Are you undocu(or DACA)mented and want to go to graduate school?


imagesIn addition to providing information and sharing my own experiences as an undocumented grad student through this online blog, it is my hope to also share the stories of fellow future, current, and former UndocuGrads.
The latest posts of former and current UndocuGrads have received a lot of positive feedback- they have informed and inspired a lot of you!

At the same time, there are a lot of undocu(or DACA)mented folks who are interested in pursuing graduate school, but perhaps are not sure where to begin, are nervous/confused/excited/scared, and have multiple thoughts and experiences going on. If you are someone who can relate to this and want to share your story, please contact me: “My Documented Life” (Facebook);  or through my website’s contact form.

I would love to provide the space for you to share your story. It is my hope that in sharing your story, you will also have the opportunity to connect with fellow prospective/current/former UndocuGrads, raise awareness about our experiences pursuing graduate school, and motivate others!

As always, feel free to reach out to me if you need any advice in general throughout the graduate school application process.

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