Support for Undocumented Californians Applying to Health Professional Schools


Are you an undocumented student living in California who will be applying to graduate and/or professional schools this year in a health/science-related field?

Pre-Health Dreamers, a project of E4FC, has a new pilot program to help undocumented immigrants residing in California apply to graduate programs in health and science fields.

Through their Health Professions Advancement Program (HPAP), you can receive financial support for graduate school application expenses.

HPAP participants will receive the following benefits:

  • Financial assistance to apply to graduate school for the entering class of 2016, up to $3,000.
  • Peer-support and mentorship during the application cycle.
  • Advocacy training to promote health care for undocumented community members in California.


Applicants to the Health Professional Advancement Program must:

  • Be foreign-born
  • Not have permanent residency (green card) or citizenship in the U.S.
  • Demonstrate financial need
  • Be currently residing/living in California
  • Be applying for admission to graduate school in health and science fields, including health professional programs to matriculate in 2016.
  • Have demonstrated readiness for graduate/professional school (academic preparation and community/extracurricular involvement)
  • Be available to attend the 3-day HPAP Fall 2015 Retreat in Northern or Southern California on September 18-20, 2015. PHD will cover transportation costs for all HPAP participants.
  • Be interested in becoming involved in advocacy efforts (i.e. media engagements) to support health career access and health care for undocumented immigrants in California.

A completed application includes:

  • HPAP Application Form
  • Four Essay Questions
  • Supporting Documents:
    • College transcript(s) (unofficial or official).
    • If available, most recent copy of applicant’s’ Federal Income Tax Returns (Form 1040s and Form W-2). If listed as a dependent for tax purposes, please include parent or guardian’s tax returns, if available.

All eligible applications will be reviewed for the applicant’s financial need, readiness for graduate/professional school, motivations to pursue graduate studies, and interest in supporting health care advocacy. 15-20 applicants will be selected as participants for this pilot program.

To apply, make sure to checkout their application form

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions, visit their FAQs page

The deadline to apply is Wednesday August 5, 2015

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