Legal services for undocumented students who are enrolled in the University of California system

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undoc-sidebarIf you are an undocumented student at one of the University of California (UC) campuses, make sure to check out the University of California Undocumented Legal Services Center, which can help address your immigration-related legal needs and questions. The center is at the UC Davis School of Law and serves students from campuses without law schools—UC Merced, UC San Francisco, UC Santa Cruz, UC Santa Barbara, UC San Diego, and UC Riverside. The center provides, free of charge, the legal assistance you need.

The center offers these services, free of charge:

  • Legal advice and representation for undocumented students in the UC system and their families, as well as students who are U.S. citizens with undocumented family members;
  • Legal support for informational and know-your-rights sessions at the six UC campuses without law schools: UC Merced, UC San Francisco, UC Santa Cruz, UC Santa Barbara, UC San Diego, and UC Riverside;
  • Legal support for campus clinics and workshops to assist with applications for benefits available under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), Deferred Action for Parental Accountability (DAPA) and other immigration related relief;
  • Assistance in filing humanitarian and educational travel applications with immigration authorities for students with DACA status; and
  • In-depth consultations and direct representation in immigration court or before immigration agencies.

To learn more about the center, their services, and to contact them, please visit their official website: University of California Undocumented Legal Services Center

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