“2014 Dream Summer” applications are now available!


The Dream Summer National Internship Program is a project of the UCLA Labor Center’s Dream Resource Center. It is a national ten-week, full-time leadership development program run by and for immigrant youth leaders. Entering its fourth year, the program will continue to offer immigrant youth opportunities to develop their professional skills and further their involvement in social justice.

For more information about Dream Summer, FAQ's, and to apply, check out: http://www.dreamresourcecenter.org/dream-summer.html

For more information about Dream Summer, FAQ’s, and to apply, check out: www.dreamresourcecenter.org/dream-summer.html

Program goals:

1. Provide leadership development and training for immigrant youth through internships with social justice organizations

2. Increase the capacity of social justice organizations by providing them with talented and capable immigrant youth activists

3. Strengthen the commitment within social justice organizations to advance the rights of immigrant youth

4. Strengthen multi-generational social justice movements

5. Provide financial awards for immigrant youth to pursue their educational goals

How to apply:

1. Read both the Application Guide and Frequently Asked Questions.

2. Complete the online application form by the deadline: Monday, April 14th, 2014

* While I have not participated in the program, I have many friends who have and they loved it! Last year, the Dream Summer conducted a statewide research project about, and led by, immigrant youth to explore health needs within our communities. Their report, which I featured on my blog, was released last week:

Recently released research about undocu/DACAmented youth

Note: Dream Summer is open to all regardless of immigration status. Check out their official page for more information: www.dreamresourcecenter.org/dream-summer.html

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