Our Collaborators

We are grateful to the following organizations which have partnered with us to expand resources to undocumented students.

With support from the UndocuScholars project at UCLA, we launched five series on the blog dedicated to the experiences of undocumented college students and the work of college presidents in supporting undocumented students, the experiences of undocumented students pursuing graduate school, as well as reflections on navigating the Covid19 pandemic as a member of an undocumented or mixed-status family. The last series features the work of formerly and currently undocumented scholars.

On June 2020, we partnered with the Paul & Daisy Soros Foundation to facilitate a webinar dedicated to reviewing the application process and materials for undocumented applicants. You can access the recording here.

On August 2021, we worked with the Dream.Us to organize a Graduate School mini-conference geared towards undocumented students. You can learn more about this online event here.


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