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Many undocumented community members across the country are doing their best to mentally prepare for the upcoming U.S. Supreme Court decision on DACA, while also participating in ongoing Black Lives Matter protests across the country (as UndocuBlack community members or allies) and coping with the effects of the current Covid19 pandemic.

In this post, we share a few of the main resource pages we have created. Please be sure to bookmark each one of these as we are continuing to update them!

Preparing for the Upcoming DACA Decision & Coping with Its Aftermath: Recommendations for School Administrators, Educators, Counselors, and Undocumented Students: “As the undocumented community awaits a decision from the U.S. Supreme Court, it is important to note that regardless of the outcome, the current moment and the final decision will have vast effects on the lives of undocumented students and their loved ones before and after a decision is issued. Therefore, it is important for the community at large, school administrators, educators, counselors and undocumented individuals with or without DACA to begin preparing for the Supreme Court’s decision on DACA. This post features practical steps that schools and universities can take to support undocumented students in light of the pending decision on DACA.”

100507204_354843222147368_5044880783588720640_nBuilding Solidarity & Strengthening Ties Between the Immigrant Rights and the Black Lives Matter Movements: This post features helpful information, resources, calls-to-action, and readings to help mobilize our efforts and demand change. “It is imperative that organizers within the immigrant rights movement join (or further commit to working on) the most immediate efforts seeking to bring justice to George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Nina Pop, and many others, as well as the ongoing struggle to end the criminalization of Black (non-immigrant and immigrant) community members, police brutality, and all forms of state violence.”

Resources for Undocumented Immigrants & Their Families During Covid19: A list of important resources and news that can help undocumented and mixed-status families during the Covid-19 pandemic. It includes resources related to finances, health, and immigration policy updates.

1-hero-picList of Colleges Providing Covid19 Emergency Funds to Undocumented Students: A list of schools providing Covid19 emergency financial assistance to undocumented students. We hope that this will help undocumented students attending these institutions to reach out for help, as well as encourage additional colleges to follow suit and support undocumented students with and without DACA who are excluded from federal assistance and are among the hardest hit by the current pandemic.

Upcoming Immigration-Related Events: In this page, we will are featuring upcoming events that are specifically geared toward supporting undocumented students, their families, as well as educators, counselors, and administrators. Note: If you are an event organizer and would like us to add your event to this page, please e-mail us with a link to myundocumentedlife@gmail.com

We are also continuing to update our education-related resource pages, including the following:

Scholarships Open to Undocumented Students: List featuring scholarships with approaching deadlines.

Resources for Undocumented High School Students:  Important information & resources about navigating high school while undocumented and preparing for life after graduation.

Resources for Undocumented College Students: Essential information and resources for undocumented college students, including scholarship opportunities, advice from fellow undocumented students, and information on how to apply to graduate school.

Resources for Undocumented Graduate School Students: List of key information & resources to help you navigate the graduate school application process and experience while undocumented (with or without DACA), including fellowship opportunities that are open to undocumented students and advice from former/current undocumented graduate students.

Resources for Educators/Counselors Working with Undocumented Students: These are essential resources to better support undocumented students and their families.

Last, but not least, please remember that we are here to support undocumented community members (with or without DACA) and their families as many are coping with heightened feelings of anxiety and fear. Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of additional help.


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