Below you’ll find testimonials from some of our diverse group of readers.

“I stumbled on your blog, mydocumentedlife.org, a few months ago when I was looking for advice on pursuing law school. Although there has been a lot of news lately when it comes to this issue, I was unable to find an online community in which I can look for support until I found your blog! Your blog has been a source of inspiration and hope whenever I feel discouraged, and I want to thank you for it! Before reading Karla’s article on your blog, I did not even know if law school was possible for someone like me. After reading more and more testimonies on your blog, I now know that graduate school is not only possible for someone like me – it’s already been done before. It gives me courage and confidence to continue pursuing my interests and aspirations.”

Stephen, DACAmented college student (California)

I personally want to thank you for your work and site. Given the current state of the country, your work and site does provide solace to students because they know MANY people and groups care. They see the number of resources available and as a result, don’t feel alone.

– Diana, professor (California)

“I want to thank you for inspiring us (DACA students) to go further in our lives and providing tools that help us achieve our academic goals.”

Bryan, DACAmented college student (Colorado)

“I am an educator working with youth in special education programs and work with many English language learning, DACA and migrant youth.  I am so happy to find your blog…in my opinion it is the best website for finding resources and support for the population you (and I) are trying to help.  Your blog makes the complications of navigating the government system a little less complicated.  I am bookmarking your blog on my computer and sharing with my students and colleagues.  I just wanted to Thank You for creating such a wonderful resource and to keep up the good work!!!”

Gail, educator (California)

It put me in touch with other like minded undocumented writers/activists/advocate. It was really my introduction into the community.”

Jennifer, formerly undocumented, advocate (Pennsylvania)

Thank you for providing such as an amazing resource! As an ally it’s helpful to have a reliable
place to go and get more information. I now share this website with undocumented students and
other professionals as well. You are truly doing something great!!

– Nicolette, Scholarship Coordinator (California)

“I love your articles and your positive attitude in helping undocumented students to receive a higher education. Thank you for all the support that you have given me. You were actually the first person that gave me confidence and encouraged me to try my hardest to attend college. I wanted to let you know that due to your push and encouragement, I have been accepted to 7 colleges/universities. I found a community in which I feel safe to be who I want to be and is all thanks to you.”

Alejandra, undocumented college student (Boston)

“It has opened my doors to many opportunities.”

Jair, undocumented high school student (California)

“As a Transfer Center Director I am always encouraging our students to think long tern in pursuing a Master’s and PhDs. Your blog was the first I’ve encountered to actually have posts and resources with those interests, thank you! There has been such a groundswell of new Dreamer activists as they find support groups and blogs like yours that give them a collective reassurance of their efforts.”

David, Transfer Center Director (California)

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