ODC DACA Application Fee Scholarships



The Oregon DACA Coalition (ODC) recently announced a new scholarship opportunity that seeks to support undocumented immigrant youth applying for DACA. ODC noted that, “no one should have to pay to remain in their own home. [The ODC] believe that applying or renewing for DACA is an important preventative measure against detention and deportation. This is why ODC has created a unique opportunity to offer DACA application fee scholarships to DACA eligible individuals.”

Here are the eligibility requirements:

1. Must be applying for initial/renewal of DACA status
2. Must fully complete scholarship application including 4 essay questions
Note: Preference will be given to Oregonians. Priority will be based on DACA expiration date. Scholarships will be awarded based on available funding.

The deadline to apply is May 31, 2017

For more information and to apply, please visit their official application form: ODC DACA Application Fee Scholarship

Note: Funds for this scholarship are limited. If you are able to, consider making a donation to the Oregon DACA Coalition to help keep this opportunity available for DACA- eligible youth.

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