New Books on Immigration Out this Year!

Many new books on immigration are coming out this year! If you’re looking for some summer reading, check out these new books:

Drawing Deportation: Art and Resistance among Immigrant Children

By Silvia Rodriguez Vega

This book examines the experiences of children of immigrants. “Based on ten years of work with immigrant children as young as six years old in Arizona and California— and featuring an analysis of three hundred drawings, theater performances, and family interviews—Silvia Rodriguez Vega provides accounts of children’s challenges with deportation and family separation during the Obama and Trump administrations.” More information from NYU Press can be found here.

Engage and Evade 

by Asad L. Asad

This book explores how “everyday forms of surveillance threaten undocumented immigrants—but also offer them hope for societal inclusion.” More information from Princeton University Press can be found here.

Precarious Protections: Unaccompanied Minors Seeking Asylum in the United States 

by Chiara Galli

“A meticulously researched ethnography, Precarious Protections chronicles the experiences and perspectives of Central American unaccompanied minors and their immigration attorneys as they pursue applications for refugee status in the US asylum process.” More information from UC Press can be found here.

Contested Americans: Mixed-Status Families in Anti-Immigrant Times

By Cassaundra Rodriguez

“Contested Americans is a timely book, filled with vivid storytelling, that shows how immigration policies, racism, and privilege collide in the backdrop of the lives of millions of mixed-status families.”

More information from NYU Press can be found here.


Banished Men: How Migrants Endure the Violence of Deportation 

By Abigail Andrews and the Students of the Mexican Migration Field Research Program

“What becomes of men the U.S. locks up and kicks out? From 2009 to 2020, the U.S. deported more than five million people—over 90 percent of them men. In Banished Men, Abigail Andrews and her students tell 186 of their stories. “ More information from UC Press can be found here.

The Immigration Law Death Penalty: Aggravated Felonies, Deportation, and Legal Resistance

By Sarah Tosh

“This book chronicles the rise of the use of the aggravated felony, known by lawyers as the “immigration law death penalty,” to criminalize and then deport immigrants.” More information from NYU Press can be found here.


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