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profile-pic (1)Our mission at My Undocumented Life blog is to provide up-to-date information and resources to undocumented immigrants. We post scholarship opportunities that are open to undocumented students, strategies for navigating the educational system, information on how to apply for DACA/Advanced Parole, news on DAPA, and much more. Most importantly, we want to provide a sense of community to our diverse group of readers.

My name is Carolina Valdivia and I created this blog in 2011. Having navigated the educational system as an undocumented student I faced multiple challenges. Thankfully, I had a community to support me along the way. I expanded my organizing efforts and created this blog as a way to give back and provide support to fellow undocumented immigrants. I am happy to say that since 2011, My Undocumented Life has reached over one million views as we continue to grow thanks to our loyal readers and passionate team of guest contributors (see their profiles below). I would also like to thank my partner for assuming the role of webmaster.

Our vision for the future is to scale-up and build the capacity to reach our entire community, from immigrant youth and their families to organizers and educators.

My background: I was born in Mexicali, Baja California and grew up undocumented in the United States since the age of twelve. After over a decade of having been undocumented, my husband and I received the news that our adjustment of status application was approved and that I am now a legal permanent resident. Currently, I am pursuing my Ph.D. in education at Harvard University. To learn more about my scholarly work which centers around issues related to immigration/education and the undocumented community, you can visit my personal website at www.CarolinaValdivia.com

A reader’s testimonial:  “I want to thank you for inspiring us…to go further in our lives and providing tools that help us achieve our academic goals.”  See our testimonial page to read what our diverse group of readers have to say about the blog.

Also, check out the growing list of schools and organizations that have featured our blog. Undocumented students and educators may find useful resources in the links provided within this list.


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Our disclaimer:  the views and statements expressed in this website are those of the authors alone.  Although we aim to provide the most accurate information, the information in this website should not be taken as legal advice.

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