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At My Undocumented Life, we have created a list of current research projects led by either professors or graduate students whose work centers on immigration. We have included information about each project, eligibility requirements, and how to contact the researcher(s). If interested in learning more about any of the research projects below, or in participating, please contact the research team directly as they are leading and overseeing the project, and subsequently, can help address any questions/concerns.

Project on Undocumented Latinx Graduate Students in the University of California System

Martha Ortega Mendoza is a PhD student at UC Berkeley’s School of Education. She is currently conducting a research study for her dissertation with undocumented Latinx/a/o graduate students at any University of California campus. Participants in the study will have two conversations with Martha (that take about 2 to 2.5 hours) about your experiences in graduate school. You will also complete a demographic survey that takes about 10 minutes to complete.

Here are the eligibility requirements to participate in this study:

  • “Self-Identify as an undocumented Latinx/a/o student (i.e., DACA, non-DACA, TPS holder, non-F1 holder)
  • Have completed at least one semester of doctoral coursework (e.g. professional and academic programs at a UC campus)”

All participants will be compensated with a total of $80 in gift cards to Target. For more information and/or to participate, contact Martha at

Project on Latina/o/x undocumented community college transfer students

Carmen Macias is a doctoral student at Claremont Graduate University. She is currently conducting a research study with Latina/o/x undocumented community college transfer students. If you are eligible, you are invited to participate in Carmen’s study by having a 60-90 minute conversation with her about your experiences transferring as an undocumented student. The purpose of the study is to examine the success factors that support undocumented community college students to transfer and graduate from a four-year university.

To participate in the study, you must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • “Identify as an undocumented immigrant (including DACA, TPS, U-Visa,) when you were in community college and a four-year university or college
  • Identify as Latina/o/x
  • Have begun higher education at a California community college on or after 2012
  • Have transferred to and graduated from a four-year university/college”

All participants will receive a $30 gift card. Your information will be kept confidential and your privacy will be protected. For more information and to participate, please email Carmen at

Project on Latino or Hispanic Families Impacted by Separation

Dr. Jennifer Kam (Professor at UC Santa Barbara) and Dr. Roselia Mendez Murillo (Assistant Professor at UT Austin) are currently conducting a research project to understand how Latina/o/x/e immigrant families remain emotionally connected, while living in separate countries. They are also interested in identifying resources/services that can be created to support families who live apart.

Here are the eligibility requirements to participate in this study:

  • “One parent immigrated to the United States while the other parent remained in Latin America.
  • The parents have at least one child.
  • Both parents are willing to participate in the project.”

Participation in this study entails pre-interview survey, an audio-recorded interview, as well as a follow-up survey. Families who participate in this project receive $150 in compensation for their time. For more information and to participate, please email Juliana who is a doctoral student assisting in this study at


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