American Political Science Association-Minority Student Recruitment Program

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 11.13.45 PMIf you are an undergraduate student who is interested in pursuing a PhD in political science, definitely check out the opportunity to enroll in the American Political Science Association (APSA)’s Minority Student Recruitment Program (MSRP) databaseThis database will help political science departments in their efforts to reach and recruit students from under-represented backgrounds.

APSA’s Minority Student Recruitment Program 
The American Political Science Association (APSA) has established the Minority Student Recruitment Program (MSRP, formerly MID) to advance diversity in political science. In collaboration with undergraduate and graduate political science departments, the program identifies undergraduate students from under-represented backgrounds who show potential for or are interested in doctoral study, and shares this recruitment information with APSA member graduate departments that enroll in the program.

How Does MSRP Work?
APSA maintains a database of African-American, Latino/Latina, Native-American, and Asian-American undergraduates who have been identified as possible candidates for graduate study in political science. These undergraduates can be identified by their departments, by their advisors, or submit their own names for the database. The database is updated periodically and made available to the nation’s top graduate political science programs who are enrolled in the program for their annual recruitment of doctoral students.

For any questions or more detailed information about the program, contact or Kimberly Mealy, Director of Diversity and Inclusion Programs, at

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