2016 “Dreamers without Borders” travel opportunity: Open to undocumented youth with DACA


The U.S.-Mexico Foundation (USMF), a US-based nonprofit organization, just launched its 2016 “Dreamers without Borders” Program.  This program will provide undocumented young adults with DACA the opportunity to travel to Mexico from December 7th, 2016 to January 3rd, 2017.

Selected beneficiaries will be hosted cost-free by the USMF and its partners during a 5-day stay in Mexico City plus 5 days in their state of origin from December 7th to 17th. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to spend the Holidays with their family (IMPORTANT: All the costs associated with the Holiday period from December 18th to January 2nd will be the entire responsibility of each participant.  The USMF will consider accepting in the program participants who may choose to go back to the US on December 18th instead of staying in Mexico to spend the Holiday season with their families).

NOTE: The USMF will issue an acceptance letter to those selected to participant, which you can use to make scheduling arrangements with your school or work.

To apply, you must:

1. Currently enrolled or recently graduated (no more than five years) from University or College including entrepreneurs, and graduates who have recently joined the work force. Between 20 and 32 years old.

2. Left Mexico before the age of 16 and has not returned to Mexico since leaving the country.

3. Originally from the states of Jalisco, Puebla, Michoacán, Guerrero, or Guanajuato (we strongly encourage Dreamers with family in these states to apply). Ability to travel to Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, or New York to depart from those cities to Mexico.

4. Strong interest in understanding their country of origin and supporting its social development.

5. Committed to staying connected with the program’s participants through its alumni network.

6. DACA recipients, with DACA valid through January 15th 2017, or later or have authorization to travel abroad

7. Committed to attend and actively participate in all program activities and sessions outlined in the program’s agenda while in Mexico.

8. Committed to attend program’s alumni reunions in the United States after travelling to Mexico.

9. Actively participates in community projects in the United States (not a requirement, but encouraged).

10. Young professionals who actively participate in professional associations or affinity groups (not required but encouraged).

11. Have not participated in previous DACA Dreamer Delegations sponsored by the US-Mexico Foundation.

12. Have not returned to Mexico since moving to the US.

13. Submit a personal essay (max. one page length) or video (max. 3 minute). Use the video and the essay to tell us about you and your family story and why you are interested in this program (we strongly encourage you to submit both of them).

14.Recommendation Letter from an employer, coworker, professor, non profits, or Mexican States’ representations in US.

Frequently Asked Questions:

“Q: I am not from Jalisco, Guerrero, Guanajuato, Michoacan or Puebla. Can I still apply?

A: Yes! Please still apply to participate! We cannot guarantee that you will be selected to participate in this occasion since preference will be given to participants from the five states mentioned. But your application will be definitely considered!

Q: I am not currently residing in Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles or New York (Tri State area). What can I do?

A: If you don’t reside in Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles or New York (Tri state area) but you are from Jalisco, Michoacán, Guanajuato, Guerrero or Puebla you are still eligible to participate. The reason why we are asking candidates to reside in one of these states is because the flights will depart from these cities. If you are selected to participate in the program you would be responsible for getting to the departure airport.

If you don’t reside in Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles or New York (Tri State area) and you are not form Jalisco, Michoacán, Guanajuato, Guerrero or Puebla we still invite you to apply!. Please consider that preference will be given to applications from candidates from the above mentioned Mexican States.

Q: If I am selected, would I receive any help in processing the Advance Parole?

A: Yes, USMF will provide support for the DACA recipients selected to participate in the program.”

The extended deadline to apply to this program is July 1, 2016

For more information, and to apply, please visit their official website: “2016 Dreamers without Borders


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