“UndocuGrads”: Undocumented students navigating graduate school


Ever wondered: Can I go to graduate school if I am undocumented? How different is the process for me than for my documented counterparts? Are there other undocumented immigrants who have gone to graduate school? How did they do it?

The profiles featured in this series, “UndocuGrads“, are meant to increase awareness about being undocumented and in graduate school, as well as inspire and support undocumented students who are or will be considering the pursuit of a graduate degree. As you will learn from UndocuGrads themselves, there are several opportunities, challenges, and thoughts to keep in mind when applying and attending graduate school.

The stories of each student featured here are unique. They live in different parts of the U.S., were born in different parts of the world, have had varying experiences, and have different career goals. At the same time, they all envision a day where more and more undocumented students will attend and graduate from higher education in pursuit of their dreams. They also share a passion- one of continuing to give back to their communities through activism, education, outreach, policy, and much more.

Connecting with other undocumented grad students was key to my own pursuit of a graduate degree. UndocuGrads continue to inspire students, such as myself, to pursue our dreams, overcome barriers, and pave the way for future generations.

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