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profile-pic (1)Our mission at My (Un)Documented Life is to provide up-to-date information and resources to undocumented immigrants. We post scholarship opportunities that are open to undocumented students, strategies for navigating the educational system, information on how to apply for DACA/Advanced Parole, news on DAPA, and much more. Most importantly, we want to provide a sense of community to our diverse group of readers.


My name is Carolina Valdivia and I created this blog in 2011.  Having navigated the educational system as an undocumented student I faced multiple challenges. Thankfully, I had a community to support me along the way.  I expanded my organizing efforts and created this blog as a way to give back and provide support to fellow undocumented immigrants.  I am happy to say that since 2011, My (Un)Documented Life has reached over a quarter of a million views as we continue to grow thanks to our loyal readers and passionate team of guest contributors (see their profiles below). I would also like to thank my partner for assuming the role of webmaster.

facebook-logo-undocumented-lifeOur vision for the future is to scale-up and build the capacity to reach our entire community, from immigrant youth and their families to organizers and educators.  We are always looking for more contributors and sources of funding that will allow us to meet our goals.

My background: I was born in Mexicali, Baja California and grew up undocumented in the United States since the age of twelve.  After over a decade of having been undocumented, my husband and I received the news that our adjustment of status application was approved and that I am now a legal permanent resident.  Currently, I am pursuing my Ph.D. in education at Harvard University. To learn more about my scholarly work which centers around issues related to immigration/education and the undocumented community, you can visit my personal website at www.CarolinaValdivia.com

A reader’s testimonial:  “I want to thank you for inspiring us…to go further in our lives and providing tools that help us achieve our academic goals.”  See our testimonial page to read what our diverse group of readers have to say about the blog.

Also, check out the growing list of schools and organizations that have featured our blog. Undocumented students and educators may find useful resources in the links provided within this list.



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Our disclaimer:  the views and statements expressed in this website are those of the authors alone.  Although we aim to provide the most accurate information, the information in this website should not be taken as legal advice.

20 replies

  1. do you know if my DACA expired can i still get approved and still be in college. ????

  2. Hello Carolina, after reading your blog and some respondents, I am thrilled to know that our citizenship does not stop us from continuing our education. I am writing my personal statements for the UC’s and I was wondering if you may have a look at them and make some suggestions. Please. I would appreciate it really much. Thank you🙂

    • Hi Anayely, glad to hear you found my blog and excited that you are getting ready to apply to the UCs! Definitely subscribe to the blog (it’s free of course) to stay up-to-date with information, experiences, resources, and more. I’ll be glad to take a look at your personal statements and give you my feedback. Please go ahead and send them to: mydocumentedlife@gmail.com

  3. I really need help applying to college😦

  4. I found this blog so comforting I currently enrolled in grad school its online Arizona State University I’m in Cali
    It was the least expensive and it’s my field as well.
    Does anyone one if there are any scholarships out there that could help me out? I’m struggling with paying and I don’t want to pause this program its something I really want and need. Any help is highly appreciated. Thank you!

    • Hi Sonia, congrats on starting grad school! We will keep posting the latest scholarship opportunities we come across, so definitely subscribe and stay in touch. I hope one of our readers will be able to help as well. I’ll keep my eye out for more scholarships!

  5. Hi Carolina,
    My name is Angie Ocampo and I’m a student at Brown University. I’m writing a senior thesis on the experiences of undocumented Latino college students at elite universities. I’d love to interview you since there are very few graduate students currently represented in my sample. Please email me if you’re interested in participating so I can send you more information. Thank you!
    Angie Ocampo

  6. Great blog, will follow you on twitter. Happy Holidays!

  7. Dear Carolina, just came across your blog while searching for some DACA info. Thanks for all the valuable information and for sharing your experiences with us.

    Sam, I wanted to share with you information about an amazing organization in Northern California that does a lot of advocacy work around issues of access to higher education for undocumented students. They have put together some really great resources for the public. I have worked with them in the past and constantly find myself referring people to them. The organization is Educators for Fair Consideration (E4FC). They have a guide that I think your student could really benefit from about applying to graduate school as an undocumented student. Here is the link to the resources page where you will find many other great guides that you can download and print for free. http://www.e4fc.org/resources.html

  8. Just discovered your blog in an attempt to find out more about the possibilities of doctoral studies for a DACA recipient. I know someone who was accepted at a PhD program for biomedical sciences in NY but could not enroll as the person was undocumented. Now, this person wants to apply again to PhD programs but is unsure whether it will be different this time. Communication with the school hasn’t proven much productive. Can you suggest how this person can find out about the possibilities of actually pursuing the degree?

    • It’s been my experience that for graduate education there are no restrictions to enrolling due to immigration status. However, I know that it’s not always the case, specially when it comes to fields of science, law, business, and health. I’d recommend contacting admissions staff to inquire about applying as an undocumented/DACAmented student. Another route is to try reaching out to Faculty and students in the program. Often times they can inquire about information as such faster, but admissions should be helpful regardless. Because that’s not always the case, asking Faculty and/or students in the program might be helpful. I know that Faculty and students there may even know more about opportunities and applying to the program. If your friend would like more advice or if you have any questions let me know🙂


  1. In Their Own Words: A Nationwide Survey of Undocumented Millennials (Working Paper # 191)
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