Personal Stories

At My Undocumented Life, you can find stories written by, and for, undocumented immigrants and allies on the following topics:

1. Pursuing an undergraduate education: If you are an undocumented high school student, educator, current college student, or parent of an undocumented child, you won’t want to miss these posts featuring the experiences of undocumented college students.  Their stories speak volumes about the unique challenges that undocumented students face in their pursuit of a college education.

2. Current and former undocumented graduate students have also shared their experiences with us on what it is like to pursue a graduate education while being undocumented, including the challenges they have encountered, what motivates them to keep going, and key pieces of advice and wisdom.

3. We also have a number of posts featuring the experiences of undocumented young adults who have benefitted from DACA.

4. Most recently, we created a “Dating While Undocumented” series in an effort to start a much needed conversations about what it is like to date while being undocumented.

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