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As undocumented immigrants and allies, we know that pursuing an education as an undocumented student is challenging.  We are here to help and encourage you through your journey.  Below, you will find a number resources and information featured on our website.

You may want to read through all the sections first to get a gist of the areas we cover prior to navigating to specific points of interest.

1. Applying to college?  Check out our College Spotlight: Undocumented students are ineligible for federal financial aid, and in most states, they are also unable to receive state financial aid.  We have created a series of posts featuring specific colleges that offer institutional financial support to undocumented students.  Keep these schools in mind as you look for colleges to apply to.

2. Applying to graduate school? Check out these posts – we feature important information and resources that will help you find the tools necessary to successfully apply to graduate schools as an undocumented student.

3.  Need help funding your education?  Check out these scholarships open to undocumented college students and graduate students. As you browse through these scholarship opportunities, keep in mind that My (Un)Documented Life does not select scholarship recipients.  We are merely spreading out the word about opportunities that are specifically open to undocumented students.  Each scholarship has a specific set of eligibility requirements, application procedures, and deadlines, which we include on each post.  If you see a scholarship for which the deadline has passed, be sure to save the link as it is likely that the organization will offer the same scholarship during the following year.

4. To see a list of scholarships with approaching deadlines, check out this post (updated monthly)

5. Experiences and advice from undocumented students: Undocumented college and graduate students have shared their stories with us about the challenges that they encountered.  They have also offered key pieces of advice.

6. Stories from undocumented graduate students: The profiles featured in this series are meant to increase awareness about being undocumented and in graduate school, as well as inspire and support undocumented students who are or will be pursuing a graduate degree. As you will learn from UndocuGrads themselves, there are several opportunities, challenges, and thoughts to keep in mind when applying and attending graduate school.

7. Looking for internship opportunities?  Check out these posts: Like many scholarship opportunities, these internships have specific eligibility requirements and deadlines.

8. If you are an educator or counselor, check out our list of resources.

If you work with undocumented students as an educator, counselor, school administrator, or organizer, you can now download a My Undocumented Life flyer to share with your students (it’s free)! We highly encourage you to have copies of our flyer available at your office and events.

Lastly, if you are an undocumented student and/or educator and want to share your experience/advice, contact us.  We are always looking for guest contributors!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am undocumented, how do I pay for my education?

A: In addition to the scholarship opportunities we feature on our blog, also check out my experience and advice on state and institutional financial aid, fundraising, and more.

Q: Can I go to graduate school as an undocumented student?

A: Yes and yes!  Just keep in mind that there are certain challenges that need to be overcome. Although it is challenging to pursue a graduate education as an undocumented student, many of us have enrolled in graduate programs across the country.  Check out this webinar to get you started with the graduate school application process.  Also check out the inspirational stories and pieces of advice written by fellow undocumented graduate students.  And don’t forget to join our growing network of prospective, current, and former undocumented graduate students.

Don’t forget to visit our website from your computer (not just mobile phone) so you can have access to the wide range of resources we provide. Be sure to subscribe (it’s free) for up-to-date information and resources for undocumented immigrants.

At My Undocumented Life we provide up-to-date information and resources for undocumented immigrants and allies. We post scholarship opportunities that are open to undocumented students, strategies for navigating the educational system, information on how to apply for DACA/Advance Parole, news on DAPA, and much more. Most importantly, we want to provide a sense of community to our diverse group of readers.




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