Recommended readings if you are preparing for/attending graduate school


This post is a growing list of books, articles, and websites that I have come across, which I highly recommend for folks who are considering, preparing for, or currently attending graduate school. I have found these readings to be extremely helpful in various ways throughout the process:

1. Castellanos, Jeanett et al. (2006). The Latina/o Pathway to the Ph.D.: Abriendo Caminos

Selected quote: “College choice, therefore, is a double-edged sword. If Latina/os attend highly selective colleges, they risk social and academic isolation, the absence of role models and supporters in the form of Latina/o faculty and administrations, higher costs, and less accessibility. However, their overall chances of completing a degree and going on to graduate school are significantly enhanced (Bowen & Bok, 1998)” (page 101).

2. Colón Semenza, Gregory M. (2010). Graduate Study for the Twenty-First Century: How to Build an Academic Career in the Humanities

Selected quote: “Your goal should be to contribute to the community of scholars working in your field of specialization. You’ll need to cultivate during this time relationships with undergraduates, other graduate students, staff members, and faculty and administrators both within and outside of your own department” (page 245).

3. Howard Hamilton, Mary F. et al. (2009). Standing on the Outside Looking In: Underrepresented Students’ Experiences in Advanced Degree Programs

Selected quote: “To challenge the discrimination that they were experiencing, some changed to departments that were more accepting of and receptive to their ideas and culture. Some identified as scholar-activists, to distinguish themselves from scholars who were interested only in living the perceived plush life of people in the ivory tower. Some found mentors outside their department and were involved with the Latina/Chicana communities that existed across the university and in the surrounding community” (page 116).

Recommended websites:

Conditionally Accepted: A Space for Scholars on the Margins of Academia

Get a Life, PhD: Succeed in Academia and Have a Life Too

Latinas Completing Doctoral Degrees

The Chronicle of Higher Education

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  1. Just picked this book up. prepping for a good read!


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