2015 Opportunity to travel to Mexico for undocumented students with DACA


DreamersWinter2015FinalVersion-791x1024The California-Mexico Dreamers Study Abroad Program is offering 25 undocumented students who have DACA, from colleges and universities in the Los Angeles, CA area, the opportunity to travel to Mexico from December 17, 2015 to January 11, 2016.

The following are the program objectives:

  • Improve upon the success of the CMSC’s pilot, as a model for Dreamers Study Abroad Programs
  • Establish the framework of a replicable model for U.S. institutions of higher education
  • Continue and expand video and photo documentation of Dreamers’ human stories
  • Prepare Dreamers as ambassadors of the model, for them to replicate similar programs
  • Train the participants to become advocates and providers of DACA/DAPA services
  • Allow the Dreamers to spend 8-days in their communities of origin with their relatives
  • Offer participants CSULB class credit and certification as DACA/DAPA advocates

To qualify applicants must:

  • Have current DACA status
  • Have a passport from the Dreamers’ country of origin;
  • Secure Advance Parole authorization from USCIS;
  • Commit to travel and participate in all program activities;
  • $1,500 for airfare, registration, tuition & Advance Parole fees;

The 25 participants selected will benefit from the California-Mexico Dreamers Study Abroad Program’s educational and cultural experience as follows:

  • College credit, Spanish and Mexican Culture instruction;
  • Room & Board, field trips, meals and local transportation;
  • Visit with family and discover Mexico during Christmas;
  • Re-enter the U.S. legally and clear a prior unauthorized entry;
  • Develop leadership skills to create similar programs or other projects that benefit Dreamers.

Deadline to apply: September 15, 2015

To apply online, visit their official website: “DREAMers Application Form

For more information/questions, make sure to visit their website: “DREAMers Study Abroad Winter 2015” and/or contact Professor Armando Vazquez-Ramos at californiamexicocenter@gmail.com

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