College Spotlight: De Paul University



DePaul University is a Catholic university located in Chicago, Illinois. They are committed to supporting undocumented students in a number of ways:

  1. Website: Here you will find information and resources that are specific to undocumented students who are interested in applying to or currently attending De Paul University.
  2. Scholarships: De Paul University awards scholarships to undocumented students (awards range from $5,500 to $17,000).
  3. Coordinator: If you are applying or attending De Paul University as an undocumented student, you can reach out to Elizabeth F. Ortiz, Ed.D. Vice President, Office of Institutional Diversity and Equity ( for support.
  4. Undocumented youth-led organization on campus: The Undocumented Student Movement “is dedicated in serving the undocumented community of students at DePaul. This is an organization by undocumented students for undocumented students. Our mission is to support each other by providing resources, advocating for each other’s rights, creating events that pertain to the meaning of being ‘undocumented’, all while embracing our culture and celebrating our successes so far.”
  5. Additional resources: At De Paul, Croak Student Law Services (SLS) provides free legal advice to all their students (e.g. assistance applying to DACA).

More about De Paul University: There are about 15,407 undergraduate students and 7,703 graduate students. 1 in 3 undergraduates are first generation college students. DePaul University offers more than 100 majors ranging from Accounting to Neuroscience and Playwriting. There are more than 400 student organizations, such as 32 Fraternities and sororities, 26 cultural organizations, 38 club sport student orgs, and much more. Even though on-campus housing is expensive, there are other housing options in the surrounding area such as La Casa Student Housing located in Pilsen, which is a train ride away from campus.

If you are interested in applying to De Paul University, definitely check out this helpful guide that walks you through the process and features additional resources (e.g. community organizations in Illinois, additional offices at De Paul that provide support to undocumented students). You can also check out our previous post on De Paul for more information.

Make sure to bookmark and share our more general Post-Election Information page which contains other relevant information and resources.

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