Pre-Health Dreamers: Growing community of pre-health undocumented students!


Are you undocumented and thinking about a career in the science or health field?

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 10.55.53 PMCheck out Pre-Health Dreamers, a network
that investigates and shares information on career pathways for pre-health undocumented students as well as advocates for more progressive institutional and governmental policies for undocumented students.

PhD’s mission is to support undocumented pre-health students through serving as a Community of students and allies offering peer support and professional development, a Resource of unprecedented knowledge on related career pathways, anAdvocate for increased access to health careers and health care for the undocumented community. Read more here: “About Us”

Examples of resources you can find at Pre-Health Dreamers:

“Pre-Health Internships with no U.S. Citizenship or Legal Permanenet Residency Requirement (2014)”

“Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Medical School for Pre-med Undocumented Students Across the Nation”

… and much more!

To join Pre-Health Dreamers list serve, simply fill out this form.

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