College Spotlight: Florida State University



Florida State University is located on the northern part of Florida, which is closest to the Georgia/Florida/Alabama border. On February 22, students voted to make FSU a sanctuary campus. Here are some of the resources that undocumented students can find on campus:

  1. Website: The most recent link on the university’s search engine is a 2015 article on various scholarships available. Note: the coverage presented by the campus is outdated and is in need of resources for undocumented students on campus.
  1. Financial Aid: Undocumented students, even those that have graduated from Florida high schools, are not classified as Florida residents. Students that have graduate from a Florida high school may be eligible to apply for an out of state fee waiver. According to an October 2015 post, there are over 10 different scholarships listed from October 2015 that undocumented students qualify for.
  1. Coordinator: There is not one particular individual noted as the coordinator. A recommendation is to contact FSU Career Center due to promoting their efforts to assist international and undocumented students. The office phone number is (850) 644-6431 and their social media handle is @fsucareercenter.

A little more information on FSU: the university received 27,122 freshman applications and admitted 3,122 students fall of 2016. Out of the 3,122 students only 765 were enrolled as non-Floridians. The university also states it enrolls 3,000 transfer students. There are over 500 different organizations on campus.

Students across the country are advocating for the rights of the undocumented community by campaigning that these campuses become a safe place from government agencies (e.g. Immigration and Customs Enforcement). Its efforts in regards to diversity are strong among various student communities. As previously mentioned the FSU student body recently voted to make Florida State University a sanctuary campus.

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