Winter 2017 California-Mexico Dreamers Study Abroad Program: Open to DACA beneficiaries



The California-Mexico Studies Center (CMSC) is currently accepting applications from DACA-recipients to participate in their Winter 2017 California-Mexico Dreamers Study Abroad Program, which will take place in the Mexico City-Cuernavaca area from December 22, 2017 to January 14, 2018. “During the 3-week travel-study experience, the participating Dreamers will immerse into a comprehensive language and cultural educational program at the Centro Tlahuica de Lenguas e Intercambio Cultural (CETLALIC) Institute; which will consist of historical, cultural, linguistic, and academic ‘cátedras’ on social movements, the Mexican educational, economic and political systems, various museum and archeological visits, and also a home-stay living experience with Mexican host families while attending CETLALIC. Also, participating Dreamers will have the opportunity to conduct independent travel and ethnographic research on their family origins, which will allow Dreamers to visit their birthplace during the Christmas-New Years break, and produce a 10-page ethnographic-research paper based on their findings. Dreamers living anywhere in the continental U.S. are welcome to apply. Moreover, we encourage Dreamers from other countries than Mexico to apply as well, as long as they are fluent Spanish-speakers, given that the entire program will be taught in Spanish.”

Here are the eligibility requirements:

  • Be 21 years-old or older, and speak fluent Spanish
  • Have an active DACA status
  • Have a valid passport from the respective country of origin
  • If applicant is Mexican-born, he/she must commit to apply to, and attain the Instituto Nacional Electoral’s (INE) Credencial para Votar en el Extranjero before traveling to Mexico on December 22, 2017
  • Must have no criminal and/or immigration record
  • Must participate in ALL PROGRAM activities from Dec. 22, 2017 to January 14, 2017
  • Must be able to pay the $2,500 program fee

The extended application deadline to apply is June 30 2017

For more information and to apply, please visit their official website: Winter 2017 California-Mexico Dreamers Study Abroad Program

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