve got approved on 7/16 and still currently waiting for my EAD I lost my job due to not having it soonow enough but hopefully gets here next week!

    SET TO EXPIRE AUG. 8, 2015 😦

    • I applied in febuary did my biometrics on march 9th. And i still have not been approved. Its BS! My ead expired in may 16. I called uscis plenty of times they dont do nothing. But tell you to wait. My case has been way over the normal processing time. And still the only thing they tell me to do is wait! Its frustrating! My suggestion to you is to start thinking what you are going to do after it expires. Because i didnt think mine would take this long and i have been w. Out a job for 2 months now going on 3. But maybe i might be wrong and you get approved soon. I’ve seen on here ppl put their time lines after i did and have already gotten approved. I really dont known how this works anymore

      • Edson this post is actually about my husband USCIS received his aplication February 17 he did his biometrics early March he has called several times and they just keep telling him to wait and call back he recently called on Monday and they said they changed their processing time to six months (it’s being processed in Texas) We were supposed to close escrow on our dream house and weren’t able the bank was asking for his card hopefully you can update each other since the time you both applied is similar

      • My EAD expired since March 13 and I still haven’t gotten a response from USCIS. This is ridiculous they’ve had my application since November.

  55. I got my approval notification on june 29, 15. I have yet to recieve my new employment card. It was told to me that it will be about a month for the new employment card to be mailed. How long did it take everyone to get their new employment card??

  56. Hey guys I was in the same place as many of you. I applied 120 days before the regulations asked me too, thinking I would get my approval on time. I finally received it 45 day after it expired. Losing a large sum of wages, anyhow keep your hopes up. You will get it, keep your employer updated so they know your status. This website kept me alive out of sanity, keep the communication alive. somos la nueva generacion que ba acer el cambio de este pais. I like Mexico, but I love America. Lets make that change together for a better society and civilization.

  57. A couple of weeks ago I contacted the ombudsman and have since received a reply. They stated that they are going to help me and that they have already contacted USCIS but that it could be another 60 days before USCIS replies to them.
    How long after that did it take those of you who contacted the ombudsman to get approved? Next month on the 20th will be six months for me and three months without working.


  58. Hi Carolina,

    I noticed on your timeline you listed Biometrics walk in earlier than your appointment. Is it possible to walk in and get biometrics taken earlier than scheduled? My husbands appointment is in late August but he’d like it earlier as he is starting college and also considering applying for advance parole.

    • Hi Suzanne,
      I somehow missed your comment when it was first submitted (my apologies!). Regarding biometrics, yes, I went before my scheduled biometrics appointment (both during the initial and renewal DACA processes). I went earlier than my appointment because of school/work/transportation schedules. I just briefly explained my situation to the USCIS officer who is usually right at the entrance of the office and they would let me right in. It also helped speed up the process (since I didn’t wait the ~2 weeks for the actual appointment) so I would say it definitely doesn’t hurt to try and go in earlier if possible.

  59. Hi all how long have you been waiting for your ead after DACA approval?

    • Hi I Got Approved On The 15 Of This Month And I Have Not Received My Card Yet I Was Hoping On Getting It This Wednesday As Many Of My Friends Got It 7 or 8 Days After Receiving Their Approval Letters But I Didn’t So I Called USCIS Customer Service And Ask To Speak To A Second Level Agent And He Told Me That They Were Delayed Because Of The Confusion Of The 3 Year Permits That They Issued and are Suppost To Be Return But Since Tomorrow Is The Last Day To Return Those Permits Things Should Go Back To Normal This Coming Week
      He Said I Should Be Getting My Card The First Week Of August.
      I Hope This Is True Because I Already Wited To Long!

  60. I just applied in April 2015 and got the recipe but I haven’t gotten anything else….. I don’t know what going on… please help me and what’s the biometric thingy you were talking about

  61. I recently received my approval letters on Monday for my DACA and my EAD. I didn’t receive my card like I did last time. I’m wondering if any one knows how long it takes for the card to arrive?

    • Hi Carlos Let Me Know When You Get Your Card Wich I Hope Is Soon
      I Got My Letter Approvals On Monday Too and I Hope That I Get My Card Next Week I Need To Get My DL and My Job Back
      Good Luck Let Me Know When You Get Your Card

      • Hey Marissa, yea sure thing. I hope I get my card next week too. I Also need to get my job back. I think this is the last month they will hold my spot. If you get it let me know also. Good luck to you and hope you get it soon as well.

      • Hello everybody, this is just becoming so sad and depressing i am still waiting for my daca to be approved. Since the Bio in April 9th this is just unbelievable! Anybody else waiting?

      • Bleepinrockstar I feel you man i did my biometrics march 9. Still haven’t gotten anything!!

  62. Hey, I have questions about renewing my permit
    I did it by myself but I didn’t send any papers like the first time i applied for my permit with a lawyer 😦

    I don’t know if they will accept my application like that or not
    But iI just didn’t know if iI had to send proof or not so I just sent the forms and the 465.

    Did any one do the Same thing? I’m so nervous that I might get rejected

    • Fatiih,

      If you don’t have anything new going on in your life, such as committing a crime or anything like that, then you will most likely be fine. When I applied this time all I did was send them a copy of my new social security card because I got married and changed my last name. I also sent a copy of my new driver’s license and a copy of my marriage certificate. That way USCIS could see that I changed my name legally. That was all that I sent, including the forms.

      I hope that I was of help,


  63. Thanks for your imput, Saira. I am hoping it arrives soon.

  64. Hi All,

    I got approved (for renewal), however the EAD will not come for another 90 days. Are you getting this too?

  65. Hi, my first time applying for DACA I submitted my application last monday July,13,2015 when should I hear from USCIS

    • Hi Selena….I too have recently applied for DACA, my first time

      Here’s my time line

      JUNE 9 – papers sent
      JUNE 27-received
      JULY 12-receipts received
      JULY 27-biometric notice sent
      AUGUST 4- biometric appointment done

      And now we wait :))

  66. Hi dreamers ..
    Im so overwhelm n sad .. i got an amazing job but unfortunately i lost it .. my daca expired on july 15 n i submitted my renewal may 26 i had my fingerprints done june 26 n now its just a waiting game im very frustrated by ur expirence doing this can u give me some advice on what to expect im very worry if i dont get my work permit i wont be able to come back to work…

  67. Hi, I just wat to share my timeline since it is what most of us worry about, i sent it late because i had major surgery and was short on money.
    Permit expired 5/30/2015
    Renewal sent early june
    Got the receipt by 6/10/15
    Got biometric app on 6/13/15 for 7/1/15
    Walked biometrics 7/1/15
    Approved 7/15/15
    Got approval letter 7/20/15
    Now just waiting on the card.
    Good luck to everyone, and trust in God that everything will work out. God bless.

  68. Hi everyone, It’s very unfortunate what is happening to us at the moment. Hope you can resolve your issues soon! Good luck!!
    I would like to take a moment to tell my story and current inquiry.
    I applied for a DACA renewal on March 9th, 3 months before my current permit expired. During the process I encountered an issue. The letter for my bio-metrics appointment, scheduled for April 13th was not deliverable and never got to me. I never found out exactly the reason why this happened. All i got was a notice on the USCIS website saying “Notice was returned to USCIS because the post office could not deliver it”. Due to this major problem I missed the date of my bios appointment because I found out way too late. I contacted my attorney and he suggested I go to a walk- in office and there i finally went through the bio-metrics on June 10th. I’m still in the process of waiting to receive my DACA permit but at this point my current permit has expired, it expired on June 12th . Because my permit has expired already also my license expired with it. I can’t work at the moment or drive anywhere due to this, I’m very limited. To be honest it’s very frustrating and stressful. I recently received a great job offer but can’t start working until i receive my work permit , they have been waiting on me for a month but at this rate i’m afraid ill lose the job for good too. I own an apartment with my husband but now that we have to rely on only one income it has been very tough on both of us. We don’t want to be left without a home either. I would like assistance please. Anything that could help my case would be truly appreciated.
    Thank you for your time!

    • Karen,

      Thank you for the kind words. I really appreciate it. It really helps talking to you guys because you all know exactly what I’m going through. Not that my family and friends don’t get it or anything, but it’s just much easier talking to you guys about it.
      At this point, I think you will probably just have to wait it out. Because technically you haven’t been waiting the entire time since your biometrics appointment got messed up. I’m not really sure if that still holds your place or if they basically don’t count your case as received until they receive the results of your biometrics appointment. But I would definitely suggest talking to someone on the hotline just to see what they say. If they aren’t as helpful as you’d like then I would suggest you asking to speak to a level 2 agent. I understand where you are coming from with the income part. My husband is the only one working right now and we are currently saving for our “real” wedding and for an apartment. I feel terrible that all of this pressure is on him at the moment.
      We will both make it through this and be better people because of it.

      I hope I was of the same help that you were to me,


  69. InfoPass appointment is on 7/28 in NYC. Hopefully, I will get meaningful information. Thanks for the information Eva. Its nice that I am not alone on this issue.

    • How can you check what the dates are for the cases are being checked? Or better yet, anyone know where they are at for California Center?

      • Great, I see its taking California Center 6 months to complete daca requests. Guess I.’ll wait

        March 23 case received
        May 6 biometric exam

      • Everybody please post their timelines to help us better understand how this process is going

        Case Recieved 3/16
        Bios 4/9
        Approval PENDING
        Daca Expired 6/22
        Driver License Expires 9/21

    • Amy,

      You are definitely not alone in this. I finally contacted the ombudsman today. I hope that they can help me because this is getting way too overwhelming. I can barely sleep, I am becoming depressed, and my anxiety is at an all time high. I hope they can help you at your appointment. I will be keeping you in my prayers.


  70. Thanks for your response Eva.

    Submitted request to the Nebraska service center. I did call agian today and it looks like they might grant deferred action on a case by case basis. Have you made an info pass appointment yet?

    I am also waiting for my valid EAD to start a job. I dont even know what to tell them.



    • Amy,

      Yeah, I have no idea why my case is taking so long. The only difference on my case is that I am not legally married and I changed my last name. When I spoke to one of the agents they said that it really shouldn’t matter and that shouldn’t affect the timeline. I tried to make an InfoPass appointment in my county and the system told me that no InfoPass appointments were available in my area. I decided to try the next county over and I was still told the same thing. I even tried to call and make it over the phone because I didn’t want to deal with the crappy computer system but I was told that the appointments HAVE to be made online.
      Well, if you are able to make an InfoPass appointment, I would. Then you can go and ask them to provide you with a letter that says that you applied for your EAD and you are in the process of receiving it. That’s what I was told to do by one of the agents. Fortunately I am not in jeopardy of losing my job because my boss wants to hold onto it for me. But I only wanted to go to see if I could obtain more information about my case. I hope I was of help.


  71. It is 2:00am and once again I can’t sleep because of this, I came across this page and decided to share my case status….

    Send in my application early march
    They received my application on march 12
    Biometrics was done April 6
    My work permit expired on June 6 ( stopped working, but my boss said I could come back when I got my permit )

    and I have not heard anything since then, I have no idea how I’m going to pay for my bills next month, my stress level is to the Max! I filed from Chicago and I believe my case is being processed in Texas.

  72. Hi I received my approval letter but I didn’t get a new id, iam not sure if it comes later on but the first time I received it it arrived with the letters

  73. My DACA has been pending since March 27th 2015. I am still waiting (patiently). I contacted USCIS and was notified that they are currently processing January requests. Are you all getting the same information?

    • @Saira yes its in nebraska, why they so slow :-/
      I hope i get approved before my dl gets expired, do you guys know if i can renew it with USCIS recepits?

      • @eva I don’t think you can Renew your license without the actually card :/

        Also I called today about my case since it has been more than 105+days and the guy was super nice . He adviced me to make an appointment with an immigration office and take a letter from my employer to see if they can extend my Daca. I have made the appt and I will let you know how it goes !

      • @bleepinrockstat I don’t think you can Renew your license without the actually card :/

        Also I called today about my case since it has been more than 105+days and the guy was super nice . He adviced me to make an appointment with an immigration office and take a letter from my employer to see if they can extend my Daca. I have made the appt and I will let you know how it goes !

        Also the guy told me they are still in January cases so it could be an additional 85 days :/

      • You can take those recipts and ask for a license extension and they will give you a 90 day extension just tell them you’re in the process and they will look at the recipts and from there on but they will punch hole your current license and give you a recipt like paper which has all your info like in your license and that’s it…..I got that last week a day before my DACA expired

    • Hi, Amy.

      Is your case processing in Nebraska? Mine is and they will keep saying that they are processing cases from the 16th until the 16th of this month. They only update it every month on the 15th or the 16th. I have been waiting for almost five months. I called last week and I was told that DACA renewal cases could now take up to six months. I was devastated to hear that because I haven’t worked for two months as of today. I hope that what happened to me won’t happen to you. Because it is an extremely stressful situation. I thought it was hard waiting for my DACA the first time. But it does not compare to this time at all. Now that I know what it is like to have a “normal” life, it’s so much harder now.

      I wish you luck,


  74. Hey I haven’t slept in 2 weeks . I wake up everyday early to check my case status.
    relieved date: March 30
    Biometrics: April 29
    My Daca expired on 6/23/15

    It’s in Nebraska :/

    On the 13th next week it’ll be the 3.5 months . I will lose my job on the 22th.
    What can I do ? I see on the comments that I can contact an ombudsman ? How do I do that? Pleaseeee help :/

  75. I submitted my renewal application on March 20 2015. I got a recipt notice that USCIS received my case on the 27 of the same month, on April I received another notice for my biometrics to be taken on April, 20 2015
    My work permit expires on July 14 2015 which is next week! And I still haven’t received no response from USCIS other than my case is pending and waiting to be approved and after I get approved it will take another 90 days for them to send me my work permit at this point I’m stress because I don’t want to lose my job😣😓😔

    • I just wanted to update my situation well I just got a called this morning from the office of my lawyer and they told me my case was approved 😊😊 thank God it was…my work permit expired last week on a Tuesday almost a week ago by my employer still let me work matter of fact they didn’t even know that my work permit had expired so now I won’t lose my job ….but anyhow my case was on Nebraska processing center and this is my time line…

      Applied March 20
      Recipt Notice March 27
      Biometrics Notice for April 20
      DACA Expiration July 14
      Approved July 20

      Approximately 4 months to get approved and finally I can sleep lol but guys don’t be discourage God has a purpose for all this just have faith and patience meanwhile keep praying and leave all this to him he will take the burden he has for me and now he has proved me that he’s always there for me!! Keep praying guys!!!

      • Congrats leo. What is it that your lawyer did? Would you recommend getting one? I got my biometrics done in march 9th. Still haven’t gotten a proved. My previous daca expired may 16 2015. I have been waiting over 150 days

        • Edson sorry to hear what you’re going through I hope you hear an answer soon… and to answer your question, my lawyer didn’t do anything they just helped me fill out the paperwork, and that’s it. I would call the lawyer to see if they heard anything new and they would tell me that what I knew is what they knew…so at that point I was stressed because I didnt wanna lose my job I told my hr and she said well if HQ doesn’t say anything to me you can still work that would buy you time I showed her my recipts and everything and she was like we’ll you did everything on your end so it’s up to them…I was relief because I wouldn’t lose my job…(for now).

          And as far as the license goes I went a day before my DACA expired I took my recipts of the Biometrics and my expired license told them that I was in the process and they extended my license for 90 days, they gave me this yellow paper like a recipt and they punched hole my license and that was about it….it’s all a waiting game but if you can get of hold of your Congress man they should be able to help you! Hopefully you hear something soon!!

  76. I am also on the same page as some of you guys have mentioned… I haven’t received my approval. And it passed a month since they said the time it would arrive. I called yesterday and they said they were behind and that they are still checking January’s cases. They said they received my app on March 2, 2015 and they just told me to wait and call within the next two weeks or a month. When I looked at my status of my case it says this:
    My Name Was Updated
    On June 22, 2015, we updated your name for your Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization , Receipt Number ************. If you move, go to http://www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address. Can someone tell me what that means?

    • It also says the same thing on my other receipt number. I checked both.

      • Hi Carlos Mine sais the same thing and the same date
        I called and they told me that Maybe an officer was working on my case and accidentally press a key😡!!!! Like that’s all they told me and I told him that I sent my renewal since January 28 and my current DACA expired June 05 and they just put a ? On my case saying why is taking too long and I got a letter yesterday that said that I called them and they ask why my permit taking so long but that’s it😭😭😭😭

    • Carlos,

      Two weeks and half before my renewal was approved, the same status appeared under my case. Also, my case was approved a day before my previous DACA expired. I think you will be approved very soon.


      • Hi Marrisa my card expired on June 6 and this is really stressing me out since I’m currently not working due to my card being expired.. I really hope I receive it soon since my job is giving me hope to get my job back. But I don’t know how much longer they can wait for me. My boss just asked me for an update of my status cuz HR just asked him cuz they want to hire me full time , I was just a temp worker but since they liked how I worked they want me to stay but with my case taking so long to be approved I don’t know if they will wait anymore. I’m so scared I won’t be able to get my job back. 😔.
        Peps84 thanks I really hope I do get approved soon.

      • Marrisa I hope you get your approval soon. It looks like you submitted yours on time and that’s crazy that you still haven’t received yours.

    • Hi Carlos After All This Waiting I Got Approved For Both My Deferred Action And My Employment Authorization Yesterday July 15😁
      My Time Line Is The Following
      Sent Renewal: January 26
      USCIS Received Renewal: January 28
      Went To Get Biometrics : February 24
      Contacted ombudsman : June 8
      Contacted Congressman : June 10
      My name was Updated : June 22
      Did A Request With Second Level Agent : June 29
      Got Approved: July 15 😁

      • Marissa,

        Was the level 2 agent able to do anything for you? I talked to one a couple of weeks ago and they weren’t very helpful.


      • Hi Marrisa congratulations! I bet you felt really happy when you received it.. I just checked my status right now and it says that my case has been approved. I’m so happy right now but now I have to wait patiently until I receive my card. 😊

  77. Does anyone know if when they ask for more evidence they delay your case more?

  78. Hello guys,
    I just want to update my time-line for dreamers that are waiting for a long time.
    USCIS received my case on Nov.4,2014. everything seemed to process normal until I went to take the biometrics on Dec 2, 2014, after this date I did not receive any notice or response on my case. I tried everything, I talked to two congressman, a senator and the Office of the CIS Ombudsman but everyone found out that my case was on pending process due to a security check on my case and they will deliver a response until they obtain it. I felt very stressful and tied of hands, all I could do was pray and pray, it worked. After 8 long months and 2 days USCIS approved my case. DON’T GIVE UP, GOD WILL HELP YOU!

  79. Good afternoon Eva Fatland,
    I hope you have received an update regarding your DACA and EAD. Thanks to God and his mercy, my case was approved today!!! I hope your case get to be approved soon too. Below is my timeline:
    Sent renewal application: March 9, 2015
    USCIS Received on: March 12, 2015
    Biometrics: April 14, 2015
    Approved: July 6, 2015
    Expiration of current DACA and EAD: July 7th

    I did contact the Ombudsman on June 24 and received the following response on June 25:
    “Dear Sir/Madam,

    The Ombudsman’s Office has reviewed your submission and contacted U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) regarding your case.

    Please be advised that in certain cases, it may take up to 60 days to receive a response to our inquiry. We will notify you when we receive information from USCIS.

    If your circumstances have changed substantially, you may contact us at cisombudsman@hq.dhs.gov and reference your unique submission number 20155058.

    Subsequently, on July 2, they contacted me via e-mail “Dear Sir/ Madam,

    The CIS Ombudsman’s Office received a response from USCIS informing your case is actively being reviewed. USCIS is not sure how long the review will take but will continue to provide the Ombudsman’s Office with updates.

    As the updates are received, you will be notified. We hope that you find this information to be helpful and thank you for your continued patience.


    Office of CIS Ombudsman

    Also, last Thursday, July 2nd, I called the USCIS hotline and requested to talk to a level 2 agent. The level 2 agent just asked me to wait and be patient ” that everything look good on that end.”

    I hope this helps in any way.

    Best regards,


    • Peps84 congrats man. Who was the service center handling your case?
      Uscis received my application febuary 12 2015
      I got my biometrics done march 9 and i am still waiting to get aproved . I did a service request June 1st. They told me it would take up to 30 days to get a response and still nothing.

    • Peps84, how did you know that you had access to a level 2 agent? Also, what do they do?

      • Hello Eva,

        Once you call the USCIS hotline, as soon as one of the level 1 answers your call, request to talk to a level 2 agent. The level 1 agent will ask you the reason for contacting the level 2 agent. Even if the level 1 agent tells you the most recent info regarding your case, still ask to talk to a level 2 agent. The level 2 agent confirmed that if you make an appointment via infopass, the people at your local USCIS won’t be able to help anyone with DACA; the extensions are only given to permanent residents.

        The level 2 agent just confirmed that my case looked good, as I stated before, and that I only needed to wait; believe it or not that brings you some sort of peace.

        I hope this helps.


    • Peps84, today I talked to a level 2 agent. She wasn’t really able to give me any new information. She also told me that the timeline has now been pushed to six months instead of three and a half months. I am also still not able to make a service request because Nebraska says they are still working on cases from January 16th. Which means they are “technically” still on time. I am trying my best to hang in there, but this is so frustrating.


  80. I spoke with a us is agent today because I have 12 more days for my permit to expire im about to lose my job somethin I work hard for ,when i spoke to them they told me there’s nothing they can do that I have to wait my renewal process started on march 14 is July 2 and it hasn’t change…why do they ask us to do it 150-120 days before if they going to take longer…oh btw if u do it before this period of time they will decline it …nice…..bravo immigration services.. I’m mad because I’m about to lose what I have earned with hard work

    • Im not doing a renewal, this is my first attempt at daca, this is my timeline

      March 23, 2015 application accepted
      April 6 took biometric exam

      I hope , god willing, im accepted soon. The reason why I took so long is because in 2006 when I was 16 I was deported for trying to cross the border illegaly with my ex gf who was American. I been here my whole life since I was four, about to grad college, just hoping immigration sees im a good person

      Anyone here had the same problem when applying ??????

  81. My case was received February 12 2015
    I got my biometrics done on scheduled date which was March 9 2015
    My employment card expired May 16 2015
    I have been currently waiting 140 days since my case was received. I’m just about to lose my mind already. Uics goal is 120 days 150 the latest. What happens if i go over 150 days and don’t receive anything??? Case status says they received my case February 12

    • EDSON, who is your processing center? It seems like you and I are on the same boat. They received my case on February 20th and my work permit expired on May 13th. I also am feeling very helpless and extremely stressed. I hope that they approve both of our cases soon.

      • The processing center handling my case, is the Texas service center. I also made a service request on my case. About a month ago i was told it would take up to 30 days to hear from uscis. But haven’t heard anything. Hopefully we get good news soon.

      • EDSON, mine is in Nebraska. They told me that I’m not allowed to make a case inquiry because they are working on cases from January 16th. Since mine is on February 20th then they are technically not behind. Which is really frustrating because according to the timeline posted it takes an average of 3.5 months.
        I have heard that they HAVE to respond within the 30 day window. So I wouldn’t worry too much if I was you. I have seen a few cases on this blog where USCIS didn’t respond until the second to last day or the last day. And usually those people were approved right after that. I hope that happens for you.

        • Well Eva what else can we do? Right? Seems like we are on the right track and we have been following up step by step. I guess its just a matter of time? Thanks. I will keep you updated with any other news

    • EDSON, yeah I guess you are right. It just sucks that we are both in this situation. I just wish that they could be faster about this entire process. I hope they respond soon so that you can stop worrying. I will also keep in touch and let you know what happens. I will be sending good vibes your way.

  82. My DACA expired on the 15th of this month, and I sent my application in early May… I know I waited wayyy too long to reapply(mostly because of money issues) anyways I just got approved and just waiting to receive my card and approval letter. I need to let my employer know how long it will take since they are holding my job for a couple of more days. 😞

  83. Diana on June 30, 2015 at 9:39 pm
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    I applied for my renewal in March they send it back to me because they said it was an outdated form. I Send it back they received it April then in May I went for my Biometrics and in June I finally received my work permit. My case was in Nebraska. Don’t stress, you guys will received your renewal it might seem like a long time the whole process, but it’s not


  84. I applied for my renewal in March they send it back to me because they said it was an outdated form. I Send it back they received it April then in May I went for my Biometrics and in July I finally received my work permit. My case was in Nebraska. Don’t stress, you guys will received your renewal it might seem like a long time the whole process, but it’s not

  85. Eva Fatland, how did you contact your congressman? walk in, telephone call???

    • Peps84, sorry for not replying sooner. I thought that my comment had posted last week when you first asked but I guess that it didn’t. Anyway, basically all I did was Google my county and then it showed me who my congressman was. After that I sent an email explaining my situation and why I needed help. Unfortunately my congressman wasn’t able to help me but I hope that yours will be able to. Good luck and let me know how it goes! It’s comforting to know that there is someone else out there in the same situation as me.

      • Not a problem Eva Fatland. I will be e-mailing my congresswoman today. Hopefully, she will be able to help me. Have you checked your status?

      • Peps84, I checked a few minutes ago and nothing. :/ I’m starting to get really depressed about it. I really want my life back. I really hope your congresswoman can help you. 🙂

      • Peps84, congratulations! I am really happy for you. Still nothing for me. What did you do when you contacted the ombudsman? Did you basically just send copies of all of your paperwork? I’m thinking that I should just go ahead and get started on that tonight. I’m glad that you got approved. 🙂

  86. Hello everyone!

    First, I would like to say that this web/blog has been of great help. I would like to know if anyone of you have a similar time line as I do:
    Sent renewal application: March 9
    USCIS Received on: March 12
    Biometrics: April 14
    Status: Pending still
    Expiration of current DACA and EAD: July 7th

    If your time line is similar, please share what is your current status.

    Thank you and good luck to you all.

    • Nebraska Processing Center

      • They received my case at the Nebraska center on February 20th and I still have not heard back. I called two days ago and I am not able to make an inquiry about my case because they are still working on cases from January 16th. They update it every month. I am hoping to hear back within the next 2-3 weeks. I am considering contacting the ombudsman since I already contacted my congressman and I was told that he would not be able to help me.

  87. I renewed my DACA on November 2014, did my biometrics on December 18th 2014 and is been a little over six months and i still haven’t received my new work permit…. im really worried cause the only thing they tell me is that is still on the background check process. Has this happened to any of you??

    • Hi, Berenice. I haven’t heard about anything like that but I would definitely get in touch with USCIS if I was you. I have seen links on their website that you can select that ask if you think you are missing documents. I would check that out or call them. I hope that was helpful. 🙂

  88. Hi, guys! I have been following this thread for quite some time now and decided to be a part of it.
    I reapplied for my DACA and EAD on February 12th and my case was received on February 20th. I received my notice for biometrics on March 4th and my appointment was on the 20th of March. My processing center is in Nebraska. I applied within 90 days instead of the recommended time window because I had to wait for my new driver’s license in the mail. I recently got married and changed my last name with Social Security and the California DMV.
    My work permit expired on May 13th and I have been waiting for it to be approved. Does anyone have any advice to give? I am losing hope. I have to save money for a “real” wedding and to move out with my husband. I am trying hard not to lose hope but it’s getting more and more discouraging. I tried to submit an inquiry about my case because it was officially been more than the 3.5 months that is on the timeline posted for Nebraska but I was told that I could not do that because Nebraska is technically still not behind. They are not behind because they are processing cases from January 18th, last I checked. Once they pass February 20th, then they are officially behind on my case. I have been becoming more and more depressed. Because I have not worked for over a month and I love my job. Luckily my boss does not want to let me go and is waiting for me to come back. Any words of encouragement or advice are appreciated.

    Thanks, guys.

    • I totally understand what you’re going through because im going through something similar as well. I feel trapped and very limited. It’s very unfortunate we have to go through this. I’ve been feeling depressed just like you because I feel like there’s nothing I can do to help my case, my only option is to wait. I would’nt wish this on anyone but because there are actually people like me going through the same, I would like to advise not to lose hope. Hang in there! I’m trying to remain positive too. Even though this rain is not helping one bit, I try to look past the problem. We’ll see the light soon, in the mean time lets pray everything resolves as soon as possible! Hope this helped maybe a little. Good luck!(:

  89. Got approved today, 4 days after sending RFE.. Yay I’m so excited!! Yay

    • Yesss I got aproved today ………. I am so happy It was a long wait after all now I just got to wait for my card tonbe delivered … Wish everyone luck .. Patience

  90. You are in the process
    time line
    oct 23, 2014 received by uscis
    did biometrics nov 17
    i 765 name updated march 5, 2015
    Renewal acceptance june 6 2015.
    almost 8 months for DACA renewal
    Patience my fellow dreamers

    • Does anyone know how long it takes after your name is updated to ger aproval in Nebraska center???? my case just updated to that after they receive my case on January 20 and bio took on Feb 20 card expire on the April 23 and its being 2 month of stress and no job and its being crazy….

      • Hi Alberto I Don’t Know About That But Me And You Have Ah Similar Time Line They Receive My Case On January 28 2015 and Got My Finger Prints Done On February 24 I Called Today And To Try And Finally Make Ah Service Request But I Was Not Able Because They Too Close To Work On My Case Since Rite Now They Are Working On Cases Reveived January 18 so Hopefully me and you are Next I’m Guessing They Will Make Ah Decision On Our Cases Next Month Wich is A lot Too Because This is My Second Week That I Don’t Work So Hopefully You Get Approved Soon Keep Me Updated Please

      • Ok so this morning I woke up and received a message from uscis to check my status and I went and my daca was still on name updated but my work authorization said that my card its being procces I don’t know what’s going on i don’t k if to get exited yet 🙂
        Case received 1/20/15 and bio 2/20/15 name updated 5/16 after a long wait and now my card its being procces but my actual daca hasn’t been aproval …case center nebraska

    • Who was your processing center?


  92. Hello everyone, I wanted to share my timeline this is my initial request: application received December 29, 2014 at the California Service Center. Biometrics taken February 06, 2015. RFE notification June 08, 2015. Received letter June 11, 2015. Sent evidence June 12, 2015. Now, the waiting starts again.


  94. Wow that’s amazing omg I lost my job I haven’t work in 2 months already because mine expired april 23 I just can wait for that day i get approve I am going to get crazy.

    • Have you contacted your congressmans office or the ombudsman?

      • Michelle How Do I know Who My Congress Man Is?
        And yes I emailed ombudsman but haven’t heard anything back

      • Ok thank you I just did and spoke to them I hope they can help me

      • Michelle They email me a constitution and release form?
        Did they email it to you two?

        • No, I had to go on their website and do it, but they are being helpful by emailing it to you. Also there is a place for comments. I would tell them a little about your situation, like how long you’ve been out of a job, etc. What you could lose if you don’t have a job.

      • Ok I just want to make sure I’m doing it right
        Thank you

      • Hey everyone,
        I sent my renewal in mid February, had my biometrics on 3/20 and have not heard anything….my case is in Texas. I moved to the east coast hoping to start my dream job but my case is delayed and I’m not allowed to work until it is approved.
        So far I have called the hotline, submitted expedite requests(denied), service requests with level 2 officers, contacted congressman rep, senator rep, and ombudsman and the 3 other DHS contacts I received from an attorney at NILC, as well as met with 2 attorneys. Everyone is telling me to wait 120 days. But I’ve already been unemployed for 2 months and can’t start a new job. I’m so depressed and alone and don’t know what else to do. Has anyone had any recent approvals from TSC?

  95. My Current DACA Expired June 05 2015
    I send My DACA Renewal On January 26
    USCIS Received It January 28 I Went to Do My Biometrics on February 24 and since then I have Not Receive Anything I have called USCIS several times but they keep telling me that they can not do anything because they are still working on renewals that were received in Decenber 16 2014 Ehat Worries Me Is That I Have Ah Friend That Her DACA Expires July 14 2015 and hers was already approved and I have Other Friend Who’s DACA Expires JuLy 1 2015 and got her approval as well 😪 has Anyone Have A Time Line Like Mine? What Else Can I Do?

  96. they will put it in computer…where you check your status for work permit..then it will say card in production and then once it mailed out they will put tracking no. Mine got approved and with in 3 to four days i got my work card too.

  97. Ewelina my card came in the same week it was approved and it was sent to texas too

  98. I got approved June 3rd, yesterday! Does anyone know how long it takes for the EAD card to come in the mail? I’ve heard various things. Please let me know so I can get an idea of when I can go back to work.

    Praying for all of you, hang in there and you will get approved! This blog has been my sanity! Thank you guys!!!

  99. My application is in Nebraska, they received my application on February 23 , I got my biometrics done on the 26 of February . My card was expired on March 15
    An it’s been 3 months now & I haven’t received anything . Is anyone in the same situation as me anything yall know will real help me

    • I am in the same situation marg they receive my case on January 20 and my case expire on april 23 and now its almost 5 months I dont know anything about my case and its in the same place Nebraska . all they tell me since 3 week already is that they still working on cases from Decembers 16 and they are behind cases..

      • My case is similar to yours. Nebraska center received my case jan 20 and my permit expired may 5 i called uscis contacted obundmans office as well as congress and nothing. I was able to keep my job thank God and just checked yesterday to find out i got approved june 3 and my card was mailed out june 5 🙂

  100. They will reply within 15 days…. they said mine was going through security check and it cleared after one month. and i got approved….if it helps

  101. My 14th is that your first service rrquest? and it said that my background check is still open. And that as soon as they get my background check they will do there best to get it out asap.

    • Yes that was my first service request. Do you think I should call them? Since you filed on the 14th and already got a response I’m wondering when I will get a response too.

      • I would call. But I will tell you that my first SR I never got an answer when i would call they would tell me to wait a month before they can make a second SR. Then the second SR they tell you its usually about 15 days for you to hear back. And i heard back right on the 15th day. But I would call maybe they will tell you something different because it seems to me that they always do. Good luck.

      • Really? Wow. That’s ridiculous. I just called and they said that I have to wait 30 days not 15 for the first one. And if I don’t hear back by June 11th I need to call them. That really sucks…let me know what happens with your case!

      • Ewilina looks like we are both in the same case, get back to me via email to touch bases if its okay with you. I am on june 2nd now and am still waiting. Ill be checking my email my gmail is ledesmamagdiel@gmail.com ok good lucks keep in touch

  102. I called USCIS today about my case. Told them that i had a second Service Request. They told me that on Monday it would be 15 days after the request was done nad that if by then I dont hear anything by Monday to call USCIS back and that they will transfer me over to an immigration officer. Has anyone ever talked to an immigration officer?

    • Martin- I have spoken to one before about my case. This was before I filed a service request though, and the only thing he could tell me is to file one. But good luck! Keep us updated!

      • Today May 29th I checked my case. Did not get accpected yet. But it did say an officer was assigned to my 2nd service request. Hopefully I can get an answer soon.

      • Martin- what day did you process your second service request again? Because I processed mine May 12th and still haven’t gotten an answer I am wondering when I will

  103. Hi, guys! I have been following this thread for quite some time now and decided to be a part of it.
    I reapplied for my DACA and EAD on February 12th and my case was received on February 20th. My processing center is in Nebraska. I applied within 90 days instead of the recommended time window because I had to wait for my new driver’s license in the mail. I recently got married and changed my last name with Social Security and the California DMV.
    My work permit expired on May 13th and I have been waiting for it to arrive. June 3rd will be the official 3.5 months that it takes to process cases in Nebraska.
    Today I called USCIS and I was told that they are still processing cases from December 16th. But Michelle said the same thing and that happened to her three weeks ago. This cannot be right. Does anyone have any advice to give? I am losing hope. I have to save money for a “real” wedding and to move out with my husband. I am trying hard not to lose hope but it’s getting more and more discouraging. Thanks, guys.

  104. I went too take my biometrics on February 26 2015 & it’s been 3 months & I still haven’t received anything, where can I get info on my status!?

  105. Anybody received their approval notice letter for the employment authorization I-765 (the one printed on fancy paper)?

    Last time I received 2 of them, one for the I-821D and another for I-765 and the EAD card.
    This time for the renewal, I only received one for the I-821D and the card.

    • Today Monday this morning mitchelle and i also contact obdusman and they told me the same thing That they are actively reviewing my case and I dont get no accurate information about my case they all just say thank you for your pattience ..I had a lot of patience its being a month with out no job ..

      • I send everything BTW the 150 and 120 days they receive it on the 20th of January.. Till now its being 4 months and 6 days .. Where was your application send.?

    • Yes i did received both. Give uscis a call. Maybe it got lost on the mail.. Good luck

  106. Martin all service centers of uscis has department called congressional unit. So you should contact your congressman as soon as possible. It does help. There is nothing to be scared of. I did and i got approved. Also Ombudsman.

    • Its just that im not sure my congresswoman supports immigration. And i contacted the ombudsman.

    • Hello guys so I do t know what else to do I did everything and I get the same answer they are delayed in cases in Nebraska center …
      Receive case: January 20th
      Biometrics :Feb 20th
      Expiration : april 23
      :today’s date : MAy 26 th
      Its being more than. A month with out a job and my case still shows …as my case was receive I mean really I dont know what to do ..they told me they still back on cases received on December 16 th …


      • When did they tell you they was still on December? Because they told me the same thing 2 weeks ago. I have since contacted my Congressman and ombudsman and they have both helped me out. Congressman office even more they was told they are actively reviewing my case and if I hadn’t heard anything by June 2nd, they would contact them again.

      • Alberto. You did send your renewal late. But be patient your get aprove soon my took 4.5 months to get approved…

      • Michelle how do I contact my congress man?

        • I know who my congressman is and I emailed the office and they called me. I have been approved now, thankfully. I really think the congressmans office helped speed them along. I wouldn’t contact the ombudsman they didn’t do anything for me that I had already done myself, which was call. My card has been expired almost a month before I was approved and they have had my case since Feb 2nd.

  107. Look up who your congressman is in your area on google..then they should have either an email or an address that you can send a letter to. I sent a letter in the mail

    • Yes, have contacted multiple emails and letters, case still as received since oct 23 2014, nothing as of may 27. I have a 5 year old, wife and not to mention my materialistic stuff, bills accumulating, health insurance, car insurance, food and rent. I dnt know how am gonna do but GOD is with me through this tight times.

  108. So I wrote a letter to my congressman about a week ago explaining my case, how I have lost my job, health insurance, etc and that I am not getting any answers about my case, not to mention it has been “Pending” for almost 7 months now which is just ridiculous and unfair. I got a call today from an assistant from a downtown office about the letter I sent to my congressman. She said she contacted a supervisor at USCIS about my issue, said it was time sensitive and needed to be resolved ASAP. She said she didn’t know how much would get done over the weekend on their part since its the holiday and Monday they are most likely closed, but she will call back on Tuesday and check up with him and keep me updated on any information she receives. I thanked her over and over again. Now I’m not going to get my hopes up…I’ll just have to wait and see what happens. Be prepared for the worst but expect the best guys! Contact your congressman! It helps to get something moving rather than just waiting!!!!

    • How do you cantact the congressman? And did u email them?

    • My case was received oct 23 2014, is a renewal. And i am still waiting. All those services they say will help u “ombudsman, congress, 2nd tier, infopass and 800 numbers” are just a way to keep u entertained, i am just waiting impatiently and waiting. My EAD expired since march 5, was out of work ever since and managed to cover the rent, bills, food and needs since march, april, may, and now whats coming june. U r not alone. Im with u.

  109. Eweline – Its takes them 15 days to reply….They will reply you on May 25 or 26 .



  112. Sent application December 3rd.
    Still have not received at least a receipt!!!
    Im so scared my papers got lost in the mail

  113. Does anyone know how long it takes for an officer to “get assigned” or look at your e-request after you submit it? I submitted an e-request online on May 12th and still haven’t heard anything. The status of my request still says, “As of May 12th, your inquiry about why your case is taking longer than our processing time, is currently not assigned for processing.”


  114. Martin …try ombudsman ..and congress both…it helps. …

  115. Ewelina- I haven’t heard anything back after the second service request I did. Hopefully soon. Have you heard anthing from them?

    • Nope. I processed a service request on the 12th of May and haven’t heard anything back either. When you try to check the status, does it say: ” As of (date you filed), your inquiry about why your case is taking longer than our processing time, is currently not assigned for processing.” ?

      I don’t even know what to do anymore, this is ridiculous.

  116. Anyone else have their case processing through the Texas center? What are your timelines?

  117. Ewelina- i had called uscis customer service and they put request for me. Texas answered me after 15 days saying my application on processing hold due to pending security check. It took them whole 6.5 months to approve me. From Oct 28 2014- May 14th 2015. I think they will approve you soon.

  118. Wero, out of two service requests i made, both said on processing hold due to pending security check. But its clear now i am approved yesterday . So your case will be approved soon also. My case was at texax service centre.

    • Kabs- what date did you make your service request? because I made mine on the 12th of May and when I check the status it says: “As of May 12, 2015, your inquiry about why your case is taking longer than our processing time, is currently not assigned for processing.” Did you get that message too when you checked your status before?? Or how long did it take after you made the service request for them to approve you? Mine is being processed at the texas center and they received my application on December 3rd so it has been a while and I am getting worried! 😦

      • Ewelina- That is the se thing my service request said when I filled a service request in April 13th and it never changed. Never got a got an answer. I did another service request on May 14th. Hopefully i get a answer here soon im desperate.

      • They just do not seem to care! THESE ARE PEOPLES LIVES WE ARE TALKING ABOUT HERE. I have been waiting 6+ months this is so ridiculous and unfair!

  119. Martin they had received my case on oct 28th 2014 and i just got approved on may 14 2015. So it did took 6 and halg months. So don’t worry yours will be coming soon. My case was at texax service centre.

    • Hopefully I know someone that applied and recieved the application the same day I did and got approved today May 15th. And i have yet to hear anything did 2 service request already. Hopefully i get approved soon.

      • Martin- My case is being processed through the Texas service center as well. They received my case December 3, 2014 and I still have not heard anything from them. I did a service request on the 12th of May so hopefully I will get answers soon too

      • Martin- any news from them? did you get approved??

  120. Has anyones case taken 7 months or more? Or knows anyone that has taken this long? They recieved my case on November 4th. Its at the Texas Service Center.

    • It is a renewal case.

    • My case was received oct 23 2014, is a renewal. And i am still waiting. All those services they say will help u “ombudsman, congress, 2nd tier, infopass and 800 numbers” are just a way to keep u entertained, i am just waiting impatiently and waiting. My EAD expired since march 5, was out of work ever since and managed to cover the rent, bills, food and needs since march, april, may, and now whats coming june. U r not alone. Im with u.

  121. wero my case is approved today…just to let you know ..may be you will feel better…so even there is security checks ..it clears ..

  122. If you have social security no, you can go and make another state ID as soon as possible. I think they need state ID. but still make sure.

  123. I simitted my application already but I lost my ID the only thing I have is my matricula ID but it is expired can I still use it to get my fingerprints even if is expired?

  124. Thanx Daniela, mine says its received and that’s it. guys any ones case says waiting results of pending security checks. Answer to my E- request says that. Please answer

    • My case is on the same situation, I been waiting since Feb for the approval, I contacted my congressman, the ombudsman office, called uscis many times and everybody tell me the same thing. Security checks seems to be very important in order to make any decision on your case, I researched, the only thing we can do is just wait. If you find out something different let me know.

      • Your congressman wasn’t able to help you? I just wrote mine today. Hoping I can get some help! My card has been expired for a few days!

  125. how long did it take to get your receipt after submitting your renewal app??? anyone??

  126. i called again and they helped filled up an application to expedite my case faster but they told me thats only when there is an emergency of loosing something well i told them i lost my job of 6 years and that i need to start working again because i have all my bills and rent and i have a son im desperate. they told me they will contact me as soon as possible maybe 5 days … hopefully they approve me soon

  127. Help!!! Want to write my congress man today what all should I say in the initial email?? My card is expired and the USCIS is over the 60 day response time. Yes, I know they are behind, but I don’t want to risk losing my jobs!


  129. Daniela , what do you mean by your name was updated. If you can explain

    • Hey, sure I can explain. On the website where they write your current case status whether it’s ‘approved’ or ‘received’, mine said ‘name was updated’. Now, in my renewal application I tried to shorten my name to just one name and last name (previously I had used my two names & last names bc I was told I had to write it exactly as it was on my passport) so that’s why I guess they ‘updated my name’. But they didn’t change anything, and I ended up with the long version of my name lol

  130. my case is super behind too it expired on 4/23/2015
    they receive my case on january 20th bio took on feb 20th and until today 5/12/2015 my case still shows as they receive ive lost my job i called 2 days ago they told me that my case was sent to nebraska and they are still checking case from nov 17th …

    • I am so sorry you lost your job! 😦 I have 2, im hoping to be able to keep both since I’m just PRN at both places.

    • My case was received oct 23 2014, is a renewal. And i am still waiting. All those services they say will help u “ombudsman, congress, 2nd tier, infopass and 800 numbers” are just a way to keep u entertained, i am just waiting impatiently and waiting. My EAD expired since march 5, was out of work ever since and managed to cover the rent, bills, food and needs since march, april, may, and now whats coming june. U r not alone. Im with u.

  131. I have no clue as to what to do. I went with a notary to get my paper work filled out in the first days of April. I am aware that it’s too soon to get an approval, however, I haven’t even gotten a receipt. So that means they have not received my app. I called numerous times and all they tell me is they have nothing on file for me. Only my initial DACA. They said to wait another week and call them back or just reapply, but that would require me to pay the fees again, and I don’t have that kind of money. Any suggestions??

  132. Texas-they are super behind

  133. They are back logged for sure and their extensive background security checks makes it even worst….there is nothing we can do but wait …people who applied in the first week of October just got approved in the first week of may…so what can we say…

    • I called USCIS today and was told that they are working on stuff from December 16. They received my application February 2, so I wrote the Ombudsman today! Hope I get something done soon, because my card expired today! 😦

      • Michelle- where is your case being processed at?

      • hey 2 days they told me they were checking cases from novembver 17th now they up to december 16 thats good they moving…
        my case was receive on jaunary 20 th the lady also told that every 15th the changed the status on cases so in 2 days hoepefully they get to january cases and wer lucky to be aproove .. fingercross

      • Michelle, four days ago they told me they were still working on cases from December 16th at the Nebraska Center. I don’t think it is currently up to date. Which concerns me and also gives me hope that maybe they are further along. My case was received on February 20th and my work permit expired May 13th. I just hope they are further along than they say they are.

  134. Ewelina, did you submit you case by yourself or had a lawyer do it? Also did you travel outside the country or is you case a special case in any way? i’m really sorry, i feel you pain i can’t sleep at night thinking about this.

    • Anthony- I submit my case by myself. I did not travel outside the country at all and neither is my case special. I just really think that they are backlogged. I have tried literally everything. Called the 1-800 number multiple times, emailed ombudsman and recently earlier this week I contacted my congresswoman. I am praying and praying everyday.

  135. I feel so depressed and hopeless. I wish there was something I can do to speed up this process…this is so unfair! 😦

  136. Hi, i submitted my application on 4/30/15 my DACA and EDA expires on 7/8/15 i missed the recommended window. So stressed over this had a lot happening but it’s my fault. My HR department is already asking for my new cards. Can anyone give me some advice on how to proceed? I cannot lose my job it’s my livelihood

  137. I renewed my daca and went though all the steps, the only thing i’m wondering is do i have to get a new social security number?

  138. Hi Jonathan…you can still apply…but do it as soon as possible…because they are taking 6 and more months for renewal ….but you can apply ….there is no problem

  139. I haven’t done my renewal applications and my EAD card expires in 91 days I read one day about how I need to get my applications 90 days before the card expires, and now I’m seeing it has to be 120 days before it expires and I’m kinda panicing that if I do it Monday that it won’t get approved. I could use some help if anyone knows what will happen.

    • I applied 77 days before expiring because i also didn’t realize it was recommended 120. It got approved in 56 days after i mailed it in. I must say i am grateful. Mine was to expire May 17th, got approved April 28. Sent application March 2nd. Send it ASAP!

      Seems like they don’t have an order though and that luck plays a HUGE part.

      Best of luck!

  140. USCis received my documents on October 28 2014
    May 9th 2015 still waiting, if it helps.
    done everything possible : ombudsman, congress, e request and customer service.

  141. Oct 28th : Application Received
    Nov: Bio metrics done
    May 09 2015 : still waiting.
    If it helps. Done everything Ombudsman, congress people , customer service , e request .

  142. Case received: December 3rd, 2014
    Biometrics appointment: January 11, 2015
    EAD expired: April 30, 2015
    And I haven’t heard anything since then. My case is being processed through the Texas Center. I have tried everything I could including contacting Ombudsman, calling the toll free number…etc. I lost my job on April 30th. Every time I call the toll free number they tell me that they are backed up, can’t do a case inquiry about my severe processing times and to just “keep waiting.” I called a week ago and they told me that they are still working on Nov 17th cases, and then I called back again yesterday thinking that maybe they sped up the process but nope….still on Nov 17th cases. They give me no answers and tell me just to keep waiting. How long can you wait?! These are peoples JOBS, peoples LIVES. I have lost not only my job but also my health insurance due to this. I am so depressed, hopeless and scared of whats going to come next. I am hoping and praying and checking my USCIS case status every minute of every day and nothing seems to change.


    • Hi alex, I want to give you a little hope bc I can relate to your story. the uscis office received my application on Oct 6 2014, I went to my biometrics app in November and didn’t hear from them anymore, till April 2015 when my name was updated (shortly after contacting the ombudsman) . Long story short I JUST got approved on may 4 (three days ago). I don’t know what’s going on with some cases, or why they’re taking so long! I wrote to the ombudsman, then called them, and called the uscis customer service TWICE. So hang in there, keep calling them. I too was desperate and hopeless

      • Am glad to hear a reply to my post, we are on may14 now and my case seems not to be moving. At this time am getting frustrated, thank you for sharing ur case.

  144. I just received a letter saying I’m able to get a job and all that stuff I’m not renewing anything this is my first time my question is how long would it take to get my S.S # so I can work and do I receive it in the mail or do i have to pick it up and one last thing do I get a hard copy?

  145. I just got approved May 5, 2015. I file on 12/26/2014.
    Good luck everyone. Keep your hopes up.

  146. I am So happy for you 😃, I still waiting but I have hope that like you sooner or later they approve my case.

  147. Hello all, I FINALLY got my renewal approval on March 4/2015 🙂 it took longer, and a lot more efforts than normal.
    10/6/14 Nebraska office received my application
    11/6/14 biometrics appointment
    all of my cards expired on March 2015 so I started freaking out, that’s how I came across this blog. Many people recommended filling a request through the Ombudsman’s office so I did, and got an answer about two weeks later. shortly after, my case was updated- this was on April 16-ish/2015. I called twice to the uscis customer service too, but in my opinion the ombudsman office is what did it. So if your case is taking more than six months, do act immediately and file a request through the Ombudsman’s online.
    best of luck, everyone!

  148. Hi everyone. This is my first post.
    My process:
    Renew aplication received January 12, 2015.
    Biometrics taken February 10, 2015.
    Name updated March 19, 2015.
    And nothing……. Im still waiting for approval.
    My card expires May 5, 2015. And my California licence too.
    Any advise?? Thank you.
    By the way I’m having lower back surgery May 7 and i dont really now whats going to happen with mi renew.
    God help as all.

  149. My work permit expired in march. I sent my renewal nov.4th and i have not heard anything from USCIS. I also submitted a service request on april 13th and still nothing. Im getting really worried.

  150. Thank you guys for sharing your stories. I am in the same boat my card is going to expire tomorrow. They received my application on 12/26/2014, it has been for months and no answer. Today was my last day in my job, I hope they take me back if i get approval soon. And maybe my I will lose my another job tomorrow and don’t want to think about loosing my third job. I am a part-time math professor for two communities college and I also teach at the University. I never been depressed. What sucks is that my student’s are the ones that will suffer, I have four weeks left to finish the semester and this happen. I cannot believe it. Can someone tell how to expedite your case.


  151. Hello everyone!
    This renewal process has been very stressful for majority of us. For those who are still waiting on a response, please remain hopeful, it will eventually get approved! After a month and a half I’m finally going back to work soon. My timeline is below;

    12.23.14- Application was received and routed to the Nebraska center.
    2.12.15- biometrics appointment
    3.2.15- contacted my congressman. They didn’t help btw even though he is pro-immigration.
    3.6.15- name was updated
    3.18.15- contacted Ombudsman office.
    3.31.15- received an email from Ombudsman office.Their response was that my application was being actively reviewed.
    4.22.15- both applications were approved
    4.27.15- my card was mailed.
    4.29.15- I received my card on the mail!!! 😊😊😊

    Please please remain hopeful! God knows the reasons why He does things. I am thankful that my boss was willing to hold my job until my return. Even if you lost your job, we can always find better opportunities, let’s not forget how we made it before DACA.

  152. My timeline:

    Sent application: March 3rd
    Application receipt: March 6th
    Biometrics appointment: April 1st
    Approved : April 28th
    Current one was to expire: May 17th

    Goodluck everyone!

  153. Sent my application on Dec 3 2014 & I still havent received a receipt. Any advice?!?!

  154. Hi so i got my renewel approve do i have to do the same procces from last time to get my work permit card?

  155. Mailed my daca renewal : 02/20/2015
    Application received: 03/11/2015
    Received biometric letter letter appointment
    Today.. 3.20.15
    Schedule for: 4/02/2015 (done,)
    Approved: 4/23/2015

    I did all my self NO lawyer
    I did not called or checked my case untill today. Hope this give u hope.

  156. Hi i would like to share my case. My employment authorization expires on 4/17/15. USCIS reived my renewal application on 3/6/15. Got biometrics appointment on 3/24/15. My work authorization card arrived on 4/23/15 in a priority mail envelope. On 4/24/15 i received both I-797, notice of action forms. My lawyer said i would get a 3 year work permit, but it came as a two year only due to the controversy in texas. Either way i am thankfull for the opportunity we are all given and those ho support us.

  157. Hi everyone,

    Reading your posts and replies has been helpful to me. I definitely should have applied much earlier than I did but I put it off for so long. Here’s my timeline so far:

    February 23 – sent in my application
    February 26 – application received in Arizona, rerouted to Nebraska.
    March 27 – Notice for biometric appointment on April 17
    April 8 – Walk-in for biometrics
    April 13 – Notice of updated name.
    *April 15 – EAD expired, temporarily suspended from work.
    Aril 17 – Contacted Congress Rep with no results. Caseworker is out of the office for a week.
    April 20 – Emailed ombudsman with request for help. Case is being reviewed.
    April 22 – Emailed both Senators (California) with request for help & submitted privacy release forms to review my case.

    I’m currently waiting to hear back from my representatives or the ombudsman. I really hope to have my EAD renewed soon so that I can go back to work.

    • Update: My card came in the mail yesterday (5/10)! I was so relieved and happy to see that card at last! My application was approved on May 4th which meant that my card was produced and mailed out to me in six days. My renewal is for 2 years.

      Contacting my representatives may have helped so I encourage you all to do the same if you are approaching the expiration or already have an expired card. One thing to note though is that the Ombudsman’s office was unable to assist me. That office cannot step in until you have reached 105 days since submitting your renewal application.

      As many of you already know, waiting was the worst part of this whole ordeal. Stay persistent and positive. Call your Senators and if they cannot help then call your House Representative. Visit them in their offices if you can. Keep a level head and don’t give up! Good luck to everyone!

  158. Good day to all, I just found this website and I just wanted to share my case: my First application was sent to NSC in DEC. 2012 and was DENIED on SEP. 2014. I re applied in DEC. 2014 and was routed to the CSC and I’m still waiting patiently to hear back from them. Does anyone know if there’s a way you can check to see in what cases are they currently working?

    • When they send you a LIN# you can go on the USCIS website and check your status. Then you can check the processing times for the service center where your case is. From my understanding new cases are taking about 6 months to process. Renewals are taking about 4 months but it all depends on the service center

    • Have u got approved yet

  159. Quick question my DL has expired n i got my renewal EAD card yesterday , is that all i need to renew my license the EAD card? Im also gonna be bringing my expired DL , ss# , and proof of my address .. Do u guys think thats good enough stuff to bring to renew it?

  160. Hi guys, I’m in need of some advice. My work permit will expire on May 30th. I haven’t been working since Jan 2nd. I haven’t had sufficient funds to pay for the renewal fee. I’ve read that we have a year to file. My questions are is there any center or anywhere I may be able to get help with my renewal fee. I’m currently living with family and have been offered a job but due to my job permit about to expire in about a month the employer said they would wait ti I had all my papers straight before hiring me. I’m. a single mother and really need a job.

    • Alma, you should look in your state’s latino Organizations, some of them have fundings to help Dreamers or also you can talk to leaders in a church about your need. JUST KEEP UP LOOKING

      • Just updating from my last post. I was able to come up with the money to renew my work permit. It was summited April 30. Received notice of on May 6th. Had biometric on May 28th now to wait for approval and my work permit.

  161. Hello everyone just wanted to share my timeline for my renewal . Card was going to expire April 15th
    So i sent my application for renewal on Feb. 05 received 2 letters saying they received my application on Feb.09 . On Feb 12. walked in to my biometrics March 05 , March 06 i receive another letter to retake my biometrics cause something was wrong with the first one so walked in again March 27th . I was a little bit worry because i thought that was going to delay my process , On April 13 received my aprovel notice for deffered action 2 days later i saw on my status that my card was ordered , and today April 20th i just received my EAD card 😀

    Hope everyone else get theirs soon !

  162. Here’s my timeline, maybe it’ll help some folks:

    Case received: November 21, 2014
    Biometrics: December 16, 2014
    Case Approved: April 13, 2015
    EAD Expired: April 15, 2015
    Card received: April 20, 2015

  163. Did anyone send their paperwork via first class mail?? I know many have sent theirs via overnight.

  164. I checked the status of my case online and this message came up on my renewal:
    4/18/15: We reopened your Form I-821D, Consideration of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, and are reconsidering our earlier decision.

    That doesn’t sound too promising. Has anyone received this notice?

    Sent renewal 11/29/14,
    They received it 12/4/14
    Biometrics 12/30/15
    My EAD expired on 3/13/15.

    I went to Europe on Advanced Parole and came back within the time frame stated on the doc. Not sure if that had anything to do with this update?

    Any thoughts?


    • Hey MG, I been waiting for a decision on my case since Nov, I submitted a inquiry, I contacted a US Senator and we all got the same answer, my case is pending because of the security ckecks. I thinking that because I visited a sick family member in Mexico, they are taking more time to check background ckecks. I recommend you to see an attorney, he can advice you better.

      • Thanks Wero. I received the letter today stating, “Because your departure occurred on or after August 15, 2012, but before USCIS had determined whether to renew deferred action in your case, you have not established that you may be considered for a renewal of deferred action under this process.”

        I had permission to enter and I don’t recall AP being a reason to deny renewal since the option was given. I’m going to consult with an attorney.

  165. My DACA expired in January and I submitted my renewal on February 27, I got my Biometrics appointment for April 1, I was approved April 9, and I received my actual DACA card April 17.

  166. I checked this AM and it said my card was mailed yesterday 4-17-15 but with no tracking # is that normal. Did they stop adding the tracking #?! I’m hoping to get mine no later than Tuesday.

    • Hi Sabrina, I just got mine in the mail today. I didn’t get the approval letters yet but I got my work permit. It said the same thing that it was mailed yesterday.

      • How long did it take to get to your house? Did you get a tracking #? It looks like I won’t be getting a letter either. I’ll call them after I have my card in hand. Not sure how important that letter is.

  167. Well I’m certainly late on renewing my DACA.
    Mine expires next month on the 15th, and I just sent my paper work yesterday and they’ll most likely receive my paper work by Monday. I’ve already talked to the people at my job and I told my boss to talk to our HR.

    In my paper work I clipped a paper with bar codes that said in the bottom to speed process and help them out, to mail it with my paperwork. Has anyone done that and have had success? I’m hoping to receive a response asap as I may lose or be laid off till I receive my new renewal. 😦

  168. I know this my seem obvious to some but I honestly didn’t think about it. I had called an immigration lawyer last week asking for any info. Even though she wasn’t working on my case and I didn’t pay her. Well after our conversation was over she asked me to call her back when I got approved. So I did. Something else she told me is that to make sure my name is clear on my mailbox. She said that the mailman has been getting these cards mixed up. As soon as I hung up I put both my house # my last name and my ex-husband’s last name ( just in case they screwed up somehow :-/) clearly on the mailbox. We waited long enough for these cards. Let’s not let the mailman send them back!!!

    • Hi everyone! Just like you Sabrina, my EAD expires today. I FINALLY got an approval on 04/14/2015 and just this afternoon my case status indicated that my card was mailed today. I applied on time and right within the suggested application timeframe. I just keep praying incessantly for everyone who is waiting on these approvals whether they have expired or not. The anxiety is overwhelming. We all worked hard to pay for these renewals and also work hard to pay our bills, go to school and build lives for ourselves. It’s sad to see these delays and their potential consequences but as with alot of things in life it is out of our control. To ANYONE waiting on their permits: I wish you nothing but favor, positivity and a speedy response to your requests. Hang in there ! The best is yet to come for us!!

      PS This is my DACA renewal timeline below :

      12/10/2014 Submitted renewal app
      12/16/2014 App received by USCIS
      01/15/2015 Biometrics appt.
      04/14/2015 I821d and I765 approved online.
      04/17/2015 ‘Card being mailed’ notification online.

      • Honestly the anxiety this time was truly palpable. Before I was excited to get it but since I had no idea how life was with a work permit I honestly wasn’t anxious. I got mine in April it wasn’t until August that I got a “real” job. This time that waiting game was no joke. Not even waiting it was the silence. I’m happy for everyone who got the answers they needed before their cards expired. And to those still waiting I pray……

  169. My DACA was finally renewed!
    11/19/14 Sent to Chicago Lockbox
    11/21/14 USCIS Received case Texas Service center
    12/15/14 Biometrics completed
    04/08/15 Cased was finally Approved and card ordered
    04/15/15 Card was shipped

    I filed a bit late closer to 90 days before expiration, and I lost my job for sometime, so I suggest to file as soon as possible.
    I did contact the Ombudsman and I believed it help.

  170. Hey guys! I got approved! Here is my time line if it helps someone out there.
    I am located in central Florida and my paperwork was processed in Nebraska.
    My card was set to expire on May 7 2015

    Applied for my Renewal – Jan 22, 2015
    USCIS received my app- Jan 26, 2015
    Biometrics scheduled – Feb 14, 2015
    Approved- April 8, 2015

    Card has been mailed out today (April 15) and I am still waiting for it.
    I filed for an Ombudsman on April 6 my 75 day mark and on April 9 they sent me an email saying they could not help me and I had to wait until 105 days had passed. I have a twin brother who applied before me and did his bio-metrics before me and was approved after me. I have a feeling the Ombudsman helped.
    Good luck to all of you!!

  171. How long after being approved do you get the actual card in the mail?

  172. My timeline:

    12/5/14 USCIS received my case (Renewal)
    1/9/15 Biometrics/Fingerprint appointment
    3/30/15 Emailed Ombudsman and called 1-800 number about 3 times which gave me no answers
    4/30/15 DACA expires

    I have lost hope. I check the status every day, every hour and my status has not changed or been updated since DECEMBER. I need this by the end of my expiration date more than anything!!! I have a job I cannot afford to lose, healthcare, and school payments I need to make. I just got accepted to a University and I need money for that as well. I have been looking for a new job, but with my DACA expiring I have no way of working until I get my renewal..my manager has already told me I cannot work until I get my renewal in. I cannot be jobless!! After emailing Ombudsman, I got a reply telling me they will speak with USCIS and I should get a reply within 60 days- still haven’t gotten anything. After calling the 1-800 hotline multiple times, they gave me no answers. Says that my case is within normal processing times (3.5) months, which it is now over due. My case is going through the Texas center and they said they are on a delay and to try calling back next month. Next month?! I can’t afford to lose my job!! I have filed this right on time and this should not be happening..so unfair. Gotta keep my head up and stay positive…and hope to get it soon! Keep me in your thoughts and prayers!

    • Don’t panic…..well panic a little but whatever you do don’t loose hope. You still have almost 2 weeks to go. I got mine approved 3 days ago. My EAD expires today! It’s tempting to call the 1-800# but they only give you the info you see on your screen. I did 2 times and it didn’t work. But do everything in your power. As long as you do everything you possibly can then at least you can rest knowing that you did everything in your power. Continue to go on your interviews. Continue with your life as is. I accepted a job offer last week not fully knowing what was going to happen. From reading this blog it looks like for the exception of a few everyone’s EAD is getting approved within days of expiration. Have you explained your situation to your manager? Talk to HR. Just remain positive. Think about all the things you want and expect them to happen. Yours will get approved! 🙂

  173. IT HAPPENED! FINALLY APPROVED! with 3 days left before my card expired. This blog has been my sanity. My place to vent as well. I’m so glad I found it. So here is my time line.

    Application sent: 12-24-14
    Lock box: 12-26-14(Chicago then forwarded to Nebraska)
    Got first notification with LIN#: 01-09-15
    Finger prints:02-03-15
    Panic mode set in:03-30-15
    EAD expires:4-17-15

    On April 1st I emailed the Ombudsman and my congressman. I never heard back from them though. I also called the 1-800# 2 times. They just gave me the run around. I never lost hope. I panicked but never drafted up a plan B. I refused to say,”What if” I pushed ahead with all my interviews. I accepted a job offer. I went ahead with the background check and fingerprinting. For the new position. I checked my status this AM and still the same thing. I was about to call them at around 12pm (east-coast) when I saw the approval. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I just wanted to run around my neighborhood screaming. I immediately called my manager but he wasn’t there but it’s okay. Now I have time. Hoping now my card comes in before I start my new job. This time around I also filled out my own application. It was super easy. One major lesson I learned SEND IT ON TIME. I sent mine out at the 112TH day. What a mistake that was! Today I put an alarm on my phone for late Sept. of 2016 to remind myself to get my application ready so there is no rush in trying to fill it out. Then another reminder for Nov. 20th, 2016 to send it at the 150 days before expiration. I will not go through this frustration again! By the way with no college education within 2 years I went from babysitting and cleaning houses to working in retail to now holding a position as a Sr. Banker for a local bank. Im so proud of myself and everyone of us who took the opportunity to change our lives and show them that we deserve this and that we love the country we live in. Next challenge finally start college!

  174. I was recently approved for work authorization and I was wondering how long it takes to receive your new card?

  175. So I have been checking my case status on an almost hourly basis. I also check the processing times and it looks like they updated the Nebraska dates today probably around 1pm…..I’m on the east coast. So now it’s says they are on time at 3.5 months. Looks like I’ll be making another call after work because now im over due. I also come here. This page has been my source of sanity! I love reading all the stories and i love reading all the success stories. We are all in this together.

  176. Hello guys, here is my processing time:
    Dec 3, 2014 USCIS received my case.
    Jan 9, 2015 Got my biometrics taken.
    March 26, 2015 My case was approved.
    March 31, 2015 Card mailed out.
    April 2, 2015 Received my new card in the mail.

    So yea, it usually takes around 4 months to process, My case was processed in Nebraska so don’t lose hope guys!

  177. Hello Everyone! I have been following your stories and updates, and I think I am not the only one waiting for USCIS to approve our cases. my last update was in Nov.04,2014. when they received my cases. my EAD expired on Feb.04 and I still waiting 😦 I contacted a congressman, a Senator and the Ombudsman office and everybody got the same answer; According to the USCIS my cases are pending because they still waiting on the results on the security checks (background checks) they required to approve cases. I was wondering if they taking more time to review my cases because I went to Mexico last year on a humanitarian ADVANCE PAROLE, and they’re checking if I really traveled to see a sick family member. I have a proof that my grandfather pasted away two months after I return to US. Do you guy have a similar situation?

    • Hey wero, my case has also been pending since Oct 2014. I contacted the ombudsman office bc my case is obviously outside the regular time frame and all my documents had expired, I received an answer couple of days ago, they said my case was in line to be reviewed by an official (I sent everything to Nebraska) . Unlike you, I haven’t left the country So I don’t think that your absence would be the only reason why your case is delayed. Hang in there :))

      • To anyone who has contacted the Ombudsman: Do they help and how long does it take? I got an email from them this past Monday, April 6, that they’ve contacted USCIS and requesting action on my EAD. Mine expires this coming Wednesday, April 15. My employer says they’ll let me work as long as my case is approved before the expiration date and my card is on its way. I’ll have to drive without a license for a few days but I’m cool with that.

      • Hi Daniela! I hope we can get an answer ASAP, Have you get any help from your lawyer or congressman? I really worry about why they taking so long to get our cases approved.

        • Good news: I got my approval today, April 13. Two days before my current work permit expires. Now I’m just waiting on my card to arrive. Praise God! I’m praying for those who are still waiting! Contact the Ombudsman, that’s what I did. Don’t be afraid to speak up! You have every right to know what’s going on!

  178. So with 1 week to go HR finally contacted my manager today. I was honest. I told him that I applied back in December. Even he was surprised. He said he would do everything to keep me employed. The ironic twist is that I took another job. Which at this rate I may never start! And I worked so hard to get 😩 On the bright side my state issued me a normal DL so it won’t expire until 2019….I still remain hopeful

  179. I did my biometrics on 3/27/15 and my EAD expires on 5/30/15. Although its been a little over a week since my biometrics, should I contact my congressman and/or Ombudsman now to try to expedite my case or wait a little longer to contact them? I only have about two months from my biometrics until my EAD expires; I will lose my job if I don’t get approved in time and I am really freaking out!

    • I would say contact them at the end of the month if you haven’t already. I think they still have to wait like 60 days after the bio to give them a chance to do it but at least in my case I contacted my congress man and it only took a week to get approved and get my new cards

      • Hey Erisa, thanks for the response and congrats!

        An issue that I’ve noticed by reading through this blog however, is that your congressman or Ombudsman usually helps AFTER your EAD gets expired and then people get approved AFTER their EAD is expired. It would be really horrible to get fired from my job and then just a few days later, I get approved; that lapse of just a few days would ruin a very good job.

        Now of course I’m not complaining here because just getting approved is very fortunate. But I wanted to know if either the congressman and/or the Ombudsman can help expedite the case BEFORE it expires so that I don’t get fired from my job for not having a valid EAD for just a few days (or possibly a few weeks).

        Any insight or previous successful experiences with the congressman and/or Ombudsman from those who have been approved on this blog would really be appreciated. Thanks!

  180. I am sure I am not the only one experiencing this problem after getting our card. If you could please answer 2 questions, I would really appreciate it. Sometimes information posted by government website is hard to understand.

    Right now, I am making very little money so I do not have to get health insurance and DACA immigrants are not eligible for ObamaCare.

    1. I just finished my tax return and TurboTax told me I am qualified to get Medicaid (Maryland). I started applying and the site told me that they cannot identify me. Can DACA immigrants apply for Medicaid? (I think the answer is no, but double checking)
    2. Finally, it seems like people cannot check my credit even when I give them my SSN. I filed all my taxes and have no debt. Does DACA immigrant’s SSN not provide credit information?

    Thank you so much

    • Thomas………I’ve had minimal problems with credit. So far only the cable company and Ally bank couldn’t find me. I was still able to get my internet connected. Just didn’t get the savings account I wanted. But I have bank accounts. I’ve since bought a car. Got 2 credit cards. I have a 401k plan and full health benefits at work. Some of the reasons why I”m freaking out about loosing my job. You shouldn’t have problems with your credit. Try this app called credit karma. It’s free and it shows you what you have on your credit report. The only problems with credit I’ve had was simply not having a history for my age so my score isn’t great. As for medicaid I’m not sure. Maybe someone else can answer that question. I don’t think we qualify (but do not take my word) because we aren’t residents per say.

      • Thanks for the reply. I have no problem with my credit, but the problem is it seems like my credit do not show up for insurance companies, or etc. I am just wondering if we even have a credit history? Maybe it is because I recently graduated and do not have much working history?

  181. Hello dont worry you will get it soon i had los hope but mine was aproved today
    They received my application dec 12 2014
    Whent to biometrics jan 5 2015
    i called a dozen times and nothing changed i contacted the obudusman
    monday..hopefully that helped i had been out of my job for 2 weeks since it
    expired:) hopefully it helps some of yous to not loose hope!

  182. Hi, I know there is no excuse for my irresponsibility but i’m a mother &going through some difficult situations…my daca work permit expired this year in jan & up to this point i still havent sent any of the required docs to renew it so im pretty much in the air…
    do you think i should still try or start from the beginning do you know what can i do?

  183. I called the 1-800 yet again today and got the same run around. Since it’s a recorded line I figured why not so I pleaded and said I would loose my job. But nothing much. My case is in Nebraska. I asked if she saw any updates on her end and she gave me the same dates I saw on my end. I asked when is the page going to be updated because the last time there were updates where in January. She said the page had been updated 3 weeks ago. I asked so why does it say dates as of January 31, 2015. She didn’t really answer it. So I got nowhere. On April 1st I emailed that Ombudsman but haven’t heard anything back from them yet. I called this one lawyer lady and asked for any info I could get my hands on. Shes not my lawyer. I’m not working with one. She was kind enough so I asked what should I do about my job. She said that if no one asks then don’t tell. I asked her what has been the feedback from her clients as the dates approaches. The feedback she’s been getting is that some are coming in days before expiration dates. She had just 1 come in the day after. She told me that they are barely barely denying renewals and if they needed anything more from you they would contact. This gave me hope. I also reached out to my congressman and his aide reached back out to me so I responded but haven’t heard from them since. I’m still hopeful all will work out. I have been reading this page now on a daily basis. I’m curious to know who else is in this Nebraska boat and who’s been in the boat and when did they get out.

  184. Does anyone know what month the Nebraska branch is working on currently?

    • Every time I’ve called they say they’re still working on the October but my lawyer says she’s already been receiving approval for November cases. I don’t even bother to call the USCIS people anymore. They’re not up to date. Mine expires on the 15th of April so I’m still waiting. I’ve contacted the Ombudsman and they say that helps.

      • Yay Rubi I’m so happy for you! Your story gave me hope! Congratulations. Mine expires on the 17th! Wish me luck!

        • Hey Sabrina, did you have any luck today? I read your post earlier about them updating the website, and I just checked and saw that my case was received for my deferred action didn’t think much of it. As soon as I checked the work permit one I read that my card was being produced as of today. I hope you get the good news today, too. I feel such a relief… I couldn’t take it anymore. Just pray and have faith that God will take care of it for you. : )

      • Hey Sandra…..I got the news today! So happy……3 days before mine expired! When did you get your notification?

        • Sabrina I checked online on Monday night and the work permit was in production as of 4/13, same day. Today the deferred action case was approved. I haven’t received anything yet, but just knowing that they’re been approved is such a relief… I can finally have a good night sleep. Next time I will send it as early as possible. Even though I sent it within 137 days that wasn’t enough. Lesson learned. I’m so happy for you and me… til next time. I hope you do great things at your new job and keep making your dreams come true. We Are DREAMERS And Yes We Can!!! Love this blog.

  185. Hey Sabrina, I checked my status today and no changes. Also I checked the following two numbers just for kicks and they had been approved as of March 31st. I wondered why mine are taking too long? I thought that it was first come first served basis. Now do anybody know what are the grounds for a denial? This wait is unbearable. We still got a little over a week. Hope we get it soon. Animo.

    • Sandra when I saw “Your case has been approved” my heart skipped a beat. Then I went to check on my other LIN# and got the same message ive been getting. I thought that’s weird. So I went back and realized I put the wrong # in. I then started checking numbers and was kinda saddened to know that the last 10 people behind me already had theirs and the 10 people in front of me. I remain hopeful! I reached out to the 1-800 again today but no luck. I thought it was fist come first serve as well. From my understanding they are barely denying renewals.

      • Hey, mine expired since march 5, and am still waiting. still name updating, and working on case from oct 16. Nothing you can do. I called and aske what happen, i demanded answers but seems like they cannot do anything. I explain my story and nothing. I helped my cousing filling his documents and he receieved his already. I helped my other causin whose daca was sent back and forth twice, and she got an answer…. i helped my mother in law who filed hers on February and she is done also. NOW ME, AM STILL WAITING!!!!! WHY!!! The answer i received is that officers work different, in other words, the officers who are delaying our cases is because they take their sweet as time, are on vacations, or simply have been working their for years and feel they can approve whenever they want. Is unknowing…. SO, IF YOUR CASE IS DELAYED WE SIMPLY HAVE TO WAIT. UNTILL REACHING THE DEADLINE AND FILL OUT SOME BS, WHICH IN THE END WILL KEEP U WAITING AGAIN. How bout repaying and resubmitting all my documents and fees., since there is a case already pending, it would automatically be expelled. Goshhhhh. Totally disappointing, but calm people, one way or another, we will make it.

  186. I applied for my daca 147 days in advance in November 2014 went for my biometrics roughly a month later and am still waiting for answer on renewal and mine expires in one week

    What should I do

  187. I applied for my renewal 147 days in advance and I am still waiting my daca expires in one week what should I do

  188. Hi everyone, I’m really anxious about all of this waiting game with the Nebraska office. They received my case on Nov.26th, went for biometrics on Dec.24th and have not heard anything since then. I have 10 days left on my EAD before it expires and I’ve been reading this thread for a while and decided to calm myself down for a little bit. It appears that everybody is going thru the same thing, but I can’t take it no more. What do you guys say in an email to your congressman / woman? Thankfully mine rep is a Dem in my area, but what should I say without sounding demanding??? Or should I call the USCIS cust serv line even though it looks like they don’t do anything for you… My status online has not changed it just says my case was received. Any words of wisdom are really appreciated! Thanx

    • Hello Sandra….you and I are on this same Nebraska boat with 10 days left. I just took my brand new job offer in complete and blind faith that it will get here before the 17th. I went onto my congressman’s page and emailed them explaining my situtuation. I was honest. I said I took the opportunity when it was given and found a great job but now I’m affaid I might be losing it which will create hardship for me. I have a son so I threw that fact in. I also told him that I did everything within the required time. That I just want to know why is it taking so long. I’m so glad I found this page. I was in complete panic mode before. I’m still panicking but it’s down a notch. I hope and pray we get ours. But here is a kicker the person in front of me got theirs already! 😃😩. I accidentally typed the last # wrong and got someone else’s receipt #

    • Hey Sandra, I’m in a similar situation as you. The website says my case was received on Oct 6, went for my biometrics in Nov and the status of my case hasn’t evolved. I called the uscis customer service office and they noticed that my case was already out of the waiting time frame so they told me I could get an info-pass to my local uscis office and get a temporary work permit (I don’t remember how long it lasts though). In addition they put an inquire note on my case to see what’s going on, and told me to call them back if I don’t hear from them in 30 days. I also emailed the ombudsman office couple of days ago and then called them yet era and they told me that they send inquires to the uscis offices twice weekly- sine they received my inquire on 04/02 my case should be reading the Nebraska office in about a week. Either way I hace to wait for a bit, now I know I’ve done everything in my power.
      Call both affixed and bring some attention to your case, youve got nothing to lose. don’t be shy 🙂

      • sorry there are a lot of typos on my previous comment, my phone keeps switching my words. I meant to say “I called the ombudsman office yesterday” and that you should call both “offices”

  189. Hey , I know exactly what you guys are going threw but let me just tell you that everything will be OK and the less you worry about it the sooner and with no time your renewal will arrive ! Let me tell you my experience I applied on Feb 20 and work permit expiration date was on April 3rd yes I did it a little late, and I was worried a lot I had a stable job I knew wells thought I was going to loose it but ok back to the point I applied on the 20 of Feb got my appointment letter for my biometrics 2 weeks before my appointment was until march 24 yes really close to my expiration date but my case was approved on the 27 of march (checked online) and then received my approval letter on April 4 stating I was OK to work and just wait for my new work permit card, so yes that was my experience and my Manger was okay with it and I’m just waiting for my new work card permit to arrive, my advice is don’t stress it 🙂

  190. UPDATE: So the good news I got the promotion I wanted. However I’m still waiting on my permit. I have now contacted my congressman and he seems willing to help. I e-mailed the Ombudsman. I’m waiting to hear back from them! I feel that I have done everything in my power. So I now wait. So far my employer has not approached me. I don’t know how they keep track of these things. So far from what I read here everyone seems to be getting there’s in the nick of time. Praying I get mine soon. And everyone else here.

  191. Hi all! New to this thread but have been following it for weeks now. Here’s some of my information:
    DACA expires: 4/21/2015
    Mailed renewal app: 11/24/14
    Received at Nebraska Lockbox: 11/28/14
    Biometrics set for: 12/29/15 –Went and did them
    No updates and I was freaking out and getting really anxious since, like many of you, I hold a job, was getting ready for grad school, etc.

    I kept on calling and asking around during the end of Feb. Filed a case with the Ombudsman and got the response that it takes them a little bit to get to and address my case, etc. It was sometime in March that they said they were going to contact USCIS for me so I just told myself that I did all that I could and that everything was in God’s hands (just like it always is, praise Him!)

    The Ombudsman emailed me yesterday saying that USCIS has already made a decision on my case and that they have finished looking into my case. I was very confused, so checked the status of my case and lo and behold, both my I-821D and I-765 were approved on March 31!!!! Notices are being mailed. Praise the Lord!!

    I check the mail like a hawk daily now haha….. really just want everything to come because I’ve heard stories about stuff getting lost in the mail!

    Can anyone tell me how long it was between your case status saying your cases were approved and then your card was put into production and being mailed??? I haven’t gotten the notices yet (they approved my case March 31).

    Thanks and I will be praying for all of you who are still anxious and waiting!! Contact your ombudsman and congressman/woman. Any bit will help!!

  192. Hi Family, just checking in. I received my card today! Here’s is what I found out may help! If your DACA is close to expiration, contact ombudsmen. File out the information online and tell them that you need your job. You will receive a response and they will bell you that it may take30 to 45 day, but that’s what they told me, and it was a matter of days and my case was approved. Don’t wait. If you’ve done your part and followed the steps that they gave us, then you just have to wait it out. Dont be stressed. Stay positive and rejoice with the others that receive theirs and yours will come! It will!

    • What does card was mailed to me as april 3 means? How long does it take to arrive normally ?

    • Yay!!!! I hope i get mine soon!!!! 😉😉😉

    • Hey, mine expired since march 5, and am still waiting. still name updating, and working on case from oct 16. Nothing you can do. I called and aske what happen, i demanded answers but seems like they cannot do anything. I explain my story and nothing. I helped my cousing filling his documents and he receieved his already. I helped my other causin whose daca was sent back and forth twice, and she got an answer…. i helped my mother in law who filed hers on February and she is done also. NOW ME, AM STILL WAITING!!!!! WHY!!! The answer i received is that officers work different, in other words, the officers who are delaying our cases is because they take their sweet as time, are on vacations, or simply have been working their for years and feel they can approve whenever they want. Is unknowing…. SO, IF YOUR CASE IS DELAYED WE SIMPLY HAVE TO WAIT. UNTILL REACHING THE DEADLINE AND FILL OUT SOME BS, WHICH IN THE END WILL KEEP U WAITING AGAIN. How bout repaying and resubmitting all my documents and fees., since there is a case already pending, it would automatically be expelled. Goshhhhh. Totally disappointing, but calm people, one way or another, we will make it.

  193. Hello guys I was just wondering if any of you got the update “Card was mailed to me” without a tracking number? I thought that they were supposed to include one?

  194. Anyones application processed through Texas? Im super freaking out right now. My application was received dec 17, biometrics on jan 13, and my permit expires tomorrow. I have no idea what to do 😦 😦 😦

    • Hang tough Brenda, I had my biometrics Jan 27 and my card came today. My expiration date was Mar 25. So I was out of work a week. But all is well. Stay positive! It will come.

      • Here’s an update. My card expired on the second and I’m still waiting. Luckily my job hasn’t said anything yet. But im a nervous wreck while I’m at work. Every call I get I think its the company telling me I’m fired. Ive tried contacting the lawyer I’m using but no luck which leads me to believe that I have to do a the calling and contacting. Almost makes it feel like a waste of money hiring them. This anxiety might kill me

  195. Sorry for the first message. Stupid iPhone …….Hello. I’m in major panic mode right now. My permit expires in 17 days. I sent the renewal out late December 2014 on January 9th they confirmed that they received it back in December 26th 2014. On Feb 3rd 2015I did my biometrics…….and that was it! I heard nothing backs. I called the 1-800 # I said that I will loose my job but no real solution. The website says They are processing applications from October 2014 and she said I still have 2 months to wait. 😳😳 I don’t have 2 months! I have 2 promotions on the line…..I right now can’t afford a lawyer so I’m panicking! My application is in Nebraska. I have a friend who renewed in January with an expiration in March already got hers! I’m so scared to loose my job. Any advice?

    • You should email ambudsman it work for me I emailed them 4 day ago and they emailed me back saying that they were working with uscis and today they aprovedit my work permit expires April 25

    • Sabrina, the Nebraska office is getting caught up… mine expired on the 14th of March and I called on the 8th of Feb for updates in which case they said that the Nebraska offices were working on the month of September, I freaked because I had a December application…. i got my card on on the 28th of March… so in a laps of about a month, they processed 4 months…

      As far as loosing your job, in my case I explained my situation to my boss and he said that as long as we were moving in the right direction it wouldn’t be a problem. Maybe talk with your boss, just make him aware, be honest and hope for the best… bosses don’t like to go through the hassle of hiring if they can avoid it.

  196. Hello. I’m in major panic mode right now. My permit expires in 17 days. I sent the renewal out late December 2014 on January 9th they confirmed that they received it back in December 26th 2014. On Feb 3rd I did my biometrics http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/SabrinaMachado/bowl-for-kids-sake-2015

  197. How do I contact my congressman? How do I know which one is the right one to contact?

    My timeline so far:
    Nov. 25 – received receipt notice for my application
    Jan. 2 – did my biometrics

    after that I still have nothing..
    It has been more than 90 days and I have not received any approval or denial
    I called USCIS regarding my case and they said they are still working through October applications in Nebraska.

    My EAC expires in 2 weeks: April 18

    If I don’t get my EAC soon I will lose my job and benefits T_T

    It is nerve-wrecking, I don’t know what else do.

    • Karen, mine was received in November 21 and did my biometrics in December 16. Mine expires April 15. I’ve calmed USCIS and everytime I’ve called they tell me different things so it’s hard to believe who’s accurate and who’s not. I filled mine through an attorney and called them to ask about it and they’ve told me that the USCIS told them Nebraska was still working from cases in October but they’ve already started receiving cases from November. I’m gonna assume Nebraska offices are catching it up. I’m still gonna go to my congress representative and ask for help. I live in North Carolina but I’m moving to California in a few months so I hope my case is processed in a different office once I make the move because Nebraska is pissing me off.

    • Dec 17- send app
      Dec-19 received app
      Jan-28 biometrics
      March-27 card was ordered
      March-31 Approved both daca/work permit.
      April -5 work permit expiring

      How long does it take for the work permit to arrive??

      Praying for all of us!!

      • Hi Raquel,

        I mailed my application in at the end of Nov and mine expires April 21, Mine was approved March 31 as well!! Did your status update to “card is in production” yet??? I’m anxious that it still just says that both my I-821D and I-765 has been approved and a notice has been mailed…

    • Honestly I just googled my zipcode for my congress man I ended up getting the wrong congress man because it showed two of them for my zip but they were really nice and gave me the number of the right one


  198. Hello everyone im curious to find out if anyone that has filled in January has been approved yet?

    • Soooo excited!!! Here’s my time line
      Work permit expires April 22
      Jan 27 sent my renewal to Nebraska office
      Jan 28 received
      March 31 approved

      Will post when updated
      I have checked this forum daily and was freaking out but Yall gave me hope thanks!!! Hopefully this will give some of yall some piece of mind I know how scary this is.

      • Hello!

        I mailed my application in at the end of Nov and mine expires April 21 (one day before you, Karlam hahaah). Mine was approved March 31 as well!! Did your status update to “card is in production” yet??? I’m anxious that it still just says that both my I-821D and I-765 has been approved and a notice has been mailed…

  199. Thank you. I’m gonna call them first thing tomorrow when I get a chance.

    • Don’t worry Rubi I’m sure you’ll get it any day. Mine expired on the 14th of this month and received it on the 28th but it was approved on the 21st. I also sent my application to the Nebraska office. They were delayed by only 7 days even though I sent my application in late. Be patient, it’ll come.

    • hello not sure you are coming back here or not but you and I have similar expiration dates. I was wondering if you heard anything back.

      • Sabrina, I emailed the Ombudsman last Tuesday, the 31st of March and I just got a response that they’ve contacted USCIS regarding my case. I’ve heard people say in a mathere of days, you get an approval, even though they tell you it could take 60 days. I have an attorney and she’s told me that she’s already getting approval notices from November cases so I’m just praying and trusting the Lord. It’ll come, just be patient and have faith. My employer says they won’t fire me but I won’t be able to work until they have my new permit on file. If I’m out of work, hopefully it’s just for a few days.

  200. I submittedto renew my DACA in November 21st of 2014 and received my biometrics appointment for December 16, 2014 for which I showed up for. My current work permit expires April 15, it’s the end of March and I’ve not heard anything and customer service tells me different things I don’t know who or what to believe anymore. My nerves are on high right now.

    • CALL your congress representative.. My sister and I submitted our DACA renewals on Nov 16th and did the Bios Dec 16th the actual cards expired March 18. We kept calling and asking them what was going on and what we could do but they didn’t really care to help us. The Nebraska offices were behind by a whole month and a half so we called our congress representative and they said they would take care of it, just a week later and we received our permits.

    • Rubi…..Did you hear back from USCIS yet?

  201. I just received my employment authorization card this is the renewal and I was wondering for how many years did you received it for. Mine is for only 2 years and I heard that the renewal was going to be for 3 years so I’m wondering if it was a mistake on mine or everyone else is receiving it for 2 years too.

    • Mine was two years too… and so was my sisters :/ we just received them yesterday

    • It was only for 3 years during the period of time that DAPA was still in effect, so anything approved between November and February 17th or so was a 3 year permit. Since DAPA was taken away, all of the DACA work permits are back to two years.

  202. Hello Everyone,

    I received my card on Saturday. But, I haven’t received an approved letter it’s that normal? So, I applied on late November they received it on December 12, I went for my biometrics on January 13. My daca expired on March 12. I didn’t contact my congressman or emailed the ombudsman. I just waited. Be patient and have faith☺️ Good luck eveyone!!!
    Does anyone know what do I need to take to the DMV to renew my driver license?

    • Where do you live? I live in Texas and they have to go through a verification process. I went today because my EAD expired March 12th and I got my permit approved on the 21st and received it in the mail the 27th. I was told that it could not be verified automatically so I will be receiving a letter in the mail when my lawful presence is verified, which can take 5-7 business days 😦 All I had to take was a DL renewal application, my social security card, and my new EAD though.

  203. Hi everyone, this was my process:

    Permit expired: March 14th, 2015
    Sent renewal application: December 4th, 2015 (Late by 10 days)
    Received letter to expect bio letter: December 22nd, 2015
    Biometrics Appointment: January 8th, 2015
    GOT MY CARD TODAY!!! MARCH 28, 2015…

    I had a lapse of 7 days only and my application was sent to the Nebraska Office. I called February 18th I think, for information and they had told me that as of February 18th, the Nebraska office was bearly working on the September 2014 applications. So, from my understanding, they processed end of September, October, November and December applications in about 1 month. WOW!! Awesome!

    So here’s my question…
    I know I have to renew my drivers license, but what about social security number? Do I need to call them or go in to get another social card? I’m almost positive that it’ll still be the same and may not need to do anything with social security but not 100%. Anyone know? Thanks!

  204. Hey guys!
    I’ve been following this thread because I was freaking out about my work permit expiring, but I wanted to share my timeline with y’all.

    November 11th: Sent my application
    November 12th: My application was received (exactly 120 days prior to my expiration date)
    December 8th: Biometrics were done
    March 12th: EAD expired
    March 22nd: My application was approved and my card was sent to production
    March 27th: Got my permit in the mail!

    I am super excited and I will be going to get my driver’s license renewed next week. I’ve been driving around really carefully these past two weeks!! Everyone keep your head up and keep praying!

    • Hi, where was your case processed at? Nebraska?

      • Yes it was processed at Nebraska. I also attempted to get my driver license today and I was not able to because of the SAVE process in Texas (which was not around when I got my first license) and apparently since it is newly renewed, the DHS has not processed it through the DPS yet and I am not allowed to get my license renewed until the DPS gets a response from DHS.

  205. Thanks Shau! I did I submitted the request this week. I also contacted my congressman but they told me to send a letter to the Nebraska Center and wait at least a month before they can get inquiry on my case, is been 2 weeks. 😦

    • Luz my congressman did not even reply to my email or return my phone calls, so that they did not do much does not mean it wont happen before that month. since you contacted ombudsman I think you should here something soon best of luck! Still praying for you and everyone else 😊

      • @JC Yayyy I been checking my status all day today earlier and I checked today around 8:20 and it finally changed !! It says my card is being produced and will be mail out !!!! Omg I was so excited I couldn’t believe it I had to reload my page a few times and I started tearing of joy! It will expire next Wednesday i thought I was going to lose my job I was so worried because HR noticed my card this week i told them i would get the new one soon. For those of you that haven’t received anything just stay positive!

      • I’m with you Mariel.. unless you know that your congressman is for immigration, I dont know that they will work hard, but we still have to put it out there. They told me i had to wait, but there were wrong. Give Ombudsman a chance to do their thing, and yet stay positive. It’s coming!

  206. What does your New card is being pruduce mean???

  207. Friends, it happened. Approved today, this afternoon!
    My timeline:
    12-13 My Case was received.
    1/27 Biometric completed.
    3/16 Email to congressman
    3/17 Received response from congressman office.
    3/19 Received request from congressman office for more information.
    3/19 Sent requested informant to congressman office
    3/19 Received response from congressman that he checked with Nebraska Center and was told that my file was still in the processing queque and they could not speed up the process because I did not file 120 day prior to expiration.
    3/19 Completed form with Ombudman.
    3/20 Received acknowledgement and was told I would hear something within 45 day.
    3/24 Last day of working my 2 jobs
    3/25 DACA and Work Permit expired.
    3/26 Daca proved. Card ordered to be produced.
    Friends don’t give up. Continue to support each other and rejoice at each victory.
    When I congratulated JC I had no idea that I was approved too.
    @Mariel, I’ll keep coming back until you get approved, it probably just around the corner.

    • Congrats! Now we can rejoice together! lol
      Guys make sure to contact the Ombudsman office otherwise they won’t speed up your process!

    • Feb. 5th 😦 but my employer let me know that my position was going to be available as soon as I came back 🙂

    • I contacted onbudman office already!!! Yay I am so happy gor you shau!!! I love reading of people getting aproved…gives me hope!!!! I’ll keep you updated in mine 😊 mine expired today i hope i dont get fired 😔 i love my job and i need it to pay for my school 😣 congrats again i am so happy for you!!!

    • I am jumping on one leg!!!! I was approved!!!! I started crying when I read the email!!!! I have been prqying so much for all of us!!! @shau thanks for the positive vibes!! @Alex, i am still praying for you and your family 🙂 good luck everyone!!!

      Us is recieved my case on December 8 Biometrics done on January 9th
      Name updated on march 10th
      Emailed ombudsman on march 16th
      Although my congressman is againts did i contacted his ofice on the 23(but they never emailed or called back) 😔
      DACA expired on March 26
      Approved & card in production on march 27th!!!

      I am going to keep praying for all of my fellow DACA friends! It makes me so proud to know that we can have good jobs and go to school at the same time! Pardon my language but!!!! “We are doing our damn thing” 😉

      • @Mariel…….YES, YES,, YES, YES,…… We are in there!!!!! Our little group all made it, me you and JC!!!! to all our other Friends, rejoice with each victory and yours will come…. I’m very happy for you Mariel and you too JC!!!! I told you I would keep checking to see when you make it. My approval came one day after expiration and so do yours. Hopefully you can get your job back, you too JC… My jobs are waiting on me too. All the best to everyone!

      • Congratulation Maribel!! I am usually sad thinking about when mine is going to be approve, but I like to read my the approve stories of my fellow dreamers! it gives me hope!! 🙂

      • Congrats Mariel! this has been one scary experience because we all depend on our jobs. I’m so glad we all got approved 🙂 To the rest of you guys, don’t lose hope contact your Ombudsman office ASAP! 🙂

      • Shau, it has been a rolercoster for sure i think I was more exited this time than the first time I was aproved since my job and education depended on it!!! @JC you are absolutely right!!! I am so happy for us three and still am praying for everyone else!
        I am so proud of us all!!! With just a work permit we all have good jobs, imagen if we get some sort of permanent solution we will be unstoppable!!!!
        @luz thanks!!! It took 11 days after I contacted the ombudsman office so just hang in there I know how frustrating it is but all you can do is pray and hope 😉😉

    • Congrats!!! So happy for you. We got approved on the same day. Have you forte your card yet