Fee waiver available for the LSAT: Open to undocumented youth with DACA



If you are planning to apply to law schools and need to take the Law School Admission Test (LSAT), but are unable to pay for the test, you may be eligible to receive a fee waiver.

To qualify for a fee waiver, you must:

  • be a US, Canadian, or Australian citizen;
  • be a US national;
  • be a permanent resident alien of the United States with an Alien Registration Receipt Card (I–151 orI–551);
  • have been granted deferred action under Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA); or
  • have applied for deferred action under DACA.

Note: “The basic criterion for receiving a waiver is the absolute inability to pay for the LSAT and Credential Assembly Service (CAS).”

For more information and to apply for a fee waiver, please visit their official website: Fee waivers for the LSAT & Credential Assembly Service

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5 replies

  1. If any DACA/U-Visa students needs help writing an LSAC Fee Waiver Appeal packet, I just sent mine in September and found it was approved yesterday! (It’s a process! but well worth it!)

  2. Do you know if there’s something like this for the GRE?

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