Have a question about Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) or Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents (DAPA)?


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Check out the website, “DAPA questions“, where leading immigration advocates and lawyers across the country are available to answer your questions about DAPA and DACA!

Here are some sample questions and answers:

Question: Can you be enrolled in a GED program and still qualify for DACA?

Answer: If you didn’t graduate high school you can meet the DACA educational requirement if you are currently in school, including current enrollment in a GED program. You do not need to have finished the GED program before applying for DACA.

Q: Can I still apply for DAPA if I have been deported in the past?

A: If you otherwise meet the DAPA guidelines, having previously been deported will not disqualify you from DAPA. However, I strongly recommend that you seek the advice of a licensed attorney before applying.

Q: How will the federal judge’s ruling to block [expanded] DACA and DAPA impact people who are eligible to apply?

A: Judge Hanen’s ruling is disappointing but it’s only a temporary set back which, I am confident will be reversed. The President’s Immigration Actions are solidly legal and will eventually go forward. In the meantime DACA expansion and DAPA will be delayed until the appeals courts review the case. Folks who are planning to apply for [expanded] DACA or DAPA should continue to collect the necessary documents, save money for the government filing fees and stay informed through reliable immigration resources. IMPORTANTLY, the judge’s ruling DOES NOT AFFECT 2012 DACA or its renewal process. If you already have DACA and are set to renew you should do so.

To browse all of the questions they have already answered and/or to submit your own, please visit their official website: “Free and Reliable Answers to Your Questions About DACA and DAPA

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