Process of applying for DACA

imgresSince August 15th of 2012, eligible undocumented youth in the U.S. have been able to apply for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

For more information about DACA, requirements, application, and updates, check out our post: “Deferred action for eligible undocumented youth application is out- what should I do next?

As of 10/7/12: 77,268 requests have been accepted; 2,805 requests have been rejected; and 80,073 requests have been processed (“DACA Numbers“)

Many who haven’t applied yet or have not heard back about their application status are wondering how long does the process take and what is the process like?

Before you submit your application, make sure you have filled out all forms accurately and completely. To receive e-mail and text message notifications about the status of your application, make sure to fill out and turn in with your application, form G-1145 (E-Notification of Application/Petition Acceptance)

Here’s a look at the process after you’ve submitted your application:

1) After you submit your application, you will be notified that your application has been received via text message and/or e-mail, as well as by mail.

In the text message you receive, you will be given your receipt number. You will receive two text messages, each with a receipt number. One text/receipt number is for your I-821D Form and the other for your I-765 form.

In the letter you receive by mail, you will be provided with the same information and be notified that your biometrics letter is coming next.

At this point, just wait for your biometrics letter. If you check your application status online with your receipt number there won’t be much to view because you haven’t had your biometrics appointment yet.

2) You will then receive your biometrics appointment letter in the mail. In it, you will be given a day and time to go get your biometrics completed at an assigned USCIS office in your area.

3) Don’t miss your biometrics appointment! Go during the day/time that is indicated on your letter. The process will take about 15-20 minutes. Make sure to check with you the letters you’ve received and your passport (form of identification).

4) Wait…. You can start checking your application status online at this point.

5) You will be notified of your application as being denied/approved once your biometrics have been processed.

5a) If approved, you will receive 2 official approval letters. One letter is for your I-821D Form and the other for your I-765 form.

5b) Your Work Authorization Card will be mailed to you a couple of days after being approved.

5c)  You will receive your Work Authorization Card in the mail.

What’s next?

You will then have to request a Social Security Number, which you can do by following these instructions: “Social Security Number and Card- Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

Afterwards, you may be eligible to apply for a Driver’s License, depending on the state you are living in. To check requirements for a Driver’s License in your state, a list of documents accepted as proof for each criteria, and more, check out this reliable blog post:”State by State: Driver’s Licenses for DACA Applicants


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  1. Hi my name is Ana and I applied for DACA on March 21, 2016 & now it’s July 5, 2016, I still haven’t recived any biometric appointment and I am getting real frustrated. I have called many times to see what’s going on and nothing. Should I feel worried? What should I do next? Help 🙁

  2. I got my bios taken in September of 2015,& todays its 4/6/16 & i still havent heard anything about my worries me but i have heard about some cases taking up to year.i called the ucsi to see was going on.even though they were really friendly they didnt give me much still wondering when i would receive info & when will a actually get aprove.!! Its driving me crazy

  3. I applied for the first time for Daca/work authorization in mid 2015. I paid a lawyer since I didn’t know how to apply. I had my biometrics December 30,2015. I have not received any updates, I don’t know if my application was approved. Online it doesn’t say I have had my biometrics taken, it just says my applications were received and to wait for receipts. Which I have for those applications. Two months have passed, should I be worried? I have not received anything after I had my fingerprints taken. I don’t know the processing times of 2015 and would like to know if anyone who had their fingerprints taken around the same time have received their Daca update?

    • Hi Dalia. I was in the same boat. I had the biometrics appointment on July 15, 2015 and I did not hear anything until this past Monday, 2/29/16 (I was approved!). So it took 7 months from the biometrics appointment to get my approval. I think it varies depending on what processing center you sent your paperwork to but be patient.

      When it’s beyond the estimated processing time you can make an inquiry here:

      Best of luck!!

    • Hi my name is Ana and I applied for DACA on March 21, 2016 & now it’s July 5, 2016, I still haven’t recived any biometric appointment and I am getting real frustrated. I have called many times to see what’s going on and nothing. Should I feel worried? What should I do next? Help 🙁

  4. hi, my name is alexis gomez

    i reapply this year for my work permit on july and we are in november and i havent receive my biometric appointment what should i do?

    also i was really sick last year and i got approve for medicaid will that affect my DACA applications?

    i havent recieve any papers saying i have been denied

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